The 8 Best Vacuums for Allergies of 2019

Keep sniffles at bay with these top dirt busters

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If you suffer from seasonal or chronic allergies, you know that minimizing dander, dust, pollen, and other triggers is key to keeping allergies under control. A powerful vacuum cleaner is your not-so-secret weapon in removing the most common allergens from your home.

One of the most common features you’ll find in a vacuum for allergies is a HEPA filter or sealed air system—and some machines combine both. The HEPA filter will trap particles as small as 0.3 microns. A sealed air system ensures that trapped particles aren’t recirculated into the air via the exhaust of the vacuum.

When choosing a vacuum for allergies, you have a variety of styles to consider. Upright vacuums offer powerful suction and typically have generous-sized dust bags or bins. Canister vacuums offer easy maneuvering and won’t tip over when you stretch the hose to the far corner of the room. Bagless vacuums are becoming increasingly popular, but allergy-sufferers need to be cautious since emptying the collection bin can be a dusty job.

Vacuum up dirt, dander, and debris to keep your allergies in check. Make the job easier and your house cleaner with one of these top vacuums for allergies.

Our Top Picks


Best Overall: Hoover Platinum Bagged Upright Vacuum with Canister

Channel superior suction and trap allergens with our top choice in a vacuum for allergies with the Hoover Platinum Bagged Upright Vacuum. This upright vacuum earns major praise from allergy sufferers and comes with a canister model for cleaning tight spaces.

The Hoover Platinum Bagged Upright Vacuum features a self-sealing HEPA bag that claims to capture particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. This is a major plus for allergy-sufferers who sneeze and sniffle every time they empty the dustbin of a bagless vacuum cleaner. Instead, the self-sealing HEPA bag makes it easy to remove and dispose of the bag without releasing dust, dirt, and allergens back into the air. Of course, any vacuum for allergies must have exceptional suction to remove pet hair, dirt, pollen, and more from your home. The Hoover Platinum edition vacuum gets rave reviews for its powerful suction and ability to automatically adjust from wood and tile flooring to carpeted surfaces. And at only 12 pounds, users find it lightweight and easy to push around.

One thing that this upright vacuum doesn’t excel in is reaching under couches and into tight spaces due to the larger head size. But Hoover has solved this dilemma by including a powerful canister vacuum with a HEPA filter, also. Though it might sound complicated to use a two-vacuum system to clean your home, people rave about the combined cleaning power of these two vacuums for allergies.


Best Budget: Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum

If you want a budget vacuum for allergies, the Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless is a popular choice if you are willing to empty a dustbin.

Equipped with multi-cyclonic technology for deep dirt collection, this bagless upright vacuum has made a name for itself with its ability to extract dirt, dust, and dander from every crevice and corner. It’s a popular choice for anyone looking for an affordable vacuum, but the multi-level filtration and washable in-tank foam filter will help trap dust and airborne particles that may otherwise aggravate allergy-sufferers.

The biggest point of caution with this affordable vacuum cleaner for allergies is the fact that you will need to empty the dustbin, which may pose a problem if you have very sensitive allergies. While many allergy-sufferers say that using this vacuum has improved their condition, a few people complain of inhaling the dust and dander when releasing the contents of the dustbin, though you could do this outside to prevent contaminating the indoors. If you can handle emptying the dustbin (and don’t like buying replacement bags for a vacuum), then the Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum is easy on the wallet and will help eliminate common allergens from your home.


Best Canister: Kenmore Elite CrossOver Canister Vacuum

For the convenience of a canister vacuum that is equipped for allergy-sufferers, check out the Kenmore Elite CrossOver.

This powerful canister vacuum is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) for its ability to capture allergens and provide a deep clean for your home. One of the key features of the Kenmore Elite CrossOver is the onboard HEPA filtration system. This canister vacuum has a HEPA exhaust filter to keep captured allergens from recirculating, along with a HEPA cloth bag to contain dirt and debris picked up through the vacuum nozzle.

In addition, the Kenmore Elite CrossOver has a two-motor system which it claims provides an increase of 20-percent more air power when compared to an average upright vacuum. In real-world use, many people agree that this vacuum does produce powerful suction. This is good news for anyone who suffers from allergies since greater suction means better elimination of dirt and dander. What people don’t like about the Kenmore Elite CrossOver is its sometimes finicky performance on higher-plush carpeting. A few people also say the machine is loud, though opinions are mixed on this. Despite this, this AAFA-certified canister vacuum is a solid choice.


Best High-End: Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum

If you are looking for a high-end and well-built vacuum cleaner for allergies, the solid Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum is a pricey but popular choice.

