Budget-Beating Ideas for Your Home Medical Supply Needs


It can be expensive to manage a chronic health condition. A health care consumer, unaware of the ways to save money on purchasing their medical supplies, can break the budget.

Here are some ways to beat your budget, and stay ahead of the rising costs.

Check Out the Used and Reconditioned Medical Supply Market

Some medical supplies, of course, don't lend themselves to reuse. The nature of how they are used, perhaps disposable, perhaps under the skin or in the mouth, makes them dangerous to pass along and resell, even if they were cleaned.

There are, however, categories of medical equipment that lend themselves nicely to be reconditioned and resold, and for healthy savings below the cost of purchasing the new equivalent.

Mobility equipment is one such category. There are companies the buy used wheelchairs, scooters, and rollators, recondition them to make sure they perform well and then resell them for a discount. Here are some places to learn more about this market, and where on the internet you can go to examine each of these products before you buy.

You can even watch videos on YouTube, from the comfort of your home, that show you how a particular used model works. Take advantage of this tip before you plunk down the money to buy one. These are a great resource for you to make sure you're buying what you need.

Online Medical Supply Shopping Strategies

  1. Shopping online could include the big box chain stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, but don't forget the local and regional supply stores. Many of them have online stores and online ordering capability too.
  2. Pick an online medical supply store that can process your medical insurance. Some do, some don't. But know that there are some that do. Just because they are "online" doesn't mean they don't have the "live person" sophistication to process medical insurance.
  3. If you need to reorder your medical supplies on a regular basis, perhaps they are disposables, for example, then seek out a supplier that will send you automatic refills on the shipping date of your choice. Enter your credit card information with their system and they will auto bill you at the time of each shipment. There are two benefits to this system. First, you take your memory out of the picture. How many times have you forgotten to re-order something? When I do this, I typically realize it the day I need it. So then you have to place your order and go without for a few days while you wait. Second, these auto refill programs often give you a small discount when you sign up for the program. So why not save some money? You know you'll be making the purchase every month, so better to register once, and realize your savings every month.
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