Best Medical Transcription Services

Acusis has the best overall medical transcription service

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The best medical transcription services make it simple and easy to produce reports and complete medical charting while improving efficiency within the office. Traditionally, professional medical transcriptionists have a non-clinical role in hospitals or medical practices, doing all the transcribing for the nurses and physicians. But, now that most medical records are electronic, it is possible to outsource medical transcription to save on staffing costs and improve productivity. Some services also have their own easy-to-use app or online interface to make submitting or retrieving records simple. Here, we rounded up the best medical transcription services available in the U.S.

Best Medical Transcription Services

Best Overall : Acusis



Why We Chose It: As one of the largest and most popular services, Acusis offers reliable and versatile medical transcription services, making it our best overall choice.

  • Reliable service

  • Offers editing and quality control services

  • Guaranteed HIPAA compliance

  • Long-term contract for setting up services

  • No Android app

As the industry leader for medical transcription services, Acusis has been in operation since 2001, boasting a 98% accuracy for all transcriptions and offering high-quality and error-free reports. Acusis has its own software, AcuSuite, offering multiple ways to capture dictations, process documents, and manage signatures. And if you’re afraid of having to have yet another program to login to, Acusuite can connect with your current healthcare information systems, and you can upload dictations from all different sources. 

All patient information is kept private with its 100% HIPAA compliant platform, and its skilled team of medical transcription specialists is HIPAA-certified and trained in all aspects of medical transcription. And, if you are looking for ultimate convenience, you can capture dictations on its iOS app for iPhones or iPads. All transcripts are reviewed for quality assurance, and you can also edit them online.

The company's pricing is not listed on their website. Cost is determined either by line or by character, depending on your preference. To use this service, you must enter into a contract, making it a better option for facilities or clinics looking for a long-term transcription service provider.

Best Budget : InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions

Why We Chose It: InSync Healthcare Solutions offers medical transcription services at a lower cost than its competitors, while still producing high-quality transcriptions with a quick turnaround.

  • Price point

  • 24-hour turnaround time, with a 2-hour turnaround time for STAT transcriptions

  • Uses a convenient mobile app for uploading transcriptions

  • 128-bit encryption is lower than competitors

  • No description of the editing process

Founded in 2015, InSync Healthcare Solutions can interface with your current EHR (electronic health record) systems to make transferring your information easy.

InSync values your client’s privacy, meeting all HIPAA guidelines, and uses 128-bit encryption technology (good enough to be HIPAA compliant but lower than many of their competitors). You can record your dictations via phone or digital recording device, depending on what your healthcare provider prefers. InSync guarantees 98% or higher accuracy, although it does not have its editing process published on its website.

When you sign up for InSync, it performs a free cost analysis to determine the annual savings to your practice over your current system. Pricing for InSync is not published online, so you need to contact them directly to receive a quote based on your transcription needs. It is consistently listed as a cost-saving option in reviews online, and the company has a case study on its website detailing how it saved a client 40% by switching to their services. 

Best for Quick Transcription : EHR Transcriptions

EHR Transcriptions

EHR Transcriptions

Why We Chose It: We chose EHR Transcriptions as best for a quick transcription service because it is simple, fast, and easy to use, with no complicated set-up or confusing programs.

  • Free trial period

  • Easy to use

  • High encryption standards

  • Does not offer customization features

  • Not appropriate for advanced transcription needs

  • Does not support androids for its mobile platform

The goal of EHR Transcriptions is to make reporting easier for doctors so they can spend more time with their patients. With over 12 years of experience, all work is guaranteed, or you don’t have to pay. There are strict security protocols in place, and it boasts that with over 2 million medical transcriptions delivered, there has not been a single breach of HIPAA compliance.

Even better? It also has a triple proof accuracy process. All transcriptions are checked three times by a medical language expert and then examined again by quality assurance software before delivery. You can expect a 24-hour turnaround time. There is no fancy software to install, and all services are offered 100% online. Team members can access transcriptions from any Windows PC, Mac OS, or iOS device. Like many others, services are only offered in English. 

EHR Transcriptions offers a seven-day free trial to ensure that it is the right fit for your practice. It also makes purchasing easy, avoiding the hassle of signing a contract or purchasing extensive software. The cost of EHR Transcription Services is reasonably priced at approximately $.10 per line but varies based on needs, so you must contact them for a personalized quote.

Best for Ease of Use : SmartMD



Why We Chose It: We chose SmartMD due to its versatility, user-friendly mobile app, and the ability to archive your transcriptions in its secure mobile cloud.

  • Multiple ways to access your transcriptions

  • American based

  • Free trial option

  • Mobile app can be confusing at times

  • App only available for iPhone

  • Extra cost for cloud storage

SmartMD is a medical transcription service that you can count on. This transcription company has been operating since 1999 and promises quick turnaround times, the ability to post reports directly to your patient’s charts, a streamlined dictation platform, secure cloud storage, HIPPA compliant messaging, and more.