Best known for their German-engineering, Miele vacuum cleaners have a reputation for superior performance and longevity. The C3 Marin is a great choice for allergy-sufferers since it features a sealed air system that won’t release allergens back into the air as you vacuum. In fact, the AirClean filtration system uses a HEPA filter and retains an impressive 99.9 percent of all particles.

As for cleaning performance, this canister vacuum has a variable motor speed with six settings to match power to any surface. This more expensive Miele model also includes a premium power brush for cleaning high-pile carpet, along with an attachment for hard surface floors. The powerful cleaning capacity and versatility of the canister design justify the price tag that creeps over $1,000. Many allergy sufferers are impressed by what the Miele’s AirFiltration system is capable of doing to contain allergens, making this an easy pick for a high-end vacuum for allergies.


Best for Pet Hair: Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright Vacuum

You love your furry friend, but your allergies may not. To help you diminish dander and hairballs, the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Upright Vacuum is a good choice.

The Hoover WindTunnel is well-liked for its superior suction, although it can be a bit noisy. However, most people are so impressed with its deep-cleaning abilities that they don’t mind the sound it produces. Being able to remove so much dirt and dander goes a long way in helping allergy-sufferers, but what really makes this vacuum for allergies stand out is the clean-drop HEPA bags. In addition to trapping extra-tiny particles, the HEPA bags have activated carbon to control pet odors. What you’ll really like about disposing of the dirty dust bags is the one-touch bag door release that lets you directly drop the full bag into the trash.

This vacuum for allergy-sufferers and pet parents also comes with an air-powered pet upholstery tool that will remove fur from your furniture. People find that the rubber wipers on either side of this tool do a great job of extracting pet hair. The suction of this vacuum, combined with the clean-drop HEPA bag system and onboard tools, make this vacuum a great choice for pet owners battling allergies.


Best Bagless: Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Bagless vacuums are popular for people who don’t want to purchase frequent bag replacements. If you have allergies but want the convenience of a bagless vacuum, the Shark Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum is a popular choice.

What really sets this bagless vacuum for allergies apart is the fact that it features a sealed air system with HEPA filter to trap 99.9 percent of allergens inside the vacuum. Allergy-sufferers will appreciate this feature that isn’t found on all models of vacuums.

The Shark Navigator also earns plenty of praise for its easy, lightweight maneuverability and lift-away canister. People like the convenience that this vacuum offers when it comes to cleaning tight spaces or specialized tasks, like stairs. The suction is also considered to be excellent, but be forewarned that it can fill the debris canister quickly. Emptying this dustbin is the only potential downside for allergy sufferers​ since it can mean breathing in dust and dirt if you’re not careful. Despite this, people love the performance of the Shark Navigator and it’s a great choice if you want a bagless vacuum cleaner for allergies.


Best Cordless: Dyson V8 Animal Stick Vacuum Cleaner


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Cut the cord and chase down dander and dust anywhere with the Dyson V8 Animal Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This cordless vacuum cleaner for allergies is the ultimate in cleaning convenience.

Dyson has become well-known for their deep cleaning and innovative design, and the V8 Animal Stick Vacuum Cleaner is no exception. If you have allergies, you’ll definitely appreciate the whole-machine HEPA filtration that traps the tiny particles that trigger allergy attacks.

In addition, this cordless vacuum has a direct-drive cleaner head, which means a motor inside the brush bar will keep the nylon bristles working overtime to churn up dirt, pet hair, and more. A max mode will amp up the power even more to provide an exceptionally deep cleaning. However, this is where the V8 Animal shows its weakness—the 40-minute run time is dramatically reduced in max mode or when using attachments. One other thing to consider is the fact that you’ll need to empty a dustbin with this model of cordless vacuum. However, Dyson designed a hygienic dirt ejector that will help make the task easier. If you want to conquer allergies without a cord, choose the Dyson V8 Animal Stick Vacuum Cleaner.


Best Robotic: iRobot Roomba 761


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Set your vacuum to auto-pilot with a robotic vacuum cleaner. If you have allergies, opt for the iRobot Roomba 761.

A trailblazer in the robotic vacuum field, Roomba has made this technology a household name. The Roomba 761 is the ideal choice for a robotic vacuum for allergies thanks to its onboard HEPA filter. In addition to keeping dirt and dander down with daily vacuuming, the HEPA filtration system will help trap the smallest of particles that Roomba sucks up.

Additionally, the Roomba has dirt detect sensors that will identify areas in need of more concentrated cleaning. One thing to note, though, is that the Roomba 761 isn’t capable of deep cleaning rugs or carpeted surfaces. An occasional cleaning with a traditional vacuum will likely still be needed. But since most allergy sufferers find that frequent vacuuming helps to minimize triggers, a robotic vacuum cleaner is a great idea.

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