The 8 Best Weighted Blankets of 2019

Snuggle up with these soothing picks

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First Look

Best Overall: Gravity Blanket at Amazon

“Great for getting a deeper night’s sleep.”

Best Budget: ZonLi Weighted Blanket at Amazon

“Made from 100% cotton, so it’s cooler and more durable.”

Best Cooling: Degrees of Comfort CoolMax Blanket at Amazon

“Great for sweaty summer nights or year-round if you run hot.'"

Best for Sleep: Baloo Weighted Blanket at Amazon

“A soft, cuddly option for tossers and turners.”

Most Calming: Good Knight Weighted Blanket at Amazon

“Designed to remind your body of being hugged.”

Best for Kids: Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket at Amazon

“Sewn with ultra-breathable layers to help your little one sleep.”

Best for Travel: Bare Home Weighted Blanket at Amazon

“Comes in a smaller option that’s perfect for long flights.”

Best for Couples: rocabi Adult Weighted Blanket at Amazon

“Your entire bed will be covered with this weighted blanket."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Gravity Blanket

The Gravity Blanket was a 2017 Kickstarter success, and it’s still one of the best weighted blankets around. The blanket is engineered to reduce anxiety by “hugging you back” when you use it. It’s available in 15 pound, 20 pound, and 25 pound options. (Those weights are suitable for people weighing 150 pounds, 200 pounds, and 250 pounds, respectively.)

The Gravity Blanket is roughly the size of a throw blanket, so it’s only meant for one person to use at a time. It comes with a luxurious microfiber duvet cover, and the sturdy gridded stitching keeps the beads evenly distributed. The breathable material is warm enough for winter but won’t leave you sweating in the summer.

This blanket is great for getting a deeper night’s sleep, but it’s also a soothing addition to your meditation sessions or Netflix binges. Reviewers said that the Gravity Blanket is “like Advil PM for your whole body."

Best Budget: ZonLi Weighted Blanket

ZonLi’s highly reviewed blanket is made from premium materials to help you sleep more soundly. It features 14 combinations of blanket size and weight, so you can find your perfect fit. The sizes range from throw blanket to king bed, and the weights cover adults up to 230 pounds. There are also blanket options for couples.

This ultra-soft pick is made from 100% cotton, so it’s cooler and more durable than blankets made from synthetic fibers. The sewn squares that hold the glass beads are smaller than some other blankets, so it’s easier for the beads to stay evenly distributed across the blanket. Extra layers of cotton make this bargain blanket tough enough to last.

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Best Cooling: Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Hot sleepers, rejoice! You can enjoy the benefits of weighted blankets without sweating through your sheets with Degrees of Comfort’s Weighted Blanket.

This pick comes with two different duvet covers—one is made from CoolMax Microfiber, which vents heat away from your body. It’s great for sweaty summer nights or you can use it year-round if you run hot. The other fleece cover is useful for cold evenings.

The interior blanket is filled with ceramic beads—they’re smaller yet sturdier than the plastic beads inside other weighted blankets. This cooling blanket is available in nine different size and weight combinations. It fits on bed sizes from twin to king, and the weights range from five pounds to 25 pounds.

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Best for Sleep: Baloo Weighted Blanket

If you consistently have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you may have insomnia. This common sleep disorder might make you drowsier during the day and affect your mood and memory. If this sounds like you, you should check in with your doctor. For those who are simply having a little trouble falling asleep, Baloo’s Weighted Blanket is a soft, cuddly option for tossers and turners.

Baloo’s blanket is a high-end option made from premium, breathable cotton that’s certified to be 100% free of harmful chemicals. It’s thinner than many other weighted blankets, but it can still pack 15 or 20 pounds of weighted beads into its quilted pockets. Reviews across the web say that the beads in this blanket don’t shift around as much as other blankets. When the beads do move, they’re much quieter than competitors’ beads, which is a major bonus for light sleepers.

Most Calming: Good Knight Weighted Blanket

Anxiety gets the best of everyone sometimes, and it can affect your sleep for the worse. You should check with your doctor if you feel your anxiety is severe enough to affect you on a daily basis, but for mild or occasional bedtime worries, Good Knight’s Weighted Blanket may help to reduce some of your stress.

This toasty gray blanket comes in 15-pound, 17-pound, and 20-pound options. The 100% premium cotton is filled with non-toxic pellets, creating an even distribution of weight. The pressure from the blanket is designed to remind your body of being hugged.

The 60 x 80-inch blanket fits teens and adults up to six feet and six inches tall. It comes with a sturdy duvet cover, and the blanket and cover are 100% machine washable.

Interested in reading more about how to relax before bed? Here’s our guide to the best essential oils for sleep.

Best for Kids: Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket

Kids don’t always want to go to sleep at the same time as their parents. Creating a bedtime routine can help them wind down, and weighted blankets may help provide a reassuring snuggle as your child drifts off to sleep. Quility’s weighted blankets are some of the most highly-recommended options on the web.

Quility’s blanket is sewn with seven ultra-breathable layers to help your little one sleep at just the right temperature. Millions of premium micro-glass beads give that gentle hug sensation. The blanket comes in weights as low as 5 pounds—perfect for children as small as 50 pounds. A toasty cover keeps your child warm in the winter, and they’re sure to find a blanket they love with six color choices.

Of course, it is best to consult with your child's doctor before letting your child use a weighted blanket to ensure his/her safety.

Best for Travel: Bare Home Weighted Blanket—Throw/Travel Size

Commercial airlines keep making smaller planes that cram more people inside. That adds stress to an experience that already makes you want to pull your hair out. A travel-sized weighted blanket might help relieve some of your airline anxiety. The Bare Home Weighted Blanket is a quality option that comes in a travel-friendly size.

This weighted blanket comes in a 40 x 60-inch option that’s perfect for placing across your lap during long flights. It needs to be hand washed or cleaned on your washer’s gentle setting, then laid flat to air dry. The four striking color choices are made from 100% cotton, so you won’t overheat during your trip.

Best for Couples: rocabi Adult Weighted Blanket & Cover Luxury Set

Many weighted blankets aren’t large or heavy enough to accommodate two people sleeping in the same bed, but rocabi’s Adult Weighted Blanket & Cover Luxury Set solves that problem. Your entire bed will be covered with this weighted blanket. It comes in sizes suitable for king or California king beds. You can buy it in weights up to 30 pounds, so it’s effective for up to 320 pounds of combined weight. This luxury set includes the 100% cotton weighted blanket and a soft gray cover for chilly nights.

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