The 4 Best Chair Aids of 2021

For an easy lift, straight from your seat.

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Getting from sit to stand is something most people don't think twice about. If you have arthritis though, you likely know how that simple motion is made difficult. It's a very real problem for people with arthritis, but there are very real solutions, too.

There are assistive devices that can make up for certain physical limitations. Strengthening your muscles is essential, too, but chair aids may help eliminate some of the stress and strain on your joints when you go from sit to stand. Chair aids can raise the height of your seat to make getting up easier, or they physically lift you up. Let's look at some options.

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Duro-Med DMI Foam Seat and Wheelchair Cushion with Cover

A 4-inch wheelchair cushion can be placed on any chair or sofa seat to raise you up, making it easier to go from sit to stand. A few additional inches will position your buttocks higher than your knee level—and that's the ticket to getting up more easily.

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Carex Upeasy Seat Assist

Up Easy

It's a manual lifting cushion. How does it work? To rise, you start to get up by leaning forward slightly. Push off with your arms and the lifting cushion will start to lift and assist. It's portable, so it can be used on several different chairs and taken with you when visiting other people's homes.

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Lumex LF2020 Sit-to-Stand Battery-Powered Patient Lift


The Lumex sit-to-stand lift is made of heavy-gauge steel. The mechanism is electric and it is designed to provide quick, safe assistance to those who are unable to stand.

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Stander Recliner Risers

The recliner risers raise the height of your chair to make it easier to go from sit to stand, or the reverse. Install easily with wooden screws which are provided. The risers blend in well with an existing chair.

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