The 8 Best Weighted Blankets of 2022

Gravity's Blanket is available in three weights and induces a calming effect

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For many, weighted blankets can help to relieve stress, induce sleep, and have been said to help with conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and ADHD thanks to their deep pressure stimulation.

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Available in the 15, 20, and 35-pound options, Gravity's Weighted Blanket uses pressure to induce a sense of calm. If you're a hot sleeper, we'd recommend Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket.

When looking for a weighted blanket, keep the weight in mind. It is recommended to choose a weighted blanket that is 10 percent of your body weight. Also, consider the material of the outside of the blanket or duvet, especially if you struggle with allergies or are sensitive to textures. If you're a hot sleeper, you should opt for a cooling one. We researched dozens of weighted blankets and evaluated them for size, comfort, material, price, weight, weight distribution, and cooling effects.

Here are the best weighted blankets on the market.

Who else recommends it? BestReviews, CNET, and Sleep Foundation all picked the Gravity Blanket. 

What do buyers say? 88% of 900+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Not only does the Gravity Blanket come in 15, 20, and 35-pound weights, it's soft, comfortable, and washable, which is why we chose it as our top pick. One of the other things that make this blanket so great is the outside duvet, which is covered in the softest microfleece. The inside is made of cotton and very small glass beads that are separated by a grid that keeps them evenly distributed. Plus, the duvet is machine washable, making for an easy clean.

Best Budget: ZonLi Weighted Blanket

ZonLi Weighted Blanket


One absolutely amazing aspect of this blanket is that it comes in several different weights. This makes it a great option if you’re searching for a good weighted blanket for kids. The blanket also comes in a variety of fun colors. 

This blanket contains glass beads that are separated by an inner grid, however the duvet is made from a cooling bamboo and cotton blend. This blanket also has really convenient loops that allow you to easily affix the duvet to the blanket inside. 

Best Cooling: Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket


Just because you’re someone who has a tendency to run hot at night doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to benefit from a weighted blanket. This blanket comes with two duvets, including one intended solely for cooling. The coolmax material will wick away heat and sweat, and allow for better air circulation. 

The blanket contains nano-ceramic beads, which the brand says helps control the exact weight and durability of the overall product. It has a 10-point locking system that makes sure the blanket is anchored from 10 different areas, which will help evenly distribute the weight.

Best for Sleep: Baloo Weighted Blanket

Baloo Living Weighted Blanket


Not only is this blanket filled with glass beads that are distributed equally thanks to a grid in the blanket, it comes in sizes for queen and king-sized beds, which is perfect for those hoping to share their new-found sleep secret with their partner. The blanket is super soft and made of breathable cotton that doesn’t trap in heat. 

This blanket comes in 20 and 15-pound options and has six loops to connect it to a duvet. The lighter weight is recommended for those that sleep on their sides or for those experiencing joint or back pain. You can also toss this entire blanket in the dryer—not just the duvetso it’s great for those who let their pets sleep with them so that they can get rid of dander.

Most Calming: Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket

Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket


The Saatva organic weighted blanket is designed with luxury in mind. It’s made with the softest organic cotton velvet that will absolutely feel like an embrace. It contains all-natural glass beads that are held in place by a diamond quilted pattern. It comes in two sizes: a single-size, which is 15-pounds, as well as a king-queen size that’s 25 pounds. 

While it may seem pricey, it’s fully organic and fair-trade, so you can sleep well knowing that its materials are high quality.

Best for Kids: Quility Weighted Blanket for Kids

Quility Weighted Blanket for Kids


This blanket has multiple weight options—starting at five pounds—which makes it absolutely perfect for the kiddos in your life. It has sectioned-off glass beads and a removable cover that, in addition to coming in fun colors, is super soft and cuddly. 

It also comes with a size intended to fit a twin-sized bed, which also makes it perfect for a kid’s room. There is also a helpful infographic from the brand that helps you determine what size blanket you need based on your child’s weight.

Note: children under the age of two should never use a weighted blanket. Contact your pediatrician before using a weighted blanket with your child.

Best for Travel: Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Kids

Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Kids


This blanket comes in an array of sizes and weights, but the smallest size would be ideal for travel. The blanket is sectioned off in four-inch squares, and comes with loops to secure your duvet. It is machine washable, which is perfect for a post-travel cleaning.

Best for Couples: rocabi Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket

rocabi Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket


If you’re in search of a blanket to share with a partner, your biggest priority should be making sure that it’s large enough for both of you to comfortably snuggle up on your respective side of the bed. This blanket answers that call. It comes in sizes that are definitely large enough for a queen or king-sized bed, and it features a grid system so that no matter which side you’re on, you’re still getting an even weight distribution. 

It comes with a detachable duvet cover that’s made of plush microfiber. While this might be too much during the summer, it would be super cozy for the winter months. The duvet attaches with a concealed zipper so that it stays in place and provides the most comfort. 

Final Verdict

Weighted blankets can be helpful for falling asleep and staying asleep, but make sure you’re paying attention to the weights and not just opting for the heaviest option for the sake of it. Also, take into consideration any back or joint pain that you may be experiencing, and opt for a lower weight. Our overall favorite pick for a weighted blanket is the Gravity Blanket (view at Amazon), which will promote tranquility while keeping you warm and cozy all night long.

What to Look for in Weighted Blankets


It’s super important that you don’t choose a blanket weight based on the heaviest available option. It’s best to find a blanket that comprises 10% of your body weight. Overall, the goal of the weight is to help calm the sympathetic nervous system, which will help you feel more relaxed when it’s time to power down for the night. 

Weight Distribution

Make sure that the weighted materials are sectioned off in an effective way before purchasing any of the blankets. A lot of them come with built-in grids or feature sewn-in sections that are even visible from the outside of the blanket. It’s also important to make sure that the blanket includes loops to tie down a duvet cover, as this will also impact the weight distribution. 

Duvet and Bead Material

This is especially important if you’re worried about getting hot during the night. Make sure that the blanket you choose either comes with a hot and a cold duvet option, or that it’s tailored to your desired temperature. A lot of blankets come with cool wicking fabrics, but if the one you have your eye on doesn’t specifically tout this feature, just try to look for fabrics that are naturally breathable like cotton. 

While most of the beads are made of glass, there are ceramic and heavy-duty plastic options if you’re interested. This can also contribute to the temperature, and some brands have proprietary beads that they claim have the ability to keep you cooler.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

    There is no research to indicate it's not safe to sleep under a weighted blanket every night, as long as you don't have any health concerns that mean you shouldn't, such as sleep apnea or COPD.

  • Can you wash a weighted blanket?

    Check the manufacturer's care instructions and follow their recommendations for washing or cleaning a weighted blanket. They vary. You can machine wash some, or they may come with a removable cover that you can wash. Others require hand washing or spot cleaning.

  • Do weighted blankets make you feel hot?

    Weighted blankets are heavier but not necessarily warmer than other blankets. If you're concerned about getting hot, choose a weighted blanket that's covered in a breathable fabric like bamboo.

  • Who should not use a weighted blanket?

    If you have sleep apnea or breathing problems, weighted blankets are not for you. Children who have epilepsy, allergies or breathing problems should not sleep under a weighted blanket, and they are not recommended for children under two. Ask your pediatrician before buying a weighted blanket for a child.

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