Compare 5 Brands of Sweat-Wicking Pajamas

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Wicking sleepwear was designed to give you a good night's sleep, despite hot flashes and night sweats. Your night sweats could be caused by breast cancer treatment, pregnancy, inflammatory bowel disease, HIV, Crohn's disease, menopause, or other conditions. No matter the cause, you know that night sweats can break up a good night's sleep, leaving you damp, freezing, and restless. Your sleepwear, as well as your bedding, can get wet, making a return to dreamland only a distant possibility.

Wicking Sleepwear to the Rescue

Wicking sleepwear claims to remedy sleep disruptions caused by night sweats with the use of high-performance fabrics that dry your skin and move moisture away. Many companies make wicking sleepwear, using proprietary fabrics that compete to be your sleepwear solution.

Wicking Sleepwear Solutions

As you read over the product reviews and the comparison table, consider which points are important to you: price, wicking ability, texture, construction, style, and fit. Then choose the type of wicking sleepwear that meets your needs. These are the brands of pajamas compared in the table:

  • CoolJams
  • DryDreams
  • Dreamsacks
  • Fishers Finery
  • SleepyTime

Wicking Sleepwear Product Comparison



Dreamsacks Fishers Finery SleepyTime
Wicks Away Moisture,
Stays Cool
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fabric Texture Silky Cotton Silky Silky Cotton Cotton Smooth
Fabric Content Polyester microfiber Micropolyester Bamboo Bamboo, organic cotton, and spandex Bamboo and spandex
Sizes Available S-M-L-XL XS to XXXL S-M-L-XL XS to XXL S-M-L-XL
Colors Solids Solids Solids Solids Black
Styling Classic Comfort Classic Roomy Flattering Flattering Two-piece pajama outfit
Fits Properly Yes Loose Snug* Yes Yes
Product Extras Washing Bag N/A

Fair Trade

Ecologically Friendly

Menswear Available Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Linens Available Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Company Outreach Supports 5 Charities 100% Profits Supports 2 Charities Supports 4 Charities N/A N/A
Cost starts at $52.00 starts at $59.99 starts at $66.00 starts at $38.00 $34.00-$37.00


  • *Dreamsacks fit snug, so consider purchasing a larger size.
  • Try some Temperature Balancing Sheets as well.

Combatting Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

There are some other things you can try to cope with night sweats and hot flashes, including:

  • Watch your triggers. Caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods can all trigger hot flashes, so if you avoid or decrease the amount that you consume, this should help with both the number and the severity.
  •  Keep your room cool. Turn down the heat and use a fan, if needed.
  • Ditch the cigarettes. Smokers tend to have more hot flashes than non-smokers.
  • Work to shed a few pounds. Women who are overweight tend to have worse hot flashes than those who are of average weight.
  • Get moving. If you don't move around much, chances are your hot flashes are going to be worse. Try getting some regular exercise or even incorporating slow, deep breathing into your daily routine.
  • Add plant estrogen to your diet. This weak form of estrogen can help combat hot flashes. Foods that have plant estrogen include chickpeas, grains, fruits, beans, soybeans, vegetables, flaxseed, and lentils.
  • Consider acupuncture. Some studies have shown that acupuncture may help relieve hot flashes, so it might be worth a shot if your hot flashes are particularly bothersome.
  • Add a vitamin E supplement. If your hot flashes aren't too severe, vitamin E may help.
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