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What we know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving. From transmission risk to potential new treatments, learn what the latest COVID-19 research and guidelines mean for you.

A pharmacy advertises the Covid-19 vaccine
Should You Worry About the Lambda Variant?
U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy
Senators Aim to Hold Social Media Platforms Liable for Public Health Misinformation
Two people holding coffee cups.
Drinking Coffee and Eating Vegetables May Help Protect Against COVID-19
Man looking down at face mask debating whether he should wear it.
A Verywell Report: Can Americans Handle Renewed COVID Restrictions?
virus graphs
Delta Variant and Long COVID Are the Biggest Pandemic Issues, Experts Say
Johnson and Johnson vaccine card
Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Should Remain an Option, CDC Panel Says
A man enters the headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland.
Study: HIV Infection Increases Risk of Severe COVID-19 Disease
Illustration of a man holding his head, which square pieces of are floating away from him.
Study: Over 80% of Hospitalized COVID Patients End Up With Neurological Problems
U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the COVID-19 response and vaccination program as Vice President Kamala Harris listens in the Rose Garden of the White House
U.S. Renews COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration for the Sixth Time
A digital illustration of human lungs on a soft pink background.
Can Lung Exercises Help You Breathe Better After COVID?
Trans flag on a mask against a blue background
How COVID-19 Affected Trans and Nonbinary People's Health
Vaccination Campaign In D.C. Offers A Free Beer In Exchange For Getting Shot
Community Organizers Bring COVID Vaccination Efforts Door-to-Door
Masked students wait in a socially distanced single file line
Pediatrician Group Recommends Mask Use in School Regardless of Vaccination Status
Tokyo Olympics cardboard beds
Those Viral Olympic Cardboard Beds Are More Useful Than They Look
A COVID-19 vaccine ampule on a hot pink stand on a bright electric blue background.
Is It Time to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination?
Man standing by flu shot sign.
Flu Shot Might Have Protected Some People From Severe COVID
Woman adjusting a scale.
Some COVID Survivors Struggle to Regain Weight 6 Months Post-Infection
Coco Gauff at the Aorangi Practice Courts during The Championships
Tokyo Olympics Is a 'Perfect Storm' for COVID-19 Spread
tokyo Olympics with COVID in the ring
Are the Tokyo Olympics Safe? Locals Fear Public Health Crisis
A woman wearing a mask walks out of a clothing store near a "mask required" sign on Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles County Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate
Two people social distancing.
Study: Even as States Open Up, People Feel Isolated
A person presents his proof of vaccination while standing in line for the Foo Fighters show as Madison Square Garden reopens
Vaccine Skeptics Share Why They Got a COVID-19 Shot
Woman wearing a mask doing arm exercises.
Study: COVID Stress On the Body Can Last For Months
Anti-vaccine protester
These States Have Banned COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements in Schools
Olivia Rodrigo heading into the White House.
Olivia Rodrigo Wants You to Be Happy and Healthy and Vaccinated
woman with chronic symptoms dismissed by doctor
How Are Post-COVID Care Clinics Helping Long-Haul Patients?
A close up of a woman's hands with a spray bottle of sanitizer; her face, wearing a mask, is blurred in the background which is pitch black.
COVID Saw Increase In Cases of People Accidentally Inhaling Hand Sanitizer Fumes
conceptual coronavirus bar chart
3 Things You Should Know About the Delta Variant, According to an Infectious Disease Expert
Woman administering Janssen vaccine
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine to Include Warning About Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Man wearing a bandaid on arm after getting vaccinated.
Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Less Likely to Cause Side Effects
vaccine center in arizona
COVID-19 Vaccines Prevented 279,000 Deaths, Study Finds
Woman checking for a fever and feeling cold symptoms.
The Delta Variant May Cause Different COVID-19 Symptoms
Conceptual paper illustration of human hands and coronavirus in a lab.
Delta Variant Becomes Dominant in the U.S., CDC Estimates
Doctors administering COVID-19 vaccines in prisons.
The State of COVID-19 in U.S. Prisons
healthcare worker holding covid-19 vaccine vials
Should You Mix COVID-19 Vaccines?
Couple holding a pregnancy test.
Study: COVID Infection Does Not Affect Fertility or IVF Treatment
e-donation page on mobile phone
Study: COVID-19 Crowdfunding Campaigns Benefited Privileged Groups Most
ask an expert Dr. Z
Ask an Expert: Why Am I Still Experiencing 'Moral Fatigue,' Even After Vaccination?
face mask signage
A Public Health Expert Shares How to Sort Through Mixed COVID Messaging
Health care professional administering a vaccine shot.
The U.S. Should Approve Additional COVID-19 Vaccines, Experts Say
young woman wearing a mask receiving a vaccine
Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Could Produce Years of Immunity
man with mask opening glass door
4 Ways Offices Can Make Returning to Work Safe, According to an Infectious Disease Expert
Orange-white colored pill standing out from the crowd of capsules on blue background
Are Existing Drugs Capable of Helping COVID Long-Haulers Recover?
Woman holding up a pill in a science laboratory.
Biden Administration Invests $3 Billion in Developing Antiviral COVID-19 Pill
lone man at tented covid vaccine clinic
Delta Variant Is Creating a Web of Regional COVID-19 Epidemics
COVID-19 variant
China's COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Less Effective Against Variants
woman wearing face mask and walking
WHO Urges Fully Vaccinated People to Wear Masks Due to Delta Variant Spread
COVID-19 vaccine booster shot
COVID-19 Booster Shot May Increase Antibodies in Transplant Recipients
person checking no on vaccine waiver
A Verywell Report: COVID Vaccine Rejectors May Be Here To Stay
Actemra emergency use for COVID-19
FDA Authorizes New Drug for Emergency Use on Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients
The Biden Administration will miss its July 1 vaccination goal, but just barely.
Biden Administration Misses July 4th Vaccination Goal
male healthcare worker wearing mask and face shield
OSHA Issues New Mandatory Safety Rules For Healthcare Industry
doctor wearing mask at computer talking to patient
Health Authorities Call for More Research on Long COVID
vaccine and variants
COVID-19 Vaccination Benefits Outweigh Risks of Heart Inflammation
johnson & johnson boxes on shelf
FDA Extends Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Shelf Life By 6 Weeks
A young Black man in a face mask getting a vaccine.
Why COVID-19 Vaccines for Teens Are More Important Than Ever
Illustration of COVID virus particles in front of a world globe.
CDC: Delta Is a 'Variant of Concern'
Doctor consulting a patient, both wearing face masks.
CDC Releases New Long COVID Guidelines
Illustration of a COVID-19 vaccine shipment.
U.S. Government to Donate 500 Million COVID-19 Vaccines
Illustration of two COVID vaccine vials in a bubble surrounded by COVID virus particles.
NIH Begins Trial to Test Safety and Effectiveness of COVID Booster Shots
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