Bones make up the skeletal system, helping to connect, support, and protect parts of our body. Explore how different bones look and work to keep us in tip-top shape every day.

Cranium and Skull
The Anatomy of the Cranium
Making sure he doesn't do further damage to his calf
The Medial Compartment of the Knee: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
finger / hand pain
Everything to Know About the Finger Joints
X-ray picture of the cervical spine of a man in two projections in full view and profile
Cervical Vertebrae: Anatomy, Function, and Rehabilitation
showing anterior nasal aperture - stock photo
Here’s What You Need to Know About the Vomer
Stapes, malleus, and incus
Incus: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Look at ligaments inside a leg
The Anatomy of Ligaments
Graphic showing the outer, middle, and inner ear.
Malleus: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Blue image showing an x-ray highlighting the lacrimal bone in front and profile views
Lacrimal Bone: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Auditory ossicles maleus, incus, and stapes
Anatomy of the Stapes
The middle ear - stock illustration
A Quick Overview of the Anatomy of the Ossicles
Maxilla bone forms upper jaw and houses the sinuses
Maxilla: The Jaw Bone
Photo of a boxer getting punched in the ribs.
Everything You Need to Know About the Ribs
Clavicle bone, illustration
Clavicle: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
scaphoid bone in the wrist
Anatomy of the Scaphoid Bone
doctor checking navicular bone
Anatomy of the Navicular Bone
X-ray picture of the cervical spine of a man in two projections in full view and profile
Cervical Rib: Anatomy, Location, and Treatment
x-ray image of shoulder pain
Pectoral Girdle: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Checking the patient's foot
Cuboid: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
physician examines male patients hand. He is checking the flexibility in the wrist and fingers.
Hamate: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Human Skeleton Skull Parts Sphenoid Bone Anatomy - stock photo
The Anatomy of the Sphenoid Bone
Side view of a human skull - stock photo
The Anatomy of the Temporal Bone
Dedicated African American female athlete running in the park.
The Anatomy of the Ischium
3d illustration of hip skeleton
Pubis: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Male Skull in Profile with Transparent Head on White Background
The Anatomy and Function of the Occipital Bone
skeleton in a classroom
The Four Types of Bone
Zygomatic Bone
Zygomatic Bone: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
close up senior woman massage on hand to relief pain from hard working for treatment about carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic illness health care concept
The Anatomy of the Trapezium
Sternum: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Radius bone, illustration
The Anatomy of the Radius
The Anatomy of the Ethmoid Bone
Radiologist Examining Chest X-Ray In Hospital
What Is a Floating Rib?
Scapula: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Flexing the elbow
The Anatomy of the Ulna
The Anatomy of the Humerus
Close up of a female nose.
The Anatomy of the Nasal Bone
The Anatomy of the Femur
The Anatomy of the Fibula
Doctor looking at xray of frontal bone
The Anatomy of the Frontal Bone
Doctor looking at X-ray of sacral vertebrae
The Importance of the Sacral Vertebrae
Closeup of a man's knee cap (patella)
The Anatomy of the Patella
Doctor looking at X-ray of human pelvis
The Anatomy of the Ilium
Dentist showing a patient an X-ray of the mandible
The Anatomy of the Mandible
Dentist taking an X-ray of a woman's mouth
The Anatomy of the Palatine Bone
Young woman blowing her nose
What Is Inferior Nasal Concha?
Closeup of a woman's heel while she's walking in running shoes
The Anatomy of the Heel Bone
Rear view of the male pelvis, sacrum and hip joints
The Anatomy of the Sacrum
Doctor looking at an X-ray of a human pelvis
The Anatomy of the Coccyx
3D Illustration of Spinal cord (Thoracic Vertebrae) a Part of Human Skeleton Anatomy
Explore the Anatomy of the Thoracic Spine
Hyoid bone and neck anatomy
The Hyoid Bone and Its Function and Location
Male back
This Body Part Is Responsible for All of Your Physical Activity
The Anatomy of the Talus
Doctor examining leg
The Anatomy of the Tibia
Sacroiliac joint seen from above.
Sacroiliac Joints of the Sacrum and Ilium

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