Common Allergy Treatments

From antihistamines to hydrocortisone to allergy shots, learn about your options for treating allergies. Get the information you need to take an active role in your care.
Man talking with doctor
Recovering From Nasal Polyps Surgery
The 9 Best Dehumidifiers of 2022
Female doctor examining patient. Medical professional checking woman's back with stethoscope in clinic.
How Does Prednisone Affect Heart Rate?
Woman sneezing in park with flowers in other hand
What to Know About Diphenhydramine
Atarax can be used for anxiety, nausea, itching, or sedation
Atarax: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Precautions
Epinephrine autoinjector
What Is Epinephrine?
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Risks and Benefits of Promethazine
A man's legs covered in an allergic reaction
Benefits and Side Effects of Treating Hives or Allergies With Zyrtec
Woman suffering from seasonal allergies
Allergy Drug Facts for Zetonna
A sick man blowing his nose on the couch
What to Do If Your Allergy Drugs Stop Working
Young pregnant business woman blowing her nose.
Safety of Antihistamines During Pregnancy
pregnant woman eating.
How to Treat Allergies During Pregnancy
A woman outside using allergy nasal spray
Capsaicin for Nasal Symptoms
Epinephrine Injection
Can You Be Allergic to Epinephrine?
Hands of acupuncture therapist inserting a needle
Acupuncture, Herbal Medicines, and Homeopathy Can Help Your Asthma
Claritin (Loratadine) Uses and Side Effects
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The Truth About Side Effects of Corticosteroids
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Should You Use Singulair to Treat Your Allergies?
A man with asthma using his inhaler
Learn the Side Effects of Asthma Inhalers That You May Not Know About
A patient is using a nasal spray
The Best Medications to Treat Allergies
Woman getting a shot.
Are Steroid Shots for Allergy Symptom Control Actually Effective?
A Child Using Advair
Does Advair Still Have a FDA Black Box Warning?
Woman applying pomade on her elbow.
What You Should Know About Elidel and Protopic
a woman blowing her nose.
What to Know About Zyrtec, Plus the Drug Warnings and Side Effects
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Should You Be Taking Claritin, Zyrtec, or Allegra?
How Antihistamines Work and How to Use Them
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How to Save Money on Cheap Allergy Medicine
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Learn How Using Hydrocortisone Cream Can Help Itchy Skin Rashes
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Using Over-the-Counter Medication for Your Allergy Symptoms
Small boy with inhaler
Is Albuterol Your Best Option for Asthma Treatment?
Woman sitting at table with allergies
Do You Need Prescription Medications for Allergy Relief?
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Benadry: Side Effects and Cautions
Woman preparing epipen for wasp sting
Should You Use an Expired EpiPen?
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Are Your Allergy Meds Causing You to Gain Weight?
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Benefits and Side Effects of Treating Your Allergies With Hydroxyzine
Does Acupuncture Work for Allergies?
Child receiving shot from his doctor
Understanding If Allergy Shots Are Painful
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Oralair, Grastek, and Ragwitek for Grass and Ragweed Pollen Allergy
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Which Allergy Medicines Can You Buy Without a Prescription?
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Are Allergy Shots OK During Pregnancy?
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The Best Ways to Manage Allergies With Natural Remedies
Alternative Healthcare Worker Dropping CBD Oil on Patient's Tongue
How Sublingual Immunotherapy Works
Antihistamines in blister pack
Do You Take an Antihistamine for Your Nasal Allergies?
Vial for allergy shot
Immunotherapy: How Allergy Shots Work
Young woman in spring, hay fever.
Comparison of Allergy Drops and Allergy Shots
Man sitting in front of his computer in an office rubbing his eyes
How to Use Allergy Eye Drops Safely
Mid-adult man inhaling asthma inhaler, close-up
What You should Know About Generic Asthma Inhalers
Doctor giving toddler girl a shot
Why Steroid Shots to Treat Allergies Aren't Always the Best Choice
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Medications That Can Worsen Asthma
woman holding cough syrup on a spoon, taking it to improve hostile cervical mucus
Should I Take Benadryl to Treat a Cold or Allergy?
Woman pouring honey on a piece of bread.
Can Honey Help Treat Allergy Symptoms?
Glasses of orange juice, grapefruit juice and multivitamine juice, juice squeezer and fruits on wood
Why Don't Allegra and Fruit Juice Mix?
A pharmacist helps a mature customer learn how to take her prescription medication.
Generic Versions of Allergy Medicines
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How to Safely Apply Topical Steroid Creams to Your Face
Pregnant woman having cold
Should You Take Allergy Medicines While Pregnant?
Woman using nasal spray for controlling rhinitis
How Ciclesonide or Omnaris Can Help Treat Allergic Rhinitis
Female nurse filling syringe
Rapid Build-Up Allergy Shots for Immunotherapy
Doctor showing pregnant woman a peak flow meter
What You Need to Know about Asthma During Pregnancy
Doctor administering shot in the arm
Options to Consider Before Starting Immunotherapy for Your Allergies
a doctor helps a young patient use an inhaler
Is Xopenex (Levalbuterol) Better Than Albuterol?