Charlotte Gerber


Charlotte started her career in the field of criminology, but was forced to make a change when she suddenly became disabled in 2004. Since then she has made a career of educating the public about various diseases and disabilities on the Internet.


Charlotte has over 5 years’ experience working as a counselor. In college she worked with a local home for runaway teens, as an intern at the Franklin County Probation Office, and was an editor and columnist for three years on’s Teens channel. In addition, she was the webmaster of Lupus4You.


Charlotte holds a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York at Saratoga Springs, where she majored in Community and Human Services. She studied criminology and psychology at the Ohio State University in Columbus for three years before relocating to her current home in New York.

A Word From Charlotte Gerber

The day I was diagnosed with several disabling diseases I was relieved because I finally knew what was wrong with me, but at the same time terrified because I knew it meant big changes were ahead. I want to let other disabled people know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It took me a few years to adjust to these changes, but with perseverance I’ve overcome many of the obstacles that have stood in my way. I’ve found happiness despite the many challenges, and you can too.

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