I Tried Bite’s Zero-Waste Toothpaste Bits & I’m Ditching Plastic Tubes for Good

Care for your smile and the planet with Bite's innovative dental products—the brand's entire line is on sale now!

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Bite Earth Day Sale

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Sustainability might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to oral health, but Bite is bridging the gap. Bite, which stands for "Because It’s The Earth," has a focus on creating oral and personal care products with a minimal footprint. With glass packaging, compostable refills, and clean ingredients, Bite’s oral care products are effective and sustainable—plus, they’re on sale now for Earth Week. You can save 20% sitewide on Bite's products—including a few of the products we tested below—with code EARTH.

I personally tried Bite's entire line of oral care products and liked the products' travel-ready convenience and waste-free design. While it was a little weird at first getting my toothpaste and mouthwash in bit form, it took almost no time at all to get used them. Best of all, it never felt like I was trading efficacy for eco-friendly, natural formulations, which can sometimes feel like the case with all-natural products; I felt like I was getting a thorough clean with each use.

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Toothpaste Bits Made with Fluoride


Buy It: Bite Toothpaste Bits With Fluoride, $38 with code EARTH for a four-month supply (was $48)

Bite is known for its innovative oral care formulations, especially its toothpaste and mouthwash. Available in the brand's signature "bits" instead of typical gel, I like that they're convenient for travel and easy oral care on the go.

Bite’s toothpaste bits work almost exactly like your regular toothpaste, just in a more compact, environmentally-friendly formula. To use, just take a bit, bite down, and brush as usual. The toothpaste bits are made without sulfates, parabens, and artificial flavors.

While the bits are available both with and without fluoride, you should always opt for fluoride in your toothpaste. Fluoride helps to remineralize teeth and provide protection and restoration against tooth decay, and toothpaste is one of the top sources for fluoride intake.

Based on my own testing, you might want to experiment with the number of bits you use. You only need to use one bit for a complete clean, but if you're used to using a little extra toothpaste, you might want to use two at a time.

Bite Toothpaste and Mouthwash Bits

Jaylyn Pruitt / Verywell Health

Bite Mouthwash Bits

Mouthwash Bits


Buy It: Bite Mouthwash Bits, $19 with code EARTH for a four-month supply (was $24)

Made with a natural peppermint flavor and bacteria-repelling xylitol and erythritol, Bite's mouthwash is free of artificial flavors and coloring. To use, simply bite down and swish around for 30 seconds. I like that their non-liquid formulation makes it easy to take your mouthwash routine anywhere for fresh breath.

Bite Mouthwash Bits

Jaylyn Pruitt / Verywell Health

Bite Whitening Gel

Bite Whitening Gel Teeth Whitening Kit


Buy It: Bite Whitening Gel, $19 with code EARTH for a four-month supply (was $24)

If you're looking to make more of a splash with your smile, Bite also makes its own teeth whitener. Teeth whitening can sometimes be damaging for the environment—sometimes including ingredients like phthalates and non-biodegradable plastics—but you can still get a brighter smile without taking a toll on the environment. Instead of the hard-to-breakdown plastics that most other teeth whiteners use, the Bite Whitening Gel uses a direct application method with a biodegradable applicator brush. Just brush onto teeth, smile, and wait two minutes for the gel to bubble up and take effect. You should see a whiter smile in 14 days.

Brush, by Bite

Bamboo Toothbrush


Buy It: Brush, by Bite, $9 with code EARTH for a four-month supply (was $12)

No oral health routine is complete without the right toothbrush—and the Bite toothbrush was one of our picks during our lab and home test of the best toothbrushes. If you're looking to take an environmentally-friendly approach to your oral care routine, Bite's signature toothbrush is made of Moso bamboo, for a sturdy and plastic-free handle. If soft bristles are your speed, this brush uses bristles made with castor bean oil for a gentle brush, which we liked during our test.

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