Best Medicare Supplement Plan G Providers of 2023

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Medicare Supplement Plan G, like other Medigap plans (A through N), is standardized by the federal government. Available in all states but Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, it covers most out-of-pocket costs for Original Medicare, including copays and coinsurance for approved Part A and Part B services, along with the Part A deductible. 

Medicare Supplement G Plans have stepped up as the leader in having the lowest out-of-pocket costs, covering everything F Plans do, with the exception of the Part B deductible ($226 in 2023). (Medigap F Plans aren't available if you became eligible for Medicare in or after 2020.) To help you find the best Medicare Supplement Plan G provider, we compared and ranked the top plans, taking into consideration price, discounts, geographic coverage, user experience, and more.

Best Medicare Supplement Plan G Providers of 2023

Compare Medigap quotes from multiple Medicare supplement companies with a licensed Medicare representative before buying.

Best Medicare Supplement Plan G Providers of 2023
Best Medicare Supplement Plan G Providers of 2023

Best Overall : Mutual of Omaha

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Pros & Cons
  • Offers an affordable high-deductible Plan G in most states

  • Includes fitness, vision, and hearing discounts

  • Also offers Part D and dental insurance

  • A+ financial strength rating

  • Excellent Plan G pricing

  • Limited customer support

Why We Chose It

Mutual of Omaha offers excellent pricing for Medicare Supplement Plan G—only UnitedHealthcare offers lower average monthly premiums. Plus, the company is one of only a few to offer a high-deductible Plan G. An additional benefit rider, which offers discounts on healthy living products and services, fitness benefits, and discounts on hearing care and vision care, is also included at no cost. You can get Part D coverage and dental insurance from the company as well, along with life insurance and long-term care insurance, for which Mutual of Omaha is one of our top picks. 

Mutual of Omaha received an A+ (Superior) financial strength rating from AM Best, which indicates the company has a superior ability to meet its financial obligations, including paying claims. State Farm was the only Medigap provider to receive a higher grade. 

However, details about Mutual of Omaha’s plans on the company website are limited, and customer support is only available during business hours. Some other companies offer weekend hours or even 24/7 support. 

Monthly costs vary by state, age, and gender. It’s worth it to compare individual quotes across a few providers. In some states, for example, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers better pricing. 

Runner-Up : Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

 Blue Cross Blue Shield

Pros & Cons
  • Access to a 24/7 nurse line

  • Affordable dental, hearing, and vision package

  • Extensive discount program

  • High-deductible Plan G only available in select states

Why We Chose It

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a dental, hearing, and vision package to Medicare supplement members for a little more than $15 per month. It covers most of your preventative in-network dental care, vision exams with standard lenses once per year, and an annual hearing exam with discounts of up to 60% on hearing aids. 

Medicare supplement plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield also come with access to a 24/7 nurse line, an online surgery decision guide, free webinars, and an extensive members discount program, Blue365. What’s more, the company is financially strong, with an average overall grade of A (Excellent) from AM Best. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers excellent pricing, and beats Mutual of Omaha in some states. There’s also a 5% multi-policy discount. But the high-deductible Plan G is not as widely available. You can visit your state-specific Blue Cross Blue Shield website or to find out which plans are available in your area and to get a quote. 

Lowest Cost High-Deductible Plan G : Humana

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Pros & Cons
  • Lowest average premium for high-deductible Plan G

  • Online enrollment discount

  • Highly rated Part D plans offered

  • Live chat support available

  • 24/7 nurse advice line

  • Standard Plan G pricing is worse than average

Why We Chose It

Though pricing for Humana’s standard Plan G is inferior to other providers, we found the company offers the lowest average premium for high-deductible Plan G. The insurer also provides several discounts, including a 6% online enrollment discount in most states, a household discount for living with another adult, and an electronic payments discount. 

