A caregiver providing comfort to a cancer patient

Living With Cancer

Each day may not always be easy, but small changes make a difference. Discover ways to help ease daily physical, psychological, and social challenges.
pH scale, alkaline water is an 8 or 9
Alkaline Water and Cancer
A woman with cancer is enjoying time with her friend.
Is Cancer a Chronic Disease?
Chronic Illness and Depression: What Is the Connection?
keto breakfast
Ketogenic Diet and Cancer
young bald woman thriving after cancer rehabilitation
Cancer Rehabilitation: Definition, Types, and Programs
Breaking Intermittent Fasting with Grilled Asparagus
Intermittent Fasting and Cancer
Woman with head scarf on looking out window
Overview of the Different Types of Cancer Pain
Acupuncture needles in a woman's back
Acupuncture for Cancer Benefits and Cautions
man and women doing yoga
Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients
Peripheral neuropathy can cause hand pain.
Peripheral Neuropathy From Cancer Chemotherapy
Woman with cancer getting one of the recommended immunizations
Recommended Immunizations During Cancer Treatment
Medicinal Marijuana
Can Marijuana Help My Cancer Treatment Side Effects?
washing vegetables is important on a neutropenic diet
Neutropenic Diet While on Chemotherapy: Safe Food Practices
Smiling female cancer patient listening to doctor prescribing prescription medication in clinic examination room
How to Advocate for Yourself as a Cancer Patient
Intravenous cancer treatment
What Is It Really Like to Have Cancer?
Romantic couple at a dinner party
When to Tell Someone You're Dating You Have Cancer
Head scarf, one option for a head cover during chemotherapy
Head Covers for Hair Loss From Chemotherapy
Cancer patient cuddles with dog
Should Cancer Patients Keep Their Pets?
Woman with sick child
Travel Tips for Cancer Patients - Traveling With Cancer
Doctor Pleased With Elderly Couple's Test Results
What Progression-Free Survival Means After Cancer
worried patient and wife
When Cancer Affects Your Marriage
Fatigued woman working in cafe
How to Deal With Cancer Fatigue
Woman in bed in the dark
Insomnia Causes and Treatment for People With Cancer
Doctor checking senior mans back in examination room
When Alzheimers and Cancer Collide
Man washing his face with tap water
Prevent and Treat Acne Caused by Cancer Treatment
Woman undergoing alternative therapy treatment, therapist's hands over woman's head
Benefits of Reiki During Cancer Treatment
Chicken soup in plate with spoon on napkin, close up
Make Meals Ahead of Time Before Starting Chemotherapy
Doctor discussing with patient
10 Tips for Traveling During Chemotherapy
Woman cooking in kitchen with cookbook.
The 5 Best Cookbooks for People With Cancer of 2021
Using a smartphone
Useful iOS and Android Apps for People With Cancer
thoughtful man
Can Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) Beat Cancer?
painted handicap sign in the big island of hawaii
How to Get Handicapped Parking Pass During Chemotherapy
African American woman smiling in park
Basic Cancer Survival Statistics
a patient receiving chemotherapy treatment
Driving Yourself After Chemotherapy
Young lesbian couple lying on bed reading smartphone texts ''
Using Vaginal Estrogen During Chemotherapy
Homeopathic medicine and herbs
Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer
Couple toasting with wine in cafe
Can I Drink Alcohol During Cancer Treatment?
Nurse taking blood from patient in hospital
What Makes Cancer Patients Eligible for Blood Donation?
Woman standing outside in the sun
Sun Safety After Cancer Treatment
Elderly woman fatigue
How You Can Fight Cancer Fatigue
Woman wearing a head scarf laying on a couch
Is Marinol a Good Alternative to Medicinal Marijuana?
Interior Of An Airplane
Flying With Cancer: Tips, Cautions, and Considerations
mother hugging young sons
How to Tell Your Children You Have Cancer
doctor writing on a form
Traveling with Cancer: Tips, Safety, and Precautions