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What we know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving. From transmission risk to potential new treatments, learn what the latest COVID-19 research and guidelines mean for you.

COVID-19 variants illustration.
Here's the Difference Between a Variant and a Strain
A sign offering free flu shots in the East Village
When to Get Your Flu Shot for 2022/2023
COVID winter.
Will There Be A COVID Surge This Fall? What Experts Are Predicting
Could We Test for COVID-19 by Recording Our Voices?
polio vaccine booster
What We Know So Far About the New COVID-19 Booster Side Effects
Omicron booster COVID
How Well Do the New COVID-19 Boosters Work? Scientists Don’t Really Know Yet
booster illo
What You Need to Know About the Updated COVID-19 Boosters
An illustration of a gloved hand holding a COVID-19 vaccine vial opposite a hand held up as if to say "no" on a green back ground.
What Incentivizes People to Get a COVID Booster Shot?
nyquil composite
What to Know About Taking Nyquil When You Have COVID-19
Mature man taking a vaccine from his doctor
COVID-19 Treatments: Medications, Plasma, and Vaccines
vaccines vs omicron variant
How Vaccine Makers Are Tackling the Omicron Variant
vaccine booster
FDA Authorizes Updated Moderna and Pfizer Booster Shots
paxlovid photo composite
