The 9 Best Sleep Masks of 2023

Brooklinen's Mulberry Silk Eyemask promotes relaxation needed for a good sleep

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Exposure to light at night can impact our sleep-wake cycle, according to Charles A. Czeisler, PhD, MD, FRCP, Baldino professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School. One easy, low-cost way to help reduce your light exposure is by wearing a sleep mask to block out external light.

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Made of mulberry silk, Brooklinen's Eyemask promotes relaxation to help you get some shut-eye. To block out light, we recommend Bucky's 40 Blinks Sleep Mask.

When looking for the best sleep masks, make sure that it's comfortable and is made of soft materials like silk. We researched dozens of sleep masks and evaluated for materials, price, and comfort.

Here are the best sleep masks on the market today.

Best Overall

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eyemask

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eyemask


We chose Brooklinen’s Mulberry Silk Eyemask as our top choice because it promotes the relaxation and protection needed for a good night’s sleep. Brooklinen uses 22-momme Mulberry silk, which means the material offers a top-of-the-line sleek and silky feel. The brand boasts that its friction-free material retains skin moisture while fending off irritation and wrinkles. Plus, this mask comes in five neutral colors: blush, carbon, dove grey, celestial, and ivory.

Price at time of publication: $29

Best for Blocking Light

Bucky 40 Blinks Travel Sleep Mask

Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask

The Container Store

Get a disruption-free sleep with the No Pressure Sleep Mask. This mask provides a fully sealed, light blocking fit. Made from a hypoallergenic, latex-free material, this contoured sleep mask gently hugs the face and has an adjustable Velcro strap. The pressure-free eye mask features deeply molded foam cups that allow for ample room to blink freely without restriction, so you don't have to worry about extra pressure on your head.

Price at time of publication: $17

Best Silk

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Slip Silk Sleep Mask


Known for its famed silk pillowcases, Slip's line of innovative silk products is designed to complement your beauty routine. The company classifies each piece as a beauty product that can aid in warding off facial friction and tugging that would lead to wrinkles and irritation. Slip also deems that its proprietary slipsilk™ fabric reduces frizzy hair and breakage.

Slip's Sleep Mask uses 22-momme pure Mulberry silk for a luxuriously soft feel. This mask is hypoallergenic and produced with non-toxic dyes, making it ideal for sensitive skin. The fashionable sleep mask comes with an elastic band for an adjustable fit and is available in a wide variety of colors and prints.

Price at time of publication: $50

Best Weighted

Therapedic Weighted Eye Mask

Therapedic® Weighted Eye Mask

 Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Made from a soft, plush fabric, the Therapedic Weighted Eye Mask comfortably blocks light for a deep, relaxing sleep. Filled with glass beads, this 0.5-pound sleep mask is designed to help soothe headaches and sinus pressure.

The Therapedic® Weighted Eye Mask comes complete with an elastic band to comfortably secure the mask while sleeping. This mask is available in three colors: grey, navy, and taupe.

Price at time of publication: $15

Best with Headphones

Joseche Bluetooth Eye Mask

Joseche Bluetooth Eye Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

Joseche Sleep Headphones combine the comfort and light blocking capabilities of a sleep mask with wireless headphones. This extra cushioned mask comfortably wraps around the head with an adjustable Velcro strap that allows users to customize the fit and speaker positioning.

This Bluetooth sleep mask pairs with smartphones and tablets. The speaker features a built-in microphone, allowing users to make hands-free phone calls. Volume can be easily adjusted with the attached volume buttons. 

Joseche Sleep Headphones are powered by a lithium battery for nine hours of playing time and can be charged with a USB cable. This sleep mask is machine washable—after taking out the cables—and is made from 95% cotton and 5% polyester for a comfortable fit.

Price at time of publication: $23

Best for Side Sleepers

Dream Essentials Silk 360 Sleep Mask

Dream Essentials Silk 360 Sleep Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

The Dream Essentials Soft Silk Sleep Mask is made of 100% Mulberry silk, which is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin.

The low profile model is ideal for side sleepers as the thin design helps block out light without adding bulk or pressure to the head. The extra padding around the nose helps eliminate light from entering the mask. Additionally, two fully adjustable straps keep the mask in place and allow for a full coverage fit, while the Velcro-free straps help eliminate hair pulling and breakage.

