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Nutrition and High Cholesterol Management

Changing your diet has the biggest impact on your cholesterol. Learn which foods to limit and discover the many delicious foods you should start enjoying.
Colorful salad in a bowl on the table
The Basics of a Lipid-Lowering Diet
Smoothie in blender
Sample Low Cholesterol 1,200-Calorie Meal Plan
Foods High in Unsaturated Fats to Lower Cholesterol
Espresso shot on a table
Can Coffee Lower Your Cholesterol?
Salmon Grilled on Cedar Planks
How to Eat if You Have High Cholesterol and Diabetes
Almonds in a bowl
Can Almonds Lower Cholesterol?
Man with a handful of chickepeas
Can Chickpeas Lower Cholesterol?
Assorted cheese
The Role of Cheese in a Diet for Heart Health
woman holding deep friend chicken drumstick
Which Foods Are High in Trans Fats?
Handfuls of wholesome goodness
Sample Low-Cholesterol 2,000-Calorie Meal Plan
Can Eating Walnuts Help Lower Your Cholesterol?
A crate of fruits and vegetables.
Using the DASH Diet to Help Lower Your Cholesterol
High Angle View Of Fenugreek Seeds On Vintage Spoon At Table
Can Fenugreek Lower Your Cholesterol?
woman cooking with cookbook
Top 5 Low-Cholesterol Cookbook Picks
Breakfast bowl of porridge with honey on wood
How Beta-Glucan Impacts Your Lipids
Chia seeds
Chia Seeds Effect on Cholesterol
Shrimp and scallop on a white plate
Shrimp and Scallops as Part of a Low-Cholesterol Diet
Extreme close up of an eryngi mushroom
Can Taking Selenium Influence Lipid Levels?
How to Tell If Foods Are Low or High Cholesterol
A woman holding her calcium supplements
How Calcium Can Lower Your Cholesterol
Macadamia nuts in bowl over black background.
Macadamia Nuts Can Vastly Improve Your Lipid Counts
mango papaya pineapple banana
Sample Low Cholesterol Caribbean Meal Plan
berry banana smoothie
1200-Calorie No-Cook Low-Cholesterol Meal Plan
Peanuts in a bowl
Does Arginine Lower Cholesterol Levels?
Steel cut oatmeal
Lower Your Cholesterol With Steel-Cut Oatmeal
A can of food on its side on the table
What Low Saturated or Reduced Fat Really Means
plate with salmon, asparagus, and mixed greens
Using the TLC Diet to Lower Your Lipids
Salmon with citrus and vegetables
Omega-3s, Fish, and Mercury in the Diet
Chicken breasts on the grill
5 Tips for Eating Meat on a Lipid-Lowering Diet
Fresh Turmeric and powder on wood
Turmeric for Cholesterol: Benefits, Side Effects, and Preparations
Nuts in woman hands
Foods High in Phytosterols May Help Lower Your Cholesterol
Woman grocery shopping in store supermarket aisle - stock photo
Can You Eat Eggs When Watching Your Cholesterol
Woman seasoning beef on the BBQ
How to Incorporate Red Meat Into a Low-Cholesterol Diet
bowl of berries on a wooden table
How Soluble Fiber Lowers Blood Cholesterol
Woman's hands chopping up vegetables in kitchen
Can Mushrooms Lower Your Triglyceride Levels?
Berries and Oats
How Oatmeal Lowers Cholesterol for Heart Health