A caregiver providing comfort to a cancer patient

Chemotherapy for Cancer

Chemotherapy is a treatment used to attack rapidly-growing cancer cells. Learn why it is used, what to expect when it is administered, and how to cope with the side effects.
Doctor comforts patient with neutropenic sepsis
Understanding Neutropenic Sepsis
Two people taking neutropenic precautions with masks and hand sanitizer
What Are Neutropenic Precautions?
Examining a baby's eyes
Intravitreal Chemotherapy: How This Eye-Sparing Approach Works
Person being treated with chemotherapy in hospital bed talking to doctor
What Is Neutropenic Fever?
Woman undergoing chemotherapy for cancer sits outdoors
Can Cancer Spread During Chemo?
Oncology patient in the hospital - stock photo
What Is "Chemo Fever"?
Oncology patient
An Overview of What Happens During Chemotherapy
woman shopping for pads
What Happens to Your Period After Chemo?
a sick woman blowing her nose
What If You Get a Cold During Chemo?
Senior asian female cancer patient wearing mask talking to doctor
When Is Chemotherapy Not Recommended?
Cancer patient sleeps in bed - stock photo Taken from foot of bed
How to Boost Your White Blood Cells During Chemotherapy
An Oncology Patient Rests While Receiving Intravenous Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Side Effects: What to Expect
Virtual doctor appointment for cancer patient at home - stock photo
What Is Oral Chemotherapy?
Tumor Lysis Syndrome Is a Cancer Emergency
Getting an infusion
Kyprolis: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, & Precautions
Hair brush with loose strands of hair
Scalp Cooling: Preventing Hair Loss From Chemotherapy
Young woman receiving chemotherapy, elevated view
Ways to Reduce Infection Risk During Chemotherapy
A man putting toothpaste on his toothbrush
How Can You Cope With Mouth Sores From Chemotherapy
Balding woman fighting breast cancer outdoors looking off camera.
Coping With Hair Loss During Chemotherapy
woman wearing head scarf after chemo
Can You Prevent Hair Loss From Chemotherapy?
hand of patient to saline healthcare medical
Coping and Prevention of Skin Problems During Chemotherapy
Is There Anything I Can Do About Acid Reflux During Chemotherapy?
Intravenous cancer treatment
Dosage and Side Effects of Adrucil (Fluorouracil)
little girl who is neutropenic due to chemotherapy
What Should I Know About Neutropenia During Chemotherapy?
Cancer patient laying in her hospital bed
How to Deal With Taste Changes Caused by Chemotherapy
Lonely old asian patient on patient bed in hospital
What to Do if Food Loses Its Flavor During Chemotherapy
Woman with bitter taste in her mouth
Dealing With a Metallic Taste During Chemotherapy
nurse and patient discussing palliative chemotherapy
What Is Palliative Chemotherapy?
Tote and list of what to bring to chemo
The Essentials List of What to Pack for Chemotherapy
Person standing on scale
Will I Lose Weight During Chemotherapy?
washing vegetables is important on a neutropenic diet
The Neutropenic Diet for Chemotherapy
Torn packaging of wrapper containing a condom
Why You Should Use Condoms When You're Going Through Chemo
Finding comfort in his arms
Dealing With Low Sex Drive During Cancer Treatment
foot massage
Benefits of Undergoing a Massage During Chemotherapy
Ambulatory chemotherapy
Deep Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism During Chemotherapy
Blood in human urine in sample pot
Is it Normal to Have Red Urine After Chemotherapy?
A bag of chemotherapy drugs.
What Is Extravasation During Chemotherapy?
Female cancer survivor with shaved head looking at remote rural view
How to Take Care of Yourself When You Lose Your Hair During Chemo
Young man receiving a non-tunneled central venous catheter.
How a Tunneled Central Line Gives Long-Term Access to Your Bloodstream
A woman washing her hands
The Best Ways to Safely Handle Fluids and Waste After Chemotherapy
chemotherapy infusion clinic. is Neulasta or Neuopogen better?
Neulasta vs. Neupogen for Chemotherapy: Which Is Best?
Woman in underwear.
Will I Lose My Pubic Hair With Chemotherapy?
Woman sitting at the edge of a pool with sun hat on
Why Cancer Treatment May Raise Your Risk of a Sunburn
Woman using cream
7 Ways to Manage Dry Skin During Chemotherapy
Portrait of a young African American Woman with Cancer
Fears About Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy
fried egg
How to Deal With Chemo's Food Challenges
person getting lumbar puncture
Reasons for Intrathecal Chemotherapy and Possible Side Effects
Patient recieving chemotherapy talking to doctor
How Central Venous Catheters Are Used in Chemotherapy
tanning bed
Find out If It Is Safe to Get a Suntan During Chemotherapy
Young woman sing triple mix for mouth sores from chemotherapy
How to Relieve Pain of Mucositis With Triple Mix
Woman about to start chemotherapy
Discover If You Should Expect Any Pain During Chemotherapy Treatment
Woman vomiting into bucket from bed
Why Chemotherapy Causes Nausea and Vomiting
woman with IV for receiving combination chemotherapy
What Does the Term Combination Chemotherapy Mean?
lab technician drawing blood to test for low platelets during chemotherapy
What Happens if I Have Low Platelets During Chemotherapy?
Young Man Receiving Chemotherapy at home.
Are You Getting Dehydrated During Chemotherapy?
Red and white blood cells
Nadir Happens During Chemotherapy, but Why?
cancer survivor with chemo curls
Tips for Caring For and Styling Your Chemo Curls
A white blood cell.
What Is Immunosuppression and How Is It Treated?
Adderall pills
Can Adderall Help Patients Suffering from Chemobrain?
Wigs in store window
How to Get Free Headgear During Chemotherapy

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