Blnd Insight Tactics to Get Back on the Radar

Back on the Radar
Back on the Radar. Bryce Flynn/Getty Images

Sure, it’s scary losing your eyesight. It changes everything. I’ve been there too, facing the same prospect in my teen years.

What I know now and share here, are powerful strategies to help people focus on plotting a path towards their goals even with a visual impairment.

One of the most exciting aspects of being visually-impaired is that you are not also ‘blind’ to know how to be that magnetic beacon that can attract your desired outcomes in life.

It doesn’t matter what has triggered your loss of sight; it’s how you move right back into the radar to where you want to be that matters.

First, notice how we can use the words sight or vision. For most of us, these two words sound the same.

But, if we deliberately make the mental distinction that sight refers to our organ of sight, and the word ‘vision’ can also refer to having a clear internal view of a future goal, a mission, or taking a leap of imagination that gives us the confidence to see something working out in our lives — then this is the powerful distinction where ‘vision’ becomes our sneaky tactic to get back on the radar of life.

You have what you might call a ‘disability’ as a physical reality but this doesn’t make your thoughts and mindset disabled too — unless you lack vision and neglect useful insights!

Strategy 1: Say YES to Uncertainty

Courage grows within all of us as we say yes to the most challenging of opportunities.

Having the confidence to reach for the things you really want to achieve in your life doesn’t mean you are waiting for the ‘right’ time when fear leaves you alone, it means taking that nagging fear with you and doing it anyway.

Being willing to jump into life again is a brave leap of vision which is picked up by the radar of others.

Strategy 2:  Fake It Until You Make It

This is a very powerful way to train your thoughts and actions as your own life coach. Often we can stop our own progress because of negative self-talk.

You have to convince your hardest critic, yourself, especially now as sight fades before you can get others to recognize your full potential too. With internal vision, set your sights.

Try this: introduce yourself to that new person you want to make contact with. It might be pitching an idea across the Internet or a new job application.

Be upfront yet polite, interesting and creative. The main thing is placing yourself on their radar without being pushy. You just want to shine a spotlight on the fact that you exist and allow them to detect your presence.

Strategy 3: Keep your Vision Clear 

See how you can use your life-challenge to place your front and center of your aspirations. When you take a courageous leap into the unknown it’s a bit like placing an order with a company you have never dealt with before.

Do you call them up every five minutes to check that they got your message? No, as long as you sent a clear signal, you trust and expect: your vision remains clear.

Strategy 4: No Need to Track Your Progress

With courage you have put yourself on someone’s radar — now just wait.

Timing is everything. Get on with life and don’t languish in anxiety. The important thing you have already achieved is having faced your fears and taken a shot at that goal.​

The signal you sent out will either catch their attention or vanish off their screen. Time and providence will decide — or might even send you off in a totally other beneficial direction.

Strategy 5: Resetting Your Vision

If in time, you don’t get the response you were aiming for, it isn’t a mark of personal failure. It’s time to reset your vision.

At first, you will naturally feel disappointed but, when you can, see it like fine-tuning your goals. As in adjusting the dial on your radio, your purpose is to stay on the wavelength of life and not to allow disappointment to shut down your vision.

The next time you think you have missed an opportunity, turn it into your latest sneaky tactic by making incremental improvements as you adjust to being in the ‘right spot’ at the right time.

It really is a matter of trying again, being persistent and knowing that, sooner or later, you are bound to position yourself on the radar of those who will see you appear from out of the blue, and will wonder why on earth they hadn’t noticed you before.

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