The 8 Best Period Panties of 2019

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Even though you get your​ period every month, it’s something that a lot of women still dread. Premenstrual syndrome can affect your weight, mood, and sleep cycle, and dealing with tampons, pads, or menstrual cups is an added cost and inconvenience when you’re already coping with hormonal changes.

Finding new options to stay dry and comfortable when you’re menstruating can make that time of the month a little easier, and period panties are a relatively new option that create less waste than tampons and pads, and are simpler to use than menstrual cups. If you’re looking for an easy, eco-friendly way to prevent leaks (or just add another layer of protection to the method you’re already using), period panties can be a great option. Here are the best period panties to try now. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Thinx


Courtesy of Thinx

One of the first period panties is still one of the best. Thinx offers period panties in an array of styles, including briefs, boy shorts, hip huggers, and even thongs. The underwear comes in different options based on your flow: heavy-duty holds two tampons’ worth of menstrual blood, medium holds one and a half tampons' worth, light holds one tampon, and their ultra-light thong holds half a tampon. The brand’s variety of colors and styles leave your grandma-panty assumptions about period underwear in the dust, and these period panties are made to last with breathable cotton.

Thinx fans loved how these panties made their periods so much easier and saved them money on other sanitary solutions like tampons or pads. They also appreciated the fashion-forward designs, and said that the panties gave them peace of mind when they were working long shifts and helped prevent leaks overnight.

Best Budget: Bambody

Period panties can save you cash on sanitary supplies in the long run, but many companies price their pairs at $20 to $40 each—a hefty investment if you’re a new user or someone who wants multiple pairs. Bambody’s period panties offer the same protection as pricier brands for less than $10 per pair.

These panties are made of bamboo fabric for a cooler, more breathable panty that wicks away sweat more quickly than other cloths. You’ll get front and rear protection with the garment’s waterproof layer, and the elasticity of the bamboo combined with spandex gives this underwear a sexy, second-skin feel during the week of your period.

Best for Heavy Flow: Modibodi in Heavy Absorbency

The first few days of your period aren’t much fun: cramping, signs of PMS, and a heavier flow can make your life more difficult whether you’re at work or play. However, just because you’re experiencing a heavier flow doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the convenience of period panties. Modibodi’s Heavy Absorbency underwear are designed to make your life a little easier when your period has other ideas.

These period panties have a classic bikini brief design with organic, antimicrobial bamboo outer fabric for the ultimate in comfort and hygiene. Their super-slim 3-millimeter thick fabric holds up to two tampons’ worth of fluid, keeping you comfortable and leak-free on your heavy flow days. Overall, it’s a stylish staple that blends in with your other undergarments and keeps your flow under wraps.

Best for Teens: HAPPYZ Panty for Teens

Going through puberty is just as exciting as it is stressful: you’re finally developing into the woman you’ll become, but things like unpredictable growth spurts and even less predictable menstrual cycles can put a damper on this unique time in your life. HAPPYZ Panty for Teens is a colorful period panty that gives teen girls a sense of security while their cycle is still regulating.

These period panties are made with teenagers in mind—they were created by a mom who wanted to give her daughter a greater sense of security and hygiene during the day. The FDA-approved silver fiber fabric stays 99.9 percent bacteria-free and absorbs wetness quickly, and it’s machine washable for easier care.

Most Stylish: Intimate Portal Sensation Absorbent Protective Briefs

Period panties have a lot of benefits, but many pairs are lacking in the style department. Just because you’ve decided to tackle your menstrual cycle with absorbent panties doesn’t mean that you have to kick stylish designs to the curb, and Intimate Portal’s briefs have lacy details for a fashion-forward period.

These panties offer light absorbency with strong style: they come in six fun colors, like Emerald Green and Mystic Blue, and the hipster lace design looks more like underwear you’d wear for a special evening instead of the matronly styles some other leak-protection brands offer. Best of all, these panties come in packs of three, so you'll save a few bucks, too.

Best Disposable: UndiePads Disposable Menstrual Underwear

Having your period while you’re traveling or camping is never fun, and dealing with pads and tampons along with your suitcase or outdoor gear makes things even more complicated. A pair of disposable period panties can keep you worry-free when you’re on the road, and UndiePads’ three-pack is up to the task.

These disposable period panties have a built-in pad for up to 12 hours of protection. They absorb three times more liquid than any pad or tampon, and their special Spandex thread stays in place for a comfortable, curve-hugging fit. Best of all, when the day is over, you can just toss them out—you won’t have to deal with messy laundry or hand washing with these period panties.

Best for Sports: THINX Sport


Courtesy of Thinx

Whether you’re a casual biker, a gym rat, or a competitive athlete, getting your period when you’re working out can cramp your style, and intense movement makes it more likely that you’ll have an unfortunate leak. THINX Sport-style period panties work with you while you’re working out.

This pair of sport briefs has wide, comfort-fit leg holes to prevent chafing when you’re on the court or sweating it out on the elliptical. The cotton interior is ultra-breathable to keep you comfortable during your toughest workouts.

THINX customers who took the plunge with the Sport style loved this option’s thicker sport coverage, saying it gave them reassurance while working out.

Best for Swimming: PantyProp Swimwear

PantyProp Swimwear

Courtesy of PantyProp

A trip to the beach or pool is supposed to be carefree, but keeping your tampons in check when you’re in the water or lounging on the sand is no fun. PantyProp has an entire line of swimwear that stops period stains from ruining your fun in the sun.

PantyProp’s swimwear comes in one piece, bikini, and tankini styles that use built-in absorbent liners with two layers of cotton and dri-tech mesh, so you don’t have to worry about your period in the water. They can be used alone for light flow days, or with a tampon for days when you need extra protection.

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