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Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Did your annual mammogram detect something suspicious? Diagnosing breast cancer includes additional imaging tests and biopsies. Learn what to expect along the process.
a woman checking herself for breast cancer
How to Check for Breast Cancer
Mammography, breast screening device in hospital laboratory of modern clinic.
What to Expect with a 3D Mammogram
Cropped photo of woman checking breast
Types of Breast Cancer
Nurse doing a mammogram to combine with a fast MRI
What to Know About a Fast MRI for Breast Cancer Screening
BRCA1 molecular model
Molecular Breast Imaging: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, Results
woman with breast cancer and pink bra with doctor checking x-ray looking for metastases
Stage 1 Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know
Nurse preparing patient for mammography
What Can You Expect in Stage 3 Breast Cancer?
scientist looking at stage 2 breast cancer tumor sample
Stage 2 Breast Cancer: What to Expect
childhood cancer patient thinking about breast cancer screening when she grows up
Breast Cancer Screening for Childhood Cancer Survivors
Radiologist reviewing results of patients mammogram
Breast Ultrasound vs. Mammography: Which Is Best?
23 & Me kit
At-Home Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer
female radiologist looking at breast
Is Stage 0 Breast Cancer Actually Cancer?
Female doctor consults patient with cancer
What It Means When Your Healthcare Provider Says You Have No Evidence of Disease
doctor palpating a patients abdomen
What Does It Mean When a Doctor "Palpates" Something?
Gynecology consultation
Hormone Receptor Status in Breast Cancer
Female doctor talking to her patient and adjusting her position to do a mammogram
How to Understand Your Mammogram BI-RADS Score
woman pointing to a breast mass that's a breast cancer tumor
Distinguishing Breast Cancer Tumors From Benign Masses
Breast Calcifications on a Mammogram
What Breast Calcifications Mean on Your Mammogram
A woman undergoing a mammogram
Where to Find Low-Cost or Free Mammograms
Importance of Mammary and Epithelial Cells With Cancer
Cross section biomedical illustration of fine needle aspiration of breast lump
What Is Fine Needle Aspiration for Breast Biopsy?
Front view of female breast anatomy with a lump present
Lymph Node Status and Breast Cancer
Breast X-Ray
Malignant Breast Cancer Treatments
ultrasound wand
How Elastrography Helps Diagnose Breast Cancer
Medical illustration of female breast, front and side view.
What is the Connection Between Areolas and Breast Cancer?
Female breast with internal anatomy including lymph nodes, alveoli, lobules ducts and muscle tissue
What Is Lymphoscintigraphy Imaging?
How Axillary Nodes Can Be Impacted by Breast Cancer
How Can a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Play Havoc with Your Emotions?
doctor explaining mammogram results to patient
Understanding Your Breast Tumor Size and Stage
Doctors preparing patient for MRI scan
How Safe Is Gadolinium for a Breast MRI?
physician looking at X-ray contemplating the difference between MRI and mammogram for breast cancer
Difference Between a Mammogram and a Breast MRI
Doctors examining x-ray
Using MRI for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Screening
Woman speaking with her doctor
What to Know About Stage 4 Breast Cancer
breast biopsy
What to Expect During a Sentinel Node Biopsy
ultrasound wand
Breast Imaging That's More Detailed Than a Mammogram
test tubes of blood looking for tumor markers with breast cancer
What to Expect From a Breast Cancer Tumor Marker Test
Mixed Race doctor talking to patient
Ductogram for Diagnosing Nipple Discharge
doctor looking at MRI results of tumors
How Tumor Grade Is Used to Stage Breast Cancer
doctor explaining mammogram results to female patient
What You Should Know About Your Mammogram
Nurse examining chest x-rays in hospital
When Is a Chest X-Ray Part of Breast Cancer Staging?
image of breast lump that needs a breast biopsy
Why a Breast Biopsy May Be Done
Genetic testing in a lab
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer
Woman getting mammogram, what do different findings look like in the pictures?
What Do Breasts Look Like on a Mammogram?
Doctor talking with patient in office
The Cancer Risk Associated With LCIS
breast cancer diagnosis
How Breast Cancer Is Diagnosed
gene mutation illustrating the non-BRCA gene mutations that raise breast cancer risk
Non-BRCA Mutations That Raise the Risk of Getting Breast Cancer