8 Best Places to Buy Glasses Online in 2020

Snag frames without ever leaving your home

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First Look

Best Overall: Warby Parker at warbyparker.com

"You browse the site based on color, fit, shape, and material to select five frames to try on at home, and keep what you like."

Most Options: Zenni Optical at zennioptical.com

"With nearly 1,200 eyewear styles altogether, the online retailer offers everything from prescription glasses to picks for kids."

Best Style: GlassesUSA at glassesusa.com

"Offers a wide range of styles, including discounted picks from high-end designers like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Michael Kors, and Prada."

Best Budget: EyeBuyDirect at eyebuydirect.com

"These frames are particularly cheap, with options under $10, and come in a wide range of styles and colors for various uses."

Best for Reading Glasses: LensCrafters at lenscrafters.com

"You'll find a pair of reading glasses for the whole family on LensCrafters' website and can snag your contact lenses there as well."

Best for Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut at sunglasshut.com

"Here you’ll find all of the most popular brands you’re used to seeing, but also an array of special collaborations."

Best Return Policy: Liingo Eyewear at liingoeyewear.com

"With their 60-Day Delight Guarantee Policy, Liingo gives you 60 days after purchase to return or exchange your glasses."

Best for the Conscious Consumer: Coastal at coastal.com

"For each pair purchased, Coastal donates one pair to someone in need through their partnership with the Essilor Vision Foundation."

About 11 million Americans over the age of 12 need vision correction and almost all of us are on the market for a better pair of sunglasses that'll shield our eyes from harmful UV rays. But when you're stuck at home, pressed for time, or simply don't want to leave your couch, heading out to the store to buy a pair isn't always in the cards.

The good news is that shopping for glasses online has never been easier. Whether scouting for a staple pair to wear all day long, readers, or sunglasses, these online retailers make finding the perfect pair simple. The best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your couch. Yep, you can even try them on from home!

Here, the best places to buy glasses online in 2020.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Warby Parker

Felix Glasses

 Courtesy of Warby Parker

Founded in 2010, Warby Parker saw immediate success as one of the first online retailers to make shopping for glasses easier, more accessible, and less expensive for the masses. Now, 10 years later, it’s still one of the most popular places to buy glasses online.

The process is simple: You browse the site based on color, fit, shape, and material to select five frames to try on at home seven to 10 days later. There’s even a personalized quiz to help guide you through the process, if you need it. There’s absolutely no cost involved in this trial period—and no commitment is necessary either.

You return the frames you don’t want within 30 days, and only pay for the one that you like. Frames are high style but much cheaper than designer brands you’d find through other retailers.

Most Options: Zenni Optical

Square Glasses

 Courtesy of Zenni Optical 

This online glasses retailer has a very extensive line of products for both men and women—nearly 1,200 styles altogether—and offers everything from prescription eyewear to premium sunglasses. The retailer also sells special interest glasses like those for kids, as well as sports glasses and protective goggles.

They also make the entire shopping experience very easy and comfortable for newbies or anyone having a hard time discerning what will work best for their needs, face shape, and style. The frames are organized into tons of lists, like “spring must-haves,” “under $20,” and “cat-eye glasses.” Alternatively, you can use the traditional browsing functionality to look through all of the options or filter as you wish.

Prices are very affordable. If there’s any downside to shopping this retailer, it’s the return policy. You can only get store credit and no full refunds—a policy that is much less flexible than some others on this list.

Best Style: GlassesUSA

Muse Marlene Glasses

 Courtesy of GlassesUSA

For a selection comparable to what you'd find at a traditional brick-and-mortar retail location, turn to GlassesUSA. The online retailer offers a wide range of styles, including picks from high-end, traditional designers like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Michael Kors, and Prada.

The big benefit of shopping for glasses here instead of at a brick-and-mortar location (other than the fact that you get to shop in your pajamas) is that most of the frames—even the designer ones—are discounted. This makes them much more affordable than what they'd be at local eyeglass shops, and it’s a great way to make higher-end brands more attainable.

The same goes for sunglasses and blue-light-blocking glasses. Not sure how the frames you like will look on you? Use the virtual try-on functionality to see them on your face. Another plus, this retailer also offers great deals on a large selection of contact lenses, so you can shop all your eyewear needs in one location. Shipping is free, though handling and shipping typically take about two weeks total.

