Lungs that are affected by COPD

Living With COPD

Life with COPD can be a challenge, but it can be easier if you learn and use strategies to cope with symptoms like shortness of breath. Discover ways to maintain your health and live well with COPD.
woman with COPD
Airway Clearance Devices Can Help You Clear Excess Lung Mucus
Man Using An Electric Cigarette
The Health Risks of Vaping
Close up of doctor wearing surgical gloves, holding oxygen mask over patient in operating theater
Surgery Risks for COPD Patients
Anxious Hispanic businessman rubbing forehead at office desk
How to Keep Working When You Have COPD
Hand with pulse oximeter
Should You Use a Pulse Oximeter to Monitor Your COPD?
woman having trouble catching her breath
How to Manage Panic Attacks When You Have COPD
woman asleep in bed
How You Can Get Better Sleep When You Have COPD
man has respiratory problem from covid-19 so wear Inhaler Oxygen mask
Tips for Traveling with Supplemental Oxygen
Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill
The Best Home Pulmonary Rehab Exercise Equipment
Why COPD and Heart Failure Go Hand-in-Hand
Pink Heart Shape Padlock And Key
Why Right-Sided Heart Failure Is a Major Concern for People With COPD
Doctors examining x-ray of chest and ribs on digital tablet
How Does Pneumothorax Develop in the Lungs?
Woman coughing
How Controlled Coughing Helps COPD
Doctor talking with patient in doctors office
How to Travel Wisely When You Have COPD
Woman experiencing heartburn.
Do You Have COPD? You're at Risk for This Reflux Disorder.
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COPD Can Make Your Oxygen Levels Drop at Night
Oxygen therapy
What Respiratory Failure Means
woman using oxygen
Oxygen Therapy During a Power Outage
Man hiking with poles
Why Exercise Is Important if You Have COPD
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How Can a Healthy Diet Help Manage COPD?
Senior Woman Coughing While Standing On Field During Foggy Winter
Find Out How Bronchiectasis Makes You Feel
Mature woman walking while drinking water
Coping with Heat When You Have COPD
Happy senior couple on beach
Planning and Communication Are Key to Intimacy With COPD
Men winded after jogging
Learn How to Stop Your Anxiety Over Breathing When You Have COPD
Female patient with nasal cannula
An Overview of Nasal Cannulas
Smoking as pollution
4 Tips for Avoiding Secondhand Smoke on the Road With COPD
3 balls Spirometer
How to Properly Use an Incentive Spirometer
Blueberries are a source of antioxidants.
Antioxidants May Help Treat Patients With COPD
Senior Woman Looking Through Window
12 Ways to Conserve Your Energy if You Have COPD
Close up of older Hispanic woman using asthma inhaler
Using a Bronchodilator Inhaler the Right Way Is Tricky
The 8 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators of 2022
The 8 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators of 2022
Older women walking outdoors
The Benefits of Walking for People With COPD
Close-up image of the beautiful summer flowering Echinacea Purpurea pink flowers also known as the purple coneflower
Do Herbal and Alternative Remedies Help COPD?
vital signs blood pressure
Adult Vital Signs and How to Measure Them
Man wearing an oxygen mask in the hospital
Predicting Life Expectancy in People With COPD
Doctor showing patient CT scan imaging
Everything You Need to Know About Bronchiectasis
Construction worker clutching his chest
Practical Tips for COPD Pain Management
African American man sleeping in bed
COPD Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes, and More
A man is short of breath.
5 Tips to Reduce Shortness of Breath in Cold Weather
Man eating breakfast with egg, bacon, arugula on brioche bun and coffee
Why Some Healthy or Everyday Foods May Worsen Your COPD Symptoms
Oxygen therapy
How to Get Medicare to Cover Your Oxygen Supplies
Close-up two men clinking glasses of whiskey drink alcohol beverage together at counter in the pub
How Alcohol Affects Lung Disease
Quitting Smoking
10 Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve COPD
Lungs faceted
Diagnosis of Bronchiectasis
Senior man relaxing in water by edge of swimming pool
How Quitting Smoking Can Help Your Lungs—Even After a COPD Diagnosis
mature woman eating chocolate
Can an Anti-Inflammation Diet Help People With COPD?
Older couple at gym to stay healthy
5 Ways to Prevent COPD From Getting Worse
Serene woman wrapped in blanket on the beach sitting in the sunshine
Vitamin D Deficiency and COPD
How to Be Safe When Using Supplemental Oxygen Therapy
Sleep Apnea
What Should You Do If You Have COPD and Sleep Apnea?
Young child being exposed to secondhand smoke
How Secondhand Smoke Can Cause Many Illnesses
Man using an asthma inhaler
These Conditions Are the Most Common Complications of COPD
A woman with long brown hair watering a plant.
Top 10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air Quality
Chest x-ray image on light table showing of a patient’s lungs and respiratory tract
Health Problems That Complicate the Effects of COPD
Woman meditating outdoors.
Living Your Best Life With COPD
Woman touching her chest
Breathing Exercises to Help With COPD
Girl eating with eyes closed
How to Improve COPD Breathing With Dietary Modifications
Couple unpacking groceries in kitchen of home
Improving Indoor Air Quality Can Ameliorate Your Breathing
Portrait of elderly woman having heart attack
What's the Best Way to Treat Bronchiectasis?
Wood-burning stove
Can Wood-Burning Stoves Be Unhealthy for You and Your Home?