Unlike other transcription services, it is 100% American-based, and it tailors its services to suit your setting. The company also offers live phone support during the day, night, or on weekends and a 100% audit trail on every dictation. 

Even better? SmartMD offers a free trial, so you can decide if it’s right for you before setting it up for your practice. Packages range from around $0.08 to $0.13 per line and include custom templates and dictation through its iPhone app, digital recorder, or phone. It also offers custom templates and promises to have reports delivered by 9 a.m.

There are no set up fees when getting started and no monthly minimums, making this an excellent service for any size practice. You can also upload handwritten notes or forms to save additional charting time.

Best for Real-Time Charting : ScribeEMR



Why We Chose It: ScribeEMR uses telemedicine applications and two-way audio, which allows medical scribes to document the visit, immediately decreasing practitioner charting time, making it best for real-time charting.

  • Dedicated personal scribe

  • Multi-disciplinary scribing

  • Economical pricing

  • No fancy technology

  • No templates or customized features

ScribeEMR is a medical transcription service that provides timely, high-quality, detailed reports to optimize the charting and reimbursement process. Medical scribes can help save time, reduce burnout and improve doctor-client interactions, so it's ideal for busy medical practices.

ScribeEMR sets itself apart from other services by providing real-time documentation with the ability to use your existing telemedicine technology to listen to each patient visit and input data directly into your electronic medical record (EMR) system. This means no technology upgrades on your end and less time spent charting after hours. The company also offers virtual assistant services if you need additional help with your practice. 

You can request a free demo at any time, and its website states that pricing is economical. Pricing is based on a monthly rate for full-time providers and an hourly rate for those who spend parts of their day away from the office or in surgery. You must contact them for a quote for exact pricing based on your needs. 

All scribes are trained on more than 40 EMR systems and can cover all areas of medical documentation, such as patient notes, lab orders, prescriptions, and referrals. All services are HIPAA compliant, and your dedicated personal scribe will quickly get to know your charting style and expectations.

Final Verdict 

Medical transcription services help save time, improve accuracy, and maintain complete medical records to improve insurance reimbursement. The best services are HIPAA compliant, have a quality assurance program, and provide trained medical transcription specialists to meet your needs.

Some services offer real-time or STAT transcriptions, while others promise a 24-hour turnaround. Then, you can access and review your transcriptions online and edit them as needed. Overall, if you are looking for a new transcription service to decrease charting time and keep accurate EMRs, there is sure to be a service on our list that is best for your business size and needs.

Compare Providers

Best Medical Transcription Service Cost Turnaround Time 
Acusis Best Overall Request a quote 24 hours, or as quick as 30 minutes 
InSync Healthcare Solutions Best Budget Request a quote 24-hour turnaround with a 2 hour STAT option 
EHR Transcriptions Best For Quick Transcription $.10 per line but varies based on needs 24 hours with options for faster service 
SmartMD Best for Ease of Use $.08 to $.13 per line By 9 a.m. the next day 
ScribeEMR Best for Real-Time Charting Request a quote Charting is completed real-time

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Medical Transcription Service?

Medical transcription services record each patient's encounter and turn it into a written report to be included in the patient's EMR.

Why Do Doctors and Nurses Need a Medical Transcription Service?

Medical professionals can benefit from a medical transcription service to save time on charting and ensure accurate documentation. It also helps improve patient-practitioner relationships as there is less time spent on the computer making for a more personal experience. If overall efficiency is key, a medical transcription service can help.

How Reliable Is a Medical Transcription Service?

Many medical transcription services promise 98% accuracy. They often have a team of reviewers who spot-check transcriptions for accuracy and proper medical terminology. Medical transcription services use trained staff instead of voice recognition software to ensure the records are accurate and complete. 

What Are the Costs Associated With a Medical Transcription Service?

Medical transcription services vary in cost depending on the services provided. Many services average around $0.10 per line, and some services have additional fees for setup or software. Most companies require you to request a quote for accurate pricing, dependent on your needs. 

Should I Use a Medical Transcription Service?

If you are looking to increase productivity and improve the accuracy of your medical records, then a medical transcription service may be a good choice for you and your healthcare practice.


We looked at eight medical transcription services available in the U.S. to find the best services. By researching online reviews, company websites, and staff recommendations, we determined the best pick for each category. However, it wasn't easy to find accurate pricing for each service as costs are often quoted based on individual needs.

We excluded services that did not have medical transcription professionals on staff or relied on voice recognition software. The best services make it easy to upload or record patient encounters and allow you to upload forms and handwritten notes to add to the medical record.