In addition, the company offers extended customer service with weekend hours and live chat support, in addition to a 24/7 nurse advice line for medical questions. And if you need prescription drug coverage, Humana’s Part D plans are highly rated and widely available. Humana also offers dental and vision coverage, along with a dental, vision, and hearing package, though it’s pricier than Blue Cross Blue Shield’s offering. 

Humana has an A- (Excellent) financial strength rating from AM Best. While its competitors have higher grades, this still indicates an excellent ability to pay claims.

Lowest Cost Plan G : AARP by UnitedHealthcare

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AARP by UnitedHealthcare

 AARP by UnitedHealthcare

Pros & Cons
  • Lowest average premium for Plan G

  • Highest average NCQA rating across Medicare supplement providers

  • Live chat support

  • Generous new enrollment discount

  • Top provider of Part D plans

  • Must be an AARP member to enroll

  • Doesn’t offer high-deductible Plan G

Why We Chose It

UnitedHealthcare offers the lowest average premium for Plan G of any insurer we reviewed. Plus, there’s an opportunity for substantial new enrollment discounts. For example, some applicants ages 65 through 68 can save 45% on their premiums, though the discount decreases with age. Also available is a 20% multi-insured discount, and a $48 per year electronic payment discount. Discounts available and plan pricing depend on your ZIP code, age, and health if you apply after your Medigap open enrollment period. 

To enroll in a low-cost plan from UnitedHealthcare, you must be an AARP member. The membership costs $16 annually, so the cost may be offset by the savings. 

UnitedHealthcare offers a package of vision, dental, and hearing discounts, a free gym membership, and a 24/7 nurse line with its Medigap plans. There’s also live chat support and a wealth of information available on the UnitedHealthcare website. Plus, the company has excellent third-party ratings, including a 3.9 out of 5 star NCQA rating and an A+ (Superior) financial strength rating from AM Best. But if you’re looking for a high-deductible Plan G, you’ll need to choose a different provider. 

Final Verdict

Mutual of Omaha stands out because the company offers a widely available high-deductible Plan G, has excellent pricing, and high financial strength ratings. But AARP members may prefer the low-cost premiums and additional discounts offered by UnitedHealthcare if they’re not interested in a high-deductible Plan G. Those looking for a low-cost vision, hearing, and dental add-on will be best served by Blue Cross Blue Shield, while folks seeking the cheapest possible premium should consider a high-deductible Plan G from Humana. 

It’s wise to compare prices at all companies that offer the plan type you’re looking for, since pricing and benefits can vary by state. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a unique Plan G Plus in Illinois that includes vision and dental benefits. And in some states, Mutual of Omaha offers a cheaper high-deductible Plan G than Humana. 

How to Shop and Compare Medicare Supplement Plan G

Step 1: Choose Between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

When you sign up for Medicare, or during open enrollment, you must decide if you want to be on Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Original Medicare has a nationwide network of providers but has fixed benefits and no limit on out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare Advantage plans are typically based on a local network of providers but can offer additional benefits. If you sign up for Original Medicare, you are eligible for a Medicare supplement plan. 

Step 2: Determine Which Types of Medicare Supplement Plan G Are Available offers a plan finder that lets you search for Medigap plans by ZIP code. For more accurate pricing, enter your age, gender, and whether or not you use tobacco. Scroll to Medicare Plan G or Medicare Plan G-high deductible to get a quick overview of costs and coverage. Then, select “View Policies” for a list of specific insurance companies offering that plan in your area.

Step 3: Choose a Regular or High-Deductible Plan G

High-deductible plans will pay your Medicare out-of-pocket costs after you pay an annual deductible, which is set at $2,700 for 2023. These plans will have lower monthly premiums than a regular plan. You will need to decide if paying higher monthly payments makes more sense financially than paying higher costs when you need care.

