The 8 Best Places to Buy Contacts of 2019

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Getting your eyes checked once a year is not only the best method for seeing more clearly, but it’s also an easy way to get screened for eye diseases or even health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes. Even if you’ve never been to an eye doctor, you might want to go, considering about 11 million Americans over the age of 12 need vision correction, according to the CDC.

After you get that eye exam, most people pick out a pair of glasses, but another thing to consider is contacts. Skipping specs in favor of contacts makes it easy to stay active without worrying about glasses bouncing or sliding around your face. Of course, you can likely order contacts from the doc who gave you the exam, but there are other convenient and budget-friendly ways to get your lenses outside the office. So we rounded up the top places to buy contacts, either in person or online.

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Best Overall:

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If you want to make sure you get a fresh set of lenses every month, then the page should get a spot on your bookmark list. You can easily input your prescription information—and update it at any time—and you'll automatically get your contacts when you need 'em, without even thinking about it.

If you decide not to do the subscription and realize you're out of lenses, you can also order a set for next-day delivery. Better yet, if your Rx changes and you still have some lenses left, you can send back the remaining pairs for a refund and money toward your next order.

Best Budget: Discount Contact Lenses

Discount Contact Lenses

Courtesy of Discount Contact Lenses

You still get most lenses that you’ll find on other sites, but at a more affordable price when you order from Discount Contact Lenses. Most packs ring in at well under $100, while other companies offer lenses in the triple digits.

In addition to the actual contact lenses, you can also find a range of eye care products on the site, like solution and cases for your contacts, as well as sunglasses and reading glasses. If you don’t need better eyesight, but you do want colored contacts, this site offers that too—all at prices that won’t break the bank.

Best One-Stop Shop: Lenscrafters


Courtesy of Lenscrafters

Get your eye exam, prescription, and order contacts (and glasses if you want them, too) all at Lenscrafters locations across the country. The vision care center offers a few different brands, and your eye doc can easily suggest which would be best for you. Choose from different pack sizes, from a few dailies to a three-month supply of monthlies. You can also find contacts for different conditions like astigmatism or multifocal lenses.

Besides the option to buy in-person, you can also easily order contacts online from Lenscrafters—a good idea if you’re just looking for a renewal and want to get it done quickly.

Best for Scoring Deals: Walgreens


Courtesy of Walgreens

Order popular brands like Dailies, Acuvue, or Bausch & Lomb (among others) for your everyday contact wearing. The Walgreens site often offers discounts on lenses—in fact, right now you can snag a 20-percent-off deal on all contact lenses that the retailer sells.

Besides keeping contacts budget-friendly, Walgreens also offers tons of options for you to choose the right set. You can get daily disposables or pairs you toss after a month or a week; opt for colored lenses to change your pupil hue or focus on multifocal if you need better sight near and far.

Best for Convenience: Walmart


Courtesy of Walmart

Many Walmart stores have their own vision center, where independent eye docs will do exams for you. The super center offers this service in more than 2,500 locations across the country. They’ll also offer advice on the best contacts for you.

Can’t make it to a Walmart center that offers vision care? You still have the option to order lenses online. You just need your prescription ready to enter into the system. To top it off, because we are talking about Walmart, you’ll score some wallet-friendly deals on any pair you purchase.

Best for Buying Only Online: Coastal


Courtesy of Coastal

Known for their buy-one, give-one glasses, you can find more than just a pair of spectacles at Coastal. They also offer contact lenses, which you can easily order (and re-order) when you need them. If you aren’t sure how they have an online chat option so a rep can help you out. They offer a price match guarantee, too, so you can get ‘em on the cheap.

Coastal also offers colored contact lenses and “enhancers” that simply magnify the natural color of your eyes.

Best for Brand Names at Low Prices: AC Lens

AC Lens

Courtesy of AC Lens

With more than 47 brands to choose from, you’ll find the best contact lenses for you—and all at an affordable price. New members also get 20 percent off on all contact lenses, so you save a little money with your first-time order.

Because the company has been around since 1996, they’ve got the system down, offering lots of FAQs to help you navigate how to order contacts online. If you do have a question, you can give them a call as well. Keep in mind, you do have to spend $99 to get free shipping with an online order at this site. 

Best for Easy Returns:

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Filled the wrong prescription? Don’t like the way your lenses feel? No matter why you have to return your contacts, you can do so at any time—and for free. They’ll cover the cost of shipping them back, all you have to do is make sure to call the customer service center first (or email them) before packing them up. The rep will tell you what to do to get your order back, including the paperwork to fill out. It’ll take just two to three business days after you submit everything to get the cash back on your card. 

In addition to the great return policy, you have lots of brands to choose from and that customer service team can help you out with any questions you have before your order.

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