Price at time of publication: $18

Best for Comfort

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

mavogel sleep mask


For those looking for a sleep mask that feels just like their favorite cotton t-shirt, look no further than the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask. This skin-friendly mask is soft to the touch and features a cozy cotton outer lining with a sponge insert for added comfort. For optimal light blocking protection, this mask features additional moldable fabric over the nose with an adjustable bridge to keep the mask in place. 

A Velcro-free adjustable strap resizes the band without snagging hair or bedding. The Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask comes in black and grey.

Price at time of publication: $20

Best for Headaches

FOMI Cold Clay Therapy Eye Mask

FOMI Cold Clay Therapy Eye Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

If you suffer from migraines or occasional headaches, you probably know the struggle of keeping an ice pack in place. The FOMI Cold Clay Therapy Eye Mask combines cold therapy with the light blocking effects of a sleep mask for a hands-free pain reliever. This cooling, moldable clay wrap covers the eyes, sinuses, and surrounding areas, and features an adjustable strap and a soft cloth backing for a soothing feel.

The clay filling stays cold far longer than a typical gel ice pack, and remains flexible while frozen to mold to the face. Individuals with extreme sensitivity to temperature are advised to place a barrier between the mask and skin.

Price at time of publication: $9

Best for Dry Eyes

EYEECO 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask

EYEECO 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask

Courtesy of Amazon

The Eyeseals 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask is made to help relieve dry eyes while sleeping. This sleep mask resembles a pair of swim goggles and is made from a soft and flexible medical grade thermal plastic. 

The Eyeseals sleep mask is hypoallergenic and both latex free and BPA free. It's designed with CPAP users in mind, protecting the eyes from excess air flow and creating a moisture-rich environment to reduce dry eyes.

This hydrating sleep mask features deep eye cups, enabling users to blink freely. A fitted, adjustable microfiber strap ensures a customized, precise fit.

Price at time of publication: $65

Final Verdict

The Mulberry Silk Eyemask from Brooklinen is a favorite among beauty experts and is perfect for anyone looking to splurge on their nighttime routine. It's made of pure Mulberry silk that's hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. But if you're looking for a budget friendly option or a mask that won't smudge your makeup, the No Pressure Sleep Mask is a fan favorite.

What to Look for in a Sleep Mask


While cotton eye masks do the trick for most, people with sensitive skin may want to look for a silk mask to prevent any irritation. Cold therapy masks may use PVC or other plastic materials to prevent leakage, so keep an eye out for each mask's materials, especially if you have known allergies or sensitivities.


Some eye masks lay directly on the face, but not everyone likes the feeling of fabric pressing against their lashes. If you're one of those people, you'll want to look for a cupped eye mask, which will give you a little room to blink freely. But if you're more concerned about eliminating light, look for a design that contours the nose and cheekbones for full coverage.

Health Benefits

While most of your standard sleep masks focus primarily on blocking light, there are options that have dual-purpose qualities. Some offer cooling relief for migraines, while others can retain moisture to help fight dry eyes. People who are sensitive to both light and noise may want to consider a Bluetooth-paired eye mask, which can drown out external noise through its built in speakers while continuing to block out light.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it good to sleep with an eye mask?

    For some people, sleeping with an eye mask is the only way they get a good night’s rest. And there are no health risks associated with wearing an eye mask to bed every night.

  • Are there any downsides to using a sleep mask?

    If an eye mask is too tight, it can leave impressions on your face and around your nose. If the mask is too loose, it could fall off and disturb your sleep.

  • Can sleep masks damage hair?

    Hairstylist Lauren Cross says, “If a sleep mask has an uncovered elastic strap, this may cause friction damage to the hair. To reduce the risk of friction damage, buy a mask with a strap covered with silk material, as this will not damage hair. You should also avoid an eye mask with a velcro strap as this can grab and break the hair.”

  • Do sleep masks cause wrinkles?

    Sleep masks that are too tight may cause crease marks on the face, but they do not cause wrinkles. In fact, buying a mask made from silk may prevent skin dragging and irritation caused by synthetic fabrics pulling on the skin.

Why Trust Verywell Health

Having tried many different sleep mask styles, Emily Stone has discovered the most critical features to consider when shopping for a sleep mask. For her, the checklist includes: a breathable, hypoallergenic fabric; an adjustable strap to reduce pressure; a Velcro-free design to avoid hair breakage; and an adjustable nose bridge for a precise fit. She’s found the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask to work well. For best results, Emily recommends users take the time to properly adjust the head strap and nose bridge to keep the mask in place and seal out light.