The Birth Control Apps You Can't Live Without

Birth control apps are easily accessible, helpful, and entertaining—and there are many to choose from. Though these contraceptive apps can be helpful resources for you to navigate through various areas within the world of contraception, please note that they should be used for recreational or informational purposes only. They are intended to help you find information, locate products, or send you reminders. These apps are not meant to be used in lieu of talking to your doctor or as a substitute for professional medical advice.


Safe Sex Tips

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The Safe Sex Tips birth control app celebrates sex and the important role that it plays in many of our lives. This app provides information to help you avoid some of the negative consequences (like STIs and unintended pregnancy) that can arise if safe sex practices aren’t used. This birth control app:

  • Helps you to define your own safe sex practices.
  • Provides information on condoms and dental dams.
  • Offers safe sex tips to lower your chances of getting a sexually transmitted infection and well as identify symptoms of STIs.
  • Includes instructions on how to discuss contraception with your partner and how to respond to condom excuses.
  • Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Bedsider Reminders

Sign up for the Bedsider Reminders app and never forget to take your contraception again! An advantage of this app is that your birth control reminders can be sent via text or to your email. What sets the Bedsider birth control app apart is the cheeky and sassy reminder messages—they'll have you looking forward to what the next day’s message will say. The Bedsider birth control app also has the following features:

  • You can set the time the messages arrive.
  • In addition to being able to set pill reminders (like most birth control apps), the Bedsider app can also allow you to create messages reminding you to switch your NuvaRing each month, to replace your patch each week, and even when it's time for your next Depo-Provera Shot.
  • This birth control app will also let you schedule reminders for doctors' appointments and will tell you when it's time to go get your next month’s refills.
  • The Bedsider app can also assist you in locating family planning clinics in your area, as well as help you find emergency contraception (just in case you need it).
  • There is a snooze feature to help reduce the chance of pill failure due to missing your pill. If you can't take your birth control when you receive your reminder, this birth control app will resend your reminder in one hour (or whenever you tell them to send it again) to make sure you're back at home when your message arrives.
  • Platform: Any smartphone or email

Sign up for Bedsider Reminders, or you can text "MyBC" to 42411 from your cell phone (your wireless carrier’s message and data rates may apply).


myPatch Pro

myPatch Birth Control App
myPatch Birth Control App. iPhone

The myPatch app is designed especially for women who use the contraceptive patch. The myPatch app makes it easy to change the start date of your patch at any given time. You can choose your daily notification time, and choose a custom alert message (to be more discreet). This birth control app also offers a snooze feature and guarantees privacy with optional password protection. Completely eliminate the need to keep creating and deleting patch reminders. It offers some great and convenient features:

  • Most importantly, the app will send you a reminder to remove your patch, and when it’s time to apply a new one. Plus, the reminders will automatically continue with each pack of patches.
  • Use myPatch to plan your schedule six months in advance simply by swiping your finger over a pack to figure out the dates of patch removal and replacement. This can alert you to when you may be getting your withdrawal period, so you can plan trips around this time or plan to purchase additional patches to use as a way to skip your period altogether.
  • There is a built-in, editable note-taker to write down questions you may want to discuss with your doctor, keep track of start dates, or note side effects.
  • This birth control app can be configured to remind you when you need to buy next month’s supply of patches or schedule your next doctor’s appointment.
  • There are different backgrounds to choose from, as well as realistic patch graphics, and a monthly view calendar with marked contraceptive patch usage days.
  • Platform: Compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The app can also be configured to send text messages or e-mail reminders.

Download myPatch: for iOS or for Android



myPill Birth Control App
myPill Birth Control App. iPhone

The myPill birth control app reminds you to take your birth control. It can be used for the pill, NuvaRing and patch, so it allows you to configure the active and placebo/break days to correspond to your birth control method. The app is interactive: with the pill setting, there is a graphic that looks just like a four-week pack. As each day passes, a pill disappears. myPill offers the following features:

  • A daily, customizable reminder message that can be sent via text or through email as well as reminders to take your placebo pills. Also features a snooze alert (that you can arrange), that stops once you have taken your contraception.
  • Various contraception themes to choose from: there is a NuvaRing theme (to remind you when to insert and remove your NuvaRing) as well as color themes and a seasonal theme (for pills that reduce your periods to four times a year).
  • Allows you to change your pack start date at any time. You can also customize how many active (hormone) pills are in your pack (good for extended cycle pills like Seasonique).
  • There is a history section where you can write notes, record side effects, spotting and period dates. You can track your start date, missed pills, and time you took the pill each day.
  • The myPill planner reminds you of when to purchase new pill packs, call the doctor, schedule yearly exams, and stores your prescription information. The app also shows you how many pills are left in your pack.
  • There is a monthly view calendar that marks each day that you took your pill. myPill also allows you to plan ahead for six months, so you can determine when you will have your period, and when you will need new pill packs. This is helpful if you know you are going to be away: will you need to start a new pack while you are gone? Will you be on your period, and if so, you can choose to use the pill to skip it.
  • Platform: Compatible with iPhone and iPad

Oral Contraceptive Pill Reference

Oral Contraceptive Pill Reference Birth Control App
Oral Contraceptive Pill Reference Birth Control App. iPhone

The Oral Contraceptive Pill Reference (OCP Reference) is a birth control app that contains a database of over 100 different name brand and generic birth control pills available in the United States; it can serve as a basic reference app for doctors who prescribe the pill.

OCP Reference features:

  • A browsable index of birth control pills for quick reference of important drug information as well as identification of equivalent, alternative brands. Each pill brand is also presented with color photos of the pills, the number of pills in the cycle, and hormone content.
  • This app can sort birth control pills by name, estrogen and/or progestin dose, and sorts progestin from most to least androgenic.
  • It includes a thorough contraceptive effectiveness chart, comparing failure rates against typical and perfect use with other contraceptive methods, including IUDs, contraceptive sponge, spermicide, and various natural family planning approaches.
  • OCP Reference also offers a "Browse by Feature" section. Some of these features include progestin-only pills, extended cycle pills, chewable pills, and biphasic or triphasic pills.
  • There are browsable options for non-contraceptive benefits like helping with acne, but critics feel this section should be expanded to include other benefits like PMDD treatment and management of dysmenorrhea, for example.
  • A section on emergency contraception.
  • Platform: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Simplicity is one of the strengths of this birth control app. It can be helpful for doctors or nurses who have a good, basic understanding of the underlying physiology and distinctions of the various birth control pill brands. In fact, when used by doctors who are familiar with the descriptions of various pills, this birth control app is a convenient way to determine specific pill brands based on the needs of the patient. For less experienced professionals, OCP Reference does not provide information regarding contraceptive management or ​medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use.​



ScanAvert Birth Control App
ScanAvert Birth Control App. iPhone

Though this is not specifically a birth control app, ScanAvert makes it super easy to find products that are compatible with certain health restrictions or lifestyle preferences you may have. You simply register a health profile, scan product barcodes, and receive instantaneous and detailed compatibility/incompatibility results. This way, you can make informed decisions about the products you choose to use. This app can:

  • Inform you of the ingredients in over-the-counter contraceptives such as the Today Sponge, spermicides (like VCF), fc female condoms, and latex, polyurethane, natural and SKYN (non-latex) male condoms.
  • Tell you what is in your favorite personal water-based lubricants like Astroglide or silicone-based lubes.
  • Advise you of suggested substitutes if there is an ingredient that is not suited for you. ScanAvert will also send you an auto-notification if any of the products in your scanning history have been recalled.
  • Platform: Compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

This app can help you avoid OTC birth control that has ingredients you may be allergic to (like latex). If you are concerned about what is in your condoms or lubricants (such as parabens or glycerin), this app can help ease some of your worries. ScanAvert is continuously verifying the product information and adding new products to its database. Although the actual app is free, ScanAvert is a subscription-based service.

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