Best Budget: EyeBuyDirect

Outline glasses

Courtesy of EyeBuyDirect

For an incredibly economical source of glasses—from readers to sunglasses and even blue-light-blocking glasses—try this online retailer. They have a very extensive and affordable line of products in a wide range of styles and colors. The frames are particularly cheap, with options under $10, but the cost increases based on your prescription needs. If you need a prescription, you can expect to spend closer to $75.

Shipping isn’t free unless you spend more than $99, but it’s affordable—just shy of $6. The return policy is similarly average—you’ll get 14 days to send any purchase back for a refund. A big bonus: The online shop offers a 365-day product guarantee that allows customers to get a one-time replacement pair of glasses within 12 months if the product has defects.

Best for Reading Glasses: LensCrafters

Tiffany eyeglasses

 Courtesy of LensCrafters

With plenty of eyeglass options for men, women, and kids from their own in-house brand—as well as from other top brands like Ray-Ban, Burberry, Michael Kors, and more—you'll find a pair of reading glasses for the whole family on LensCrafters' website. The retailer offers a wide range of lenses for varied needs, from anti-reflective lenses for driving at night to blue light filtering ones for late-night working, so it's a one-stop-shop for more than just readers.

LensCrafters has plenty of contact lens options, so you can get your glasses and contacts in the same place. They also have prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. The kids are covered, too, with tons of options for children, including sunglasses.

Policies are good at LensCrafters. The company offers seamless insurance processing, free shipping, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If it's safe to do so in your area, you can also go to a LensCrafters brick-and-mortar store to get an eye exam by a trained ophthalmologist.

Good to Know

Scheduling an annual eye exam is one of the most important steps you can take in protecting your eyes and vision. In addition, eyes provide hints about your overall health, which could lead you to discover an issue that you might not have otherwise noticed (or at least not as soon).

Best for Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut

Ray Ban Sunglasses

 Courtesy of Sunglass Hut

For a traditional selection of sunglasses, the natural choice is Sunglass Hut—a very popular brick-and-mortar retailer across the country that also happens to have a large-scale online presence. Here you’ll find all of the most popular brands you’re used to seeing for sunglasses—Ray-Ban, Tory Burch, Coach, and Maui Jim—but you’ll also find an array of special collaborations like SJP x Sunglass Hut, a collection of sunglasses by famed actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

When it comes to policies, Sunglass Hut has a customer-first approach. The retailer offers free two-day shipping (among other convenient options, like same-day shipping), and a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

Big bonus: The company will even give you 50% off a new pair of glasses if you accidentally break yours within a year of purchasing them.

Best Return Policy: Liingo Eyewear

Alice eyeglasses

Courtesy of Liingo Eyewear

Though a couple of years younger and arguably lesser-known than Warby Parker, Liingo is a closely-matched competitor offering a very similar service. Through this online glasses retailer, you can take a “find my fit” quiz and virtually try on an array of glasses.

But if you’d rather get your hands on a pair and get a better look, you can also take advantage of their at-home try-on program. Through this service, you get to select five pairs of glasses to try on at home for five days. Like Warby Parker, this trial period is free with no commitment. If you choose a pair, you only pay for the cost of the frames and the lenses and you can return what you don't like.

What's more, with their 60-Day Delight Guarantee Policy, Liingo gives you 60 days after purchase to return or exchange your glasses at no additional cost. Admittedly, the company’s options are a bit limited—just a few dozen frames for men and women, and a few dozen sunglass options—but they’re stylish and sufficient for most. Plus, the price range beats that of other designer options.

Best for the Conscious Consumer: Coastal

Black crystal eyeglasses

Courtesy of Coastal

If you want to bring an element of social responsibility to your shopping routine, you can start by getting your glasses from this online retailer. For each pair purchased, Coastal donates one pair to someone in need through their partnership with the Essilor Vision Foundation.

That’s not the only reason to shop for frames at Coastal, though—the brand has hundreds of eyeglasses options for both men and women, plus more than a dozen choices for kids. Selections are similar when it comes to sunglasses for men, women, and children. In terms of brands, you’ll find staples like Ray-Ban and Tory Burch, but you’ll also find more unique alternatives that aren't always available at some of the other virtual stores on the list.

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