A caregiver providing comfort to a cancer patient

Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Diet, lifestyle, and genetics can factor into your chances of getting cancer. Discover the most common causes of cancer and the changes you can make that may decrease your risk.
Grandmother with cancer holds grandchild or great-grandchild
Is Cancer Genetic?
oral DNA swab
What Is Genetic Testing for Cancer?
Female doctor in discussion with senior male patient and adult daughter in exam room - stock photo
Is Cancer Contagious?
Asian mother and child using a microwave oven
Can Microwaves Cause Cancer?
An ethnic senior woman battling cancer sits with her daughter on the couch
Adenocarcinoma: Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
Family shopping for cosmetics
Deodorants/Antiperspirants and Cancer
A doctor and cancer patient review test results.
Carcinoma: Types, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer: What's the Connection?
Does Asparagus Cause Cancer or Help Fight It?
Tobacco chewing pouches
Chewing Tobacco: What It Is, Carcinogens, Health Risks
Talcum powder
Does Talc Cause Cancer?
woman seasoning red meat
Red Meat and Cancer: What's the Connection?
UV lamp and chemicals for nails may increase cancer risk
Can Acrylic Nails Cause Cancer?
Business person uses Bluetooth earbuds
Do Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Cause Cancer?
Microwave popcorn bag
Is Microwave Popcorn a Risk for Cancer and Lung Disease?
gene mutation BRAF in cancer
BRAF Mutations: Meaning, Treatments, and Prognosis
Multi ethnic research team studying DNA mutations. Female doctor in foreground
Hereditary vs. Acquired Gene Mutations in Cancer
Cancer research laboratory, male scientist studied cells under the microscope
Cancer: Causes and Risk Factors
Chemotherapy Patient
Oncogenesis: The Process That Leads to Cancer
Close up of DNA samples in microcentrifuge tubes during an experiment in the laboratory with the DNA profile on the monitor screen.
What Is Loss of Heterozygosity and How Does It Affect Cancer?
Cancer patient in hospice care.
Genetic Predisposition to Cancer: Definition, Meaning, and Examples
Bone marrow cancer
Multiple Myeloma: Causes and Risk Factors
Close-up of person hand holding electronic cigarette
The Potential Health Hazards of Juuling for Adolescents
Lynch Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Woman getting cancer treatment
Oncogene: Role in Cancer, Types, and Examples
Stressed man at work
The Links Between Stress and Cancer
Woman cancer patient in the hospital
Health Disparities in HPV-Related Cancers
BRCA gene mutation as a cause of cancer
BRCA2 Gene Mutations and Cancer Risk in Men and Women
6 Viruses That Can Lead to Cancer
Highball on table
Types of Cancer Caused by Drinking Alcohol
Woman getting her hair dyed red
Can Hair-Coloring Products Hurt You or Cause Cancer?
Sugar Cubes
The Link Between Sugar and Cancer
A young cancer patient looking out the window
Ciba-Geigy and the Toms River Cancer Cluster Settlement
gene mutation illustrating the non-BRCA gene mutations that raise breast cancer risk
The p53 Gene and Its Role in Cancer
Cold Water Bottles on Ice
Can Freezing Plastic Water Bottles Cause Cancer?
A woman drinking a glass of iced water
Can Drinking Cold Water Cause Cancer?
Asbestos Removal
Risks From Asbestos Exposure and Safety Measures
woman getting a spray tan
Can Your Spray Tan Cause Cancer?
Can celiac disease cause cancer?
Celiac Disease and Cancer Risk
Close up of woman's red lips
Can Lead in Lipstick Cause Cancer?
girl getting the Cervical Cancer Vaccine
How Some Viruses Cause Cancer
USA, Utah, Orem, carpenter at work
Wood Dust Exposure and Lung Cancer Risk
Sarcoma cells
Heart Cancer: Understanding Cardiac Tumors
Packages of Splenda and Equal
Does Splenda (Sucralose) Increase Your Risk for Cancer?
Genetic testing in medical lab
Cancer Risk: Know Your Genetic Blueprint
Imaging evaluation is crucial in confirming a diagnosis
Developing Spinal Cord Compression From Cancer
cigarette being lit
Carcinogens: Substances That Cause Cancer... But How?