Wheat products that are forbidden

Celiac Disease Diagnosis

To diagnose celiac disease, your doctor may order blood tests, an endoscopy, and a small intestine biopsy. Learn about what to expect and how to prepare.
woman with celiac disease talking to doctor
Do More Women Get Celiac Disease Than Men?
older people can get celiac disease
Even Older People Can Get Celiac Disease
doctor looking at vial of blood
6 Blood Tests Used to Screen Celiac Disease
gluten-free cookies
Why You Need to Eat Gluten for Celiac Disease Testing
A hand with dermatitis herpetiformis
How to Find out for Sure If Your Itchy Rash Is Caused by Gluten
pregnant woman by window
Pregnant? Learn Whether This Can Trigger Celiac Disease
Male patient and doctor in discussion in exam room
What Kind of Healthcare Provider Treats Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity?
DNA test results on a computer screen
Are You at Risk for Celiac? Your Genes Will Tell You
Man looking at vial of blood
Conditions the AGA-IgG Blood Test Can Diagnose
Doctor communicating to celiac disease patient.
Research Remains Concerning About Celiac Disease and Death
Gluten free bread ingredients and utensils on wood frame background
The 5 Different Kinds of Gluten Allergies
Doctor examining the abdomen of a teenage girl by palpation.
8 Questions to Ask After Your Celiac Disease Diagnosis
Woman reading nutritional label on container at grocery store
Potential Complications of a New Celiac Disease Diagnosis
Celiac Disease Gene
Do You Need to Go Gluten-Free If You Have the Celiac Disease Gene?
camera in pill capsule
How Capsule Endoscopy Is Used to Diagnose Digestive Disease
IgA antibody
Selective IgA Deficiency and the Blood Test to Detect It
family members
My Close Relative Has Celiac Disease. Should I Be Tested Too?
Man stressed out clutching his head
Can Stress Actually Trigger Celiac Disease?
woman in stomach pain
What to Know About Wheat Allergy
healthy intestinal villi
Recovery of Digestive System After Celiac Disease May Take Some Time
Sliced wheat bread and strawberry jam jar
So You've Been Asked to Do a Gluten Challenge - What's Involved?
Doctor talking with man about celiac disease
What to Expect from Your Endoscopy to Diagnose Celiac Disease
Senior female patient listening to doctor after check up in exam room
What Exactly Do the Terms Incidence and Prevalence Mean?