Colleges That Offer Adaptive Sports Programs

Colleges that are trying to attract those with disabilities are recognizing a need for offering adaptive sports programs as part of a well-rounded academic experience for their students.

Adaptive sports programs are intended for individuals who utilize a wheelchair, or other ambulatory devices, during participation in a particular sport. Adaptive sports provide athletes with a feeling of accomplishment, fortitude, teamwork, and determination. They also help participating individuals lead healthier lives. There are several colleges throughout the country that offer adaptive sports programs for their students.

Alabama - University of Alabama

Wheelchair basketball players
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The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers men's and women's wheelchair basketball, tennis, adapted golf, and rowing.

Arizona - University of Arizona

The University of Arizona's Adaptive Athletics department offers men's and women's wheelchair basketball, handcycling, golf, quad rugby, tennis, and track and road racing.

Illinois - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne offers men's and women's wheelchair basketball, wheelchair track, and summer camps to develop wheelchair sports.

Missouri - University of Missouri

The University of Missouri offers men's wheelchair basketball. The athletics department offers these players a private team fitness room.

Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University offers men's wheelchair basketball and will assist disabled students to venture into other intramural sports.​​

Oklahoma - University of Central Oklahoma

The University of Central Oklahoma has the Military Sports Program, which introduces injured soldiers to a wide variety of Paralympic sports. It also has the Endeavor Games, which allows disabled individuals of all ability levels to participate in a multi-sport event.

Oregon - University of Oregon

The University of Oregon has an Adaptive Sports Club, and members compete on the UO Adaptive Track Team.

Pennsylvania - Edinboro University

Edinboro University offers men's wheelchair basketball; the team is known as the Fighting Scots.

Pennsylvania - Penn State University

Penn State University has a co-ed wheelchair basketball team. They have an active Ability Sports program offering a variety of other sports to disabled students.

Texas - University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington offers wheelchair basketball for men, known as the Movin' Mavs. Full athletic scholarships are offered to team players.

Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

The University of Wisconsin at Whitewater offers men's and women's wheelchair basketball.

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