Step 4: Ask a Medicare Specialist About Medicare Supplement Plan G

Common issues include when to sign up for the best rates (Medigap Open Enrollment is different from Medicare Open Enrollment), understanding guaranteed issue rights, and transitioning from a Medicare SELECT plan to Medigap. Your local state health insurance assistance program or's help line or live chat can help you navigate issues like these.

Step 5: Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan G

Some plans allow you to enroll online on their company website. Others may require you to speak with an agent. Regardless, you will need to gather the necessary information to complete your application. There is no option to sign up on the Medicare website.

Every Medicare Supplement Plan G covers the same items. In that way, choosing the best plan is less about coverage than it is about pricing, customer service, and incentives offered. After researching the companies offering Plan G in all 50 states, the companies above stood out for their cost, website friendliness, availability, and perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare F Went Away. Will Plan G Stick Around?

When Congress passed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015, it changed which Medicare supplement plans could be made available to new Medicare beneficiaries. Beginning January 1, 2020, Medicare Plans C and F were no longer available to people who were newly eligible for Medicare. As a result, high-deductible plans were made available for the first time. There are no publicized plans to discontinue Plan G.

Does Medicare Plan G Cover Acupuncture Services?

Medicare supplement plans do not pay for health services directly. Instead, they cover the leftover costs for Medicare-approved services that Part A or Part B did not pay in full. Original Medicare covers acupuncture for chronic low back pain. If you meet the specific criteria for acupuncture services, Plan G will cover your 20% coinsurance amount. Medicare does not cover acupuncture for other indications.

Does Medicare Plan G Cover Chiropractic Services?

Medicare covers limited chiropractic services. Specifically, it covers spinal manipulation to correct a subluxation, an alignment issue of the spine that causes pain and/or functional impairments. Part B covers 80% of those costs and Plan G will cover the remaining 20%. Other chiropractic services like X-rays or massage are not covered.

What Is the Typical Cost of a Medicare Supplement Plan G?

Costs for Medicare supplement plans vary widely depending on your age, gender, and where you live. Chronic medical conditions are taken into account if you apply outside Medigap Open Enrollment, including whether or not you smoke. The one-time Medigap Open Enrollment Period starts when you first enroll in Medicare Part B and ends six months later.

Plan G costs were reviewed in the two states with the highest Medicare enrollment for 2022. Based on quotes for male and female, 65-year-old, non-smoking applicants, Plan G costs ranged from $231 to $338 in the Southeast (Florida) and  $103 to $166 in the South (Texas). High-deductible Plan G costs ranged from $97 to $114 and $39 to $47, respectively.


Literature Review

We identified top companies by market share within the industry offering Medicare plans from various business and market insight databases including Statistia, Plunkett, and Gale. We also considered user-generated data from Google to determine public interest and trends in Medicare plans. 

Data Collection and Verification

Our data was collected from third-party rating agencies, official government websites and databases, and directly from companies via websites, media contacts, and existing partnerships. Our sources include: AM Best, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), J.D. Power, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Data was verified to ensure data integrity and accuracy by cross-referencing the records and citation corresponding to each data point with our primary sources.

Ratings Methodology

We calculated the quality of each company’s different plan types. Factors considered for companies offering Medicare Supplement Plan G include: 

  • Plan quality and customer satisfaction: NCQA ratings were considered to measure this criteria. The NCQA independently rates the quality of Medicare plans on a one-to-five scale based on HEDIS and CAHPS scores to help people compare plans during open enrollment. 
  • Cost: This is a measure of plan cost for Plan G and Plan G-high deductible for 65-year-old males and females living in regions with the highest annual Medicare enrollment.
  • Types of plans, benefits, and discounts available: We considered whether companies offered both Plan G and Plan G-high deductible as well as additional available benefits and discounts. 
  • Financial stability: We considered financial strength ratings to assess a company’s ability to honor its financial obligations, such as paying claims.
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Tanya Feke, MD, is a board-certified family physician, patient advocate and best-selling author of "Medicare Essentials: A Physician Insider Explains the Fine Print."