The 8 Best Pill Organizers to Buy in 2018

Keep your medication organized and handy

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Pill organizers can be a handy way to keep track of necessary medicine and make sure you’re staying consistent with doses, especially if you’re taking a handful of pills more than once a day. It can also make traveling with prescriptions much less cumbersome. But picking the right organizer is a big decision, and you’ll want to ensure the one you choose works for your schedule and helps you avoid missing life-saving doses.

To make that choice easier, we’ve narrowed down some of the best organizers you can buy, ranging from the complex (like a monthly system with an alarm) to the compact and purse-friendly. Here, the best pill organizers for you. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: BUG HULL 7-Day Pill Organizer Detachable

For the average person, the Bug Hull 7-Day Detachable Pill Organizer does everything you need and more. This large-capacity organizer is color-coded by days of the week and easily snaps apart, so you can take individual doses with you on weekend trips or overnight. Each compartment is made of BPA-free plastic and can hold roughly five fish oil pills (or, many smaller prescription pills). Because this product only has one compartment per day, it’s best for those who don’t have multiple daily doses. When combined, the seven boxes are about 7 inches long, so it’s not bulky in a carry-on travel bag.​

Reviewers say the units snap together easily, which is important for anyone who struggles with hand dexterity. If you’re looking for a simple weekly pill organizer without unnecessary bells and whistles, the Bug Hull 7-Day is a great choice.

Best for Multiple Doses: Weekly Pill Organizer Box

If you or your loved one takes multiple doses of medicine per day at different times, the Hll Mart Weekly Pill Organizer is a smart option. It comes with seven separate boxes, with morning, afternoon and evening compartments. The set fits into a clear plastic carrying case and each day is removable, which is great for traveling. The bright green, orange, blue, and yellow colors make it easy to spot, and each day has braille symbols for the visually impaired. The entire compartment is 8 by 4 by 1.5 inches, and users note that it’s incredibly secure—which is great for traveling (but something to note if you struggle with arthritis or other hand issues).

A three-times-a-day pill organizer can be a great tool to aid those who struggle with multiple doses of medicine.

Best for Large Pills: Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer

Whether you take a handful of large vitamins or the medicine your doctor prescribes is larger than the average pill, it can be hard to fit much in some of the smaller organizers. The Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer is an oversized (but not cumbersome) organizer with two compartments (AM and PM) for each day of the week. Each day attaches to a magnetized base to keep everything in order, while allowing you the freedom to move compartments around as needed. If you don’t need two doses per day, you can use the Sagely Smart as a two-week organizer instead. The flexible soft plastic lids stay secure but are easier for those with dexterity issues to open and close.

Owners love the Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer, remarking that it’s well made and isn’t an eyesore. The product also features an app you can download to help keep track of and remind you to take your pills.

Best for Arthritis: Ezy Dose Push-Button

If you or a family member suffers from a medical issue like rheumatoid arthritis, you know firsthand how difficult pill bottles can be to open. The Ezy Dose Push-Button is a seven-day, four-dose (morning, noon, evening, and bedtime) organizer with easy-to-open compartments that still remain secure. The non-skid bottom helps keep the unit in place, and each box can hold up to 30 aspirin-sized pills. The Ezy Dose Push-Button is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation for its ease of use. The compartments can’t be removed from the 10 by 8.5-inch tray, so it’s also good for those who worry about losing pieces.

Owners say the Ezy Dose is well-constructed and easy to use, especially for those who suffer from joint pain.

Best With Reminder: MedCenter 31-Day Pill Organizer With Reminder System

Many caregivers know the struggle of keeping an ailing parent up-to-date with necessary medicines, especially those who suffer from memory loss. The MedCenter 31-Day Organizer is a wonderful solution for anyone who struggles to remember to take their medication. It’s a large organizer, with a single compartment for each day of the month, as well as a tray for the current day’s worth of pills. Each box comes with a morning, noon, evening, and bedtime compartment, and there’s a red-green color system to remind you of the days you’ve already taken. But the most important feature is the built-in alarm system that is programmable for each dose of medicine. Once you’ve taken the dose, simply push the large, red acknowledgment button to stop the alarm.

The MedCenter device was made with disabilities in mind, and it cuts no corners. Reviewers say that it makes the lives of those who take a lot of pills much easier, and helps caregivers keep family members in good health. It’s also a great choice for children, as it’s easy to use and easy to understand.

Best for a Purse: LazyMe Decorative Pill Box

The LazyMe Decorative Pill Box is a compact (but safe) way to transport a single dose of pills in your bag. Each round box only has a single compartment, so it’s ideal for those who don’t have multiple doses or take the same single pill every day. The device measures about 3 inches around, and uses a slide-and-click system to open and store your pill safely. It comes in green, teal, orange, and pink colors, so you can buy multiple boxes if you want to use the LazyMe for multiple doses.

Many owners use the LazyMe for over-the-counter pills (who doesn’t need a stash of Advil in their bag?) as well as prescribed medicine. If you need a simple pill container you can take to go, the LazyMe gets the job done (and looks cute to boot).

Best With a Lock: LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

The LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser does a lot of things well, but one of its biggest draws is that it has a safety lock, so you can only access one dose at a time. This can be very helpful for those worried about little hands getting ahold of dangerous pills, or about older family members accidentally dropping important medicine. The LiveFine is an automatic pill dispenser that dispenses pills based on a pre-set timer, up to six doses per day. When it’s time to take a pill, it provides both visual and audible alarms and can hold up to a week of medicine. It measures 7.9 by 7.9 by 3.9 inches, and each compartment can hold up to 18 aspirin-sized pills.

Reviewers do note that it may not be large enough if you take a lot of pills every week, but overall it’s a great dispenser with a lock.

Best for Travel: 7-Day Weekly Travel Pill Organizer

The last thing you want to deal with on a long vacation is worrying about keeping track—or worse, losing your pills. This 7-Day Weekly Travel Pill Organizer is a nifty little device that makes traveling with prescriptions a lot easier. The planner-style case has a sleek, unobtrusive look, and can hold up to seven days’ worth of medicine. Each day has four dose options, and the case has a velcro closure system that keeps everything secure during travel (but isn’t difficult for older hands to open). There’s also a compartment for a medicine card in case of an emergency out of state. The overall tray measures 7 by 4 inches, and each individual compartment is just over 3 inches long.

Owners say this travel organizer is secure, durable, and easy-to-use, though they do note the boxes may not work for extremely large pills. 

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