Which Cities Have the Most Medical Sales Jobs?

A study finds that medical sales job cluster in the U.S.

Medical sales jobs are available throughout the United States, but like any job, the demand for medical sales reps varies from city to city. Whether you are seeking a role in pharmaceutical salesdevice sales, or any other type of medical sales, it may help to know which cities have the highest demand for medical sales reps, and which have the least amount of competition, when you are pursuing a medical sales job.

A 2015 study, compiled by MedReps.com, a job board focused on medical sales jobs and pharmaceutical sales jobs, pointed to the best places in the country to look for medical sales jobs. The data showed which cities had the best job-to-candidate ratios, which areas had the most open positions, and which cities typically paid the most for medical sales jobs.

Some key points from the data at the time it was published include:

  • San Francisco had the best job to candidate ratio, with 1.85 jobs per candidate
  • New York City had the highest number of open medical sales jobs
  • Medical sales jobs paid the most in Phoenix, where the average annual salary is $178,407
  • San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Seattle, and Washington D.C. are the cities with the top five job-per-candidate ratios. That makes these cities the best areas for job seekers who are interested in medical sales jobs. The market is more favorable for candidates in those areas.

Check out the full infographic to see the best places to search for medical sales jobs.

Best Pay for Medical Sales Reps by City

Which cities pay their medical sales reps the most money on average? The data from the study found these figures.

  • At the time of the analysis (Fall of 2015), New York City has the most openings for medical sales reps -- 651, to be exact. It may not be a cause or an effect, but New York was the third-lowest in average pay for medical sales at that time, just under $140,000. Raleigh and Baltimore round out the bottom three, each between $137,000 and $140,000.
  • Dallas has one of the most competitive job markets, with nearly twice as many medical sales candidates as there are jobs. It may be desirable as the pay is the sixth-highest at an average of over $153,000.
  • Phoenix pays its medical sales professionals the most, with an average compensation of $178,407. It was followed by Los Angeles and Detroit in the top three, all over $165,000 on average.
  • For medical sales reps, Chicago is the place to be, with plenty of medical sales opportunities and a cost of living that’s below the national average. Their average pay falls in the middle of the range at just under $149,000 per year.

These trends may persist or the landscape may change in coming years. 

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