Chip Carter


Chip Carter is a writer/photographer and video producer/director/host who has spent more than 20 years in the national multimedia. You can see more of his work here.


Formerly a syndicated columnist with The Chicago Tribune, an AOL contributor and a Washington Post columnist, since 2009 Chip has been Southeastern Editor of The Produce News, a 115-year-old trade publication covering the fresh produce industry. His byline has appeared in more than 200 publications around the world. He covers the Southeast and beyond from Tampa, FL, where he has lived since 1993. A constant traveler, Chip may be in the fields and packinghouses of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas one week and visiting the ports of the Delaware River (where much of the nation's supply of imported fruit and vegetables arrives) in that state, Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey the next.

A Word From Chip Carter

I get to talk to everybody involved in agriculture practically every day, not just the farmers and shippers. People talk about a "farm to fork" approach to food -- mine goes from laboratory to legislature and everything between, whether I'm in the research facilities of land grant institutions like the University of Florida or dealing with policymakers on Capitol Hill. One of my grandfathers was a gentleman farmer and small-town mayor, the other was a sharecropper. I grew up in small agricultural communities in Georgia and learned the industry firsthand, reluctantly working a two-acre plot -- called a 'garden' by local farmers -- that provided much of what our family ate. Born with two brown thumbs, I left the country for the city as soon as I could, where I found I could actually make a living writing about people who work.

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