The 7 Best Posture Correctors to Buy in 2018

Improve your sitting and standing positions with these devices

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If you often catch yourself slouching, rounding your shoulders, or slumped over at your desk, you may have a posture problem! It’s all too easy to let the neck, shoulder, and back muscles become weak and out of shape, resulting in poor posture and pain that can be hard to reverse. Besides back exercises and sitting correctly—a posture corrector is a specialized type of brace designed to give weakened muscles the support and training necessary to regain stability and achieve better posture.

Posture correctors are often made with a figure-8 design that spans across the back and wraps around each arm to gently pull the shoulders back. Some posture correctors also offer back support or an abdominal band to further assist in correcting poor spinal alignment. While most posture correctors are equally useful for men and women, a few cater to the specific physique of a women’s body—and there are even posture correcting bras available.

The most important part of using a posture corrector is adjusting it properly and following the recommended guidelines for wear time. Discomfort is often normal, especially in the beginning. But if the device is causing serious pain, you may need to further evaluate the fit or adjustment of the brace.

Wear your posture corrector at home, on the go, or at work; a variety of posture correctors are almost undetectable under clothing. Check out the best posture correctors below to help you put an end to your slumping and slouching.


Best Overall: Marakym Posture Corrector

A posture corrector should be lightweight and comfortable to wear when your spine is properly aligned. If you start to slouch or round your shoulders, the device should provide gentle correction. This is the case with our top overall pick, the Marakym Posture Corrector.

This posture corrector is made from a lightweight neoprene that is also breathable. It can be worn under or on top of clothing and the Velcro straps make it easy to adjust for many different body types and sizes. Be aware, though, that some people find it beneficial to have a helping hand when adjusting this posture corrector for the first time. So enlist a friend to help you configure the brace, then it will be easy to put on moving forward.

What really stands out about this posture corrector is the fact that it is comfortable to wear when your posture is on point, but becomes uncomfortable if you lose proper form. This makes it easy to gradually train your muscles to hold proper alignment. This brace also stands out thanks to the included instructions and convenient carrying bag. Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or running errands, the brace can be easily stowed away when not in use. The Marakym Posture Corrector provides the support and training you need for better posture, more confidence, and less back and shoulder pain.


Best Budget: FFitCare Posture Corrector

Achieving better posture doesn’t require a big budget —just commitment and an affordable posture corrector. The FFitCare Posture Corrector is a wallet-friendly option to get your shoulders back in place.

This adjustable shoulder brace is made from a breathable material and has the familiar figure-eight design of many posture correctors. The FFitCare corrector adjusts in the front, making it easier to put it on by yourself and adjust the tension and fit. While getting the posture corrector adjusted properly may take a few attempts the first time, you won’t need to adjust it much moving forward.

The biggest shortcoming of this budget posture corrector is the somewhat limited sizing options available. The FFitCare Posture Corrector is available in medium and large sizes only, fitting chests ranging from 28 inches to 48 inches. While it includes the range of most common chest sizes, it can leave people at the smaller or larger end of this range struggling to get a good fit that helps with posture correction. Even still, most people are satisfied with the help provided by this posture corrector and experience good results for a small price tag.


Best for Office: Upright GO Posture Trainer and Corrector

Sitting at an office desk is one of the biggest posture pitfuls behind poor posture. Combat slouching with a discreet solution, like this high-tech posture corrector for the office. The Upright GO Posture Trainer is a wearable device that sticks to the center of your upper back with skin-safe adhesives.When your posture starts to slip, the device vibrates to remind you to straighten up.

Without any bulky straps, you can wear it between your shoulder blades without anyone noticing. Also, if you need to go into a meeting, turn the device to tracking mode only via the smartphone app to avoid anyone with sensitive ears from picking up on the vibrations. The most common complaint about this posture trainer is the adhesive used to attach it to your back. Some people have trouble getting it to stick, while others are able to use each silicon adhesive strip for a week at a time. If you have trouble with the included adhesive, an easy solution is to purchase double-sided tape for skin.

Also, the battery life is only about eight hours for some users, which might mean the device is cutting it close on lasting for your entire workday. Overall, though, the Upright GO Posture Trainer stands out as the best posture corrector for the office thanks to its slim design and high-tech functionality. It’s also a great choice for anyone who wants to have the data and details of how much time is spent slouching or to track posture correction progress.


Best for Back Pain: Back Brace Posture Corrector

Stop slumping shoulders and curb back pain with the supportive and adjustable Flexguard Support Back Brace Posture Corrector. This design is part back brace, part posture corrector and all about proper spine alignment. The Flexguard Support Back Brace Posture Corrector is a popular option for people that suffer from back pain along with poor posture.

The brace is designed to gently pull your shoulders back for better alignment, which relieves pressure on taxed back muscles. Additionally, the lower back brace provides support that can relieve pain. You’ll appreciate the fact that this brace comes in a wide range of sizes, with everything from XS to XL available. Combined with the adjustable straps, it’s easy to find the right configuration that is both comfortable and beneficial for your posture.

Note that the design of the brace may make it a little bulky for wearing under clothing. But if you have back pain due to your occupation or posture habits, this posture corrector with back brace is a huge help. People praise its ability to relieve pain and train the spine. Pick up the Flexguard Support Back Brace Posture Corrector and put out pain while putting your spine in alignment.


Best for Women: ITA-MED Posture Corrector for Women


Courtesy of Walmart

For women looking for a comfortable, adjustable posture corrector, this highly adjustable version from ITA-MED is our top choice. This posture corrector for women is contoured for a woman’s physique and is more supportive and comfortable on the female physique.

Featuring a cotton lining, this brace is breathable and can be worn under clothing. For added support in the back, the brace features two flexible metal stays. Women will appreciate the way that the straps are designed to provide posture correction without pinching or interfering with the bust. While this brace with back and abdomen support isn’t as simple as the most minimal posture correctors, it won’t ride up and wins points for considering a women’s figure, comfort and adjustability.


Best for Under Clothes: Evoke Pro Back Posture Corrector

If you’re looking for a traditional posture corrector that will fit under your clothes without being too noticeable or bulky, the Evoke Pro Back Posture Corrector is a good choice. The Evoke Pro Posture Corrector is a modified figure-eight design with a wider span of material between the shoulder blades that better distributes pressure. The Velcro straps allow you to adjust the tension and positioning of the brace, but it’s also available in a regular and extra large size to fit different size frames. The breathable, close-fitting fabric fits flush across your back and the padded straps wrap under your arms without restricting movement.

Many people have found it easy to conceal this posture corrector underneath a shirt thanks to its slim design. A few people did complain of the straps rubbing the skin under their arms, but this seems to be the exception and not the norm. If this is the case, it can be remedied by adjusting the fit of the brace or adding an extra bit of cushion to protect the skin. Slip on the Evoke Pro Back Posture Corrector under your clothes and no one will know you’re wearing it.


Best Bra: Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Underwire Bra

If you’re a woman looking for the ultimate two-in-one posture corrector with a bra, the Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Underwire Bra is an easy solution. This bra posture corrector will make it easy to work on your posture all day long, without the need to wear a separate brace or posture corrector.

Simply slip on this underwire bra and the built-in crisscross support panels and straps will help to gently pull your shoulders back. It should be noted that you might not be able to wear this bra all day at first, since with any posture corrector you may have to gradually increase your wear time to avoid pain.

Note that this bra must be put on by slipping it over your head and then securing the clasp in the back. A few people found this to be a little challenging but loved the comfort and fit of the bra once it was on.

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