Wheat products that are forbidden

Conditions Related to Celiac Disease

Celiac disease can raise your risk for certain disorders and shares symptoms with other conditions. Learn more about related diseases and complications.
Woman with hair loss in her hand
The Connection Between Celiac Disease and Hair Loss
Dermatology exam
Learn How Dermatitis Herpetiformis and Celiac Disease Are Linked
autistic boy playing with blocks
Is There a Connection Between Celiac Disease, Gluten, and Autism?
Tums, anti-diarrhea tablets, and colace
Gluten-Free Medications for Diarrhea, Constipation, and Heartburn
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Does Celiac Disease Increase or Decrease the Risk of Colon Cancer?
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Why Untreated Celiac Disease Can Cause Malnutrition
doctor giving pregnant patient ultrasound
Celiac Disease and Pregnancy Problems Often Go Hand in Hand
women's gynecologic history
Can Celiac Disease Cause Skipped Periods?
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Links Between Celiac Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
Close-Up Of Fresh Wheat Plants In Field
Undiagnosed Celiac Disease May Be Linked to Miscarriage
Young boy preparing to use an inhaler
Could Your Asthma Be Linked to Your Celiac Disease?
Maybe Celiac Disease Is to Blame for Your Early Menopause
man with stomach pain
Does Celiac Disease Raise Your Risk for SIBO?
Can celiac disease cause cancer?
Learn How Celiac Disease Affects Your Risk of Cancer
Celiac may increase your COPD risk
Higher Risks for Breathing Problems From COPD With Celiac Disease
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How Does Having Celiac Disease Affect Risk for Metabolic Syndrome?
A loaf of sliced gluten-free bread on a floured table
Can Following a Gluten-Free Diet Lower Your Risk of Lymphoma?
Medical consultation Doctor examining elbow's woman.
Can My Itchy Gluten Rash Go Into Remission?
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Could a Gluten-Free Diet Help You Get a Good Night's Sleep?
Fresh Sliced whole grain loaf of bread
Do You Have Numbness and Pins and Needles? It May Be Due to Gluten
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Is Celiac Disease Why You Can't Get Pregnant?
medical form with epilepsy seizures box checked
High Rates of Epilepsy With Celiac Disease Suggests a Link
Man kneading dough
The Link Between Gluten, Celiac Disease, and Psoriasis
doctor examining abdomen of patient
Can the Gluten-Free Diet Help Treat Your Crohn's Disease or Colitis?
Gluten free brownies on a plate
Why Many People With Celiac Disease Have Sjogren's Syndrome
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Celiac Disease May Be Linked to Infertility in Men, Too
Osteoporosis screening
Is Osteoporosis Common in People With Celiac Disease?
Is There a Higher Risk of Heart Disease When You Have Celiac?
nurse preparing hepatitis b vaccine
How Celiac Disease Makes the Hepatitis B Vaccine Less Effective