Birth Control

You have more birth control options today than your mother or grandmother had. We'll help you navigate the different contraception methods so you're ready to have an informed talk with your doctor.
birth control
The Affordable Care Act and Contraceptive Benefits
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Natural Birth Control Methods
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Birth Control Apps: 6 Helpful and Easy-to-Use Options
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When Fertility Will Return After Stopping Birth Control
Birth Control Travel Tips
Birth Control Travel Tips and Advice
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The Standard Days Method as a Birth Control
Woman using iPhone Apps
Using iPhone Apps to Plan Fertility
Pregnancy test
Billings Ovulation Method of Birth Control
The United States Supreme Court
How Griswold v. Connecticut Led to Legal Contraception
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Lactational Amenorrhea Breastfeeding Method
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Risks of Using the Withdrawal or Pull-Out Method
Tips for Safely Storing Birth Control
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An Overview of Birth Control
Birth Control
The 8 Best Birth Control Delivery Services of 2021
Menstruation tracker
How to Choose Your Natural Family Planning (NFP) Method
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Birth Control Effectiveness Rates and Comparison
birth control methods
Birth Control Considerations and Effectiveness
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5 Things You Need to Know About Birth Control
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Side Effects to Consider When Choosing Birth Control
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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Birth Control
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Birth Control Method Pregnancy Rates
Birth Control: Diaphragm (Sexuality Series)
The Beginner's Guide to Barrier Methods
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What to Do If You Miss a Birth Control Pill
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Does the Pill Actually Cause Cancer?
Birth control pills would be hard to access for over half a million women and girls if Planned Parenthood is defunded.
Can I Buy Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pills?
Girl buying contraceptive pills in a pharmacy
How to Switch to a New Birth Control Pill
Young woman holding birth control pills
Can Taking the Birth Control Pill While Pregnant Hurt My Baby?
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Can You Get Pregnant If You Miss a Pill?
how the pill works
How the Pill Works to Prevent Pregnancy
Facts About the Pill
Must Know Facts About The Pill
Types of Birth Control Pills
Types of Combination Birth Control Pills
Contraceptive pill
Birth Control Pills and High Blood Pressure
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Do You Ovulate on the Pill?
A young woman holding her birth control on her lap
The Little Known Benefits of the Pill
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The Pros and Cons of the Birth Control Pill
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The Facts About Obesity and Birth Control Pills
Oral contraceptive pill on pharmacy counter.
Does the Contraceptive Pill Cause IBD?
Using the Pill to Skip Your Period
Skipping Your Period With the Pill
Teenage girl with the Contraceptive Pill
10 Common Myths About the Pill and Contraception
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Daylight Saving Time and Your Birth Control Pill
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The Role of Progestin in Birth Control
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Types of Progestin in Combination Birth Control Pills
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When You Should Take Your Birth Control Pill
Woman taking birth control pill
Birth Control Pills: Side Effects and Complications
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Find out How Effective the Birth Control Pill Is
Birth Control Pills
When You Forget to Take Your Birth Control Pill
Birth Control Pills
A Brief History of the Birth Control Pill
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The Other Benefits of Oral Contraceptives
Regular condom and internal condom
What Is a Condom?
How Spermicides Work as Birth Control
Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF) product on purple background
What Is Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF)?
close up of a today sponge
How to Insert the Today Sponge
Pharmacist's hands taking medicines from shelf
The Today Contraceptive Sponge
The 6 Types of Spermicide
Buying Over-The-Counter Contraceptives
Liletta IUD in packaging
Overview of the Liletta IUD
Kyleena IUD
Everything You Need to Know About Kyleena IUD
Doctor holding an IUD
What to Expect During Your IUD Removal
Two IUDs
Choosing an IUD: Brands and What to Consider
Holding an IUD birth control device in hand
IUD Risks and Complications