Cool-jams Put Night Sweats to Bed

End Your Night Sweats for Good With These High Performance Pajamas

In the world of performance sleepwear, Cool-jams is at the top. Their line of wicking sleepwear uses a 100 percent polyester microfiber yarn knitted into a soft, cool, silky fabric that resists odor and bacteria. The Jillian pajama set is lightweight and well-designed, so you'll feel and look good while staying cool and dry, even during night sweats.


  • Style: Curvy scoop-necked bodice sleeveless top; elastic-waisted full-length pants; long-sleeve v-neck button-up overshirt.
  • Fabric: 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric, fine-gauge knit, efficient at moisture-wicking
  • Quality: Serged seams and hems, nice contrasting trim, very durable and lightweight
  • Fit: Medium (8-10) fit comfortably
  • Colors: Lilac, Black, White, Periwinkle
  • Price: $129.00 for any sizes and colors


  • Classic curves, scooped neck, nothing too loose or too tight
  • Knit fabric feels like silky cotton, wicks moisture quickly, dries efficiently
  • Wrinkle-free, machine washable, durable, static-free fabric
  • Available in a range of styles and colors


  • Not enough size options

About Cool-jams Sleepwear

There are lots of reasons why you might suffer from night sweats: anxiety, diabetes, menopause or living in a warm climate. Chemotherapy can put you into natural or medical menopause, with hot flashes and night sweats. First, your body starts to glow with heat, spreading from somewhere within you, and when it reaches your skin, you break into a sweat. This can lead to wet sleepwear and disrupted sleep. Cool-jams sleepwear and bedding are made to solve this frustrating problem with a special yarn that pulls moisture away from the skin and dries out instantly.

Anita Mahaffey founded Cool-jams in 2006. As a 10-year brain cancer survivor, Mahaffey knows all about the side effects of cancer treatment and is no stranger to hot flashes. The wicking sleepwear fabric helps thermo-regulate your body temperature. Although it's made out of 100 percent polyester microfiber, it feels like a cross between silk and cotton, and will wick away moisture as you sleep.

About the Cool-jams Jillian Pajama Set

I tested the three-piece Jillian pajama set in a medium on a hot summer night. The fine-gauge knit fabric feels similar to bamboo or cotton and is cool to the touch. All the seams are serged and the shoulder seam is reinforced to keep its shape. The neckline, arm openings and trim on the top and overshirt are nicely trimmed and topstitched to prevent rolling.

My regular hot flashes and night sweats arrived on schedule and the Cool-jams fabric pulled my sweat up and away from my skin. After wearing this gown for several nights, I could not detect any locker-room smell from the fabric. The Cool-jams pajamas delivered on its claims: it feels soft, light and cool. The fabric feels like a natural fiber; not like polyester. It wicks moisture away very efficiently, leaving skin feeling cool and dry. I can also attest to claims that Cool-jams helps thermo-regulate my body temperature. My hot flashes were definitely milder while wearing Cool-jams.

The Jillian pajama set, at $129.00, may feel high-priced, but it isn't the only option. There are plenty of other Cool-jams sleepwear styles for men and women at more affordable prices. These pajamas would make a great gift for yourself or to someone who is dealing with night sweats. Consider it a good investment for a cool night's sleep.

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