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Cold and Flu

The common cold and flu can both make you feel miserable. Learn to distinguish the two, treat them accordingly, and practice future prevention tactics.
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Mucinex (Guaifenesin) Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages
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Trying to avoid flu? Knowing how it spreads can help.
Man with cold or flu takes his temperature
What Is Type B Influenza?
Woman sick with the flu
Is the Flu a Virus or Bacteria?
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How Deadly Is the Flu?
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What Is Smoker’s Flu?
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Home Remedies for Chest Congestion
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Mono vs. Flu: Comparing Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
Employee Benefits Flu Season
The Difference Between Cold and Flu
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Signs and Symptoms of the Common Cold
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Causes and Risk Factors of Colds
Mother measuring temperature of her sick daughter with thermometer
How Colds and the Flu Are Diagnosed
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When Is Common Cold Season?
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Getting the Common Cold When You're Pregnant
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The Start, Peak, and End of Flu Season
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Should You Avoid Dairy When You Have a Cold?
Do Anti-Viral Tissues Really Work?
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Should You Treat a Summer Cold Differently Than a Winter Cold?
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How Germs Are Transmitted
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What Your Body Does When You Catch a Cold
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Bacterial Infections
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How to Decide If You Should Call in Sick
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How Long Is a Cold Contagious?
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Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?
Sick pug at vet
Is Your Pet Making You Sick?
Flu shot for the masses
What Is the Difference Between a Flu Epidemic and a Flu Pandemic?
Breastfeeding Mom
Should Nursing Mothers Breastfeed While Sick?
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Why Do You Get a Headache When You Have a Cold?
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Can Sinus Infection Mimic Tooth Pain?
Flu Symptoms in Children
A List of Early Flu Symptoms to Watch out for in Children
Various nuts, fruits, vegetables, and fish
5 Food Nutrients to Supercharge Your Immune System
A healthcare provider gives a vaccine to a young girl in a mask.
Breakdown of What’s in the Flu Shot
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What Are the Facts About the Flu Shot?
Older woman receiving a vaccine shot
Flu Shots for People Age 65 and Over
Woman getting a flu shot
What to Know About Flu Vaccine Effectiveness
The flu vaccine protects you from the flu
Options for Flu Vaccines
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What to Know About Getting a Flu Shot During Pregnancy
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How to Prepare for a Pandemic
Airborne Illness
Airborne Viruses: An Overview
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Tips for Visiting Family With a Chronic Illness
Flu patch
Could a Flu Patch Mean the End of Flu Shots?
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Understanding the Main Problems With Antibacterial Soap
Doctor giving young girl flu shot
Quick Flu Shot Facts Everyone Should Know
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Who Should Not Get Flu Shots
Young man smiles in relief at pharmacist after flu vaccination
You Can Get a Flu Vaccine Without a Needle or a Nose Spray
Woman blowing her nose.
Why Isn't There a Vaccine for the Common Cold?
Boy getting flu shot
Common Side Effects of the Flu Shot
Flu shot
Can I Get A Flu Shot While Sick?
Man lying down with headache
Can You Really Get the Flu From a Flu Shot?
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Covering Your Cough Stops the Spread of Germ and Illness
Does an Onion in the Room Stop a Cold or Flu?
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How to Use Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Prevention
Woman getting flu shot at pharmacy.
Why You May Still Get Sick After a Flu Shot
Vaccine vial
Is a Preservative-Free Flu Shot Safer?
Woman receiving a vaccine.
How Long Does a Flu Shot Last?
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Do You Really Need to Replace Your Toothbrush After Being Sick?
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Simple Tips to Prevent Catching the Cold or Flu
Mother and Father with Sick Child.
Follow These Tips to Help You Stay Healthy When Your Family Is Sick
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How Flu Shots Work and Why They Sometimes Don't
airborne tablets
Can Airborne Really Help Prevent Colds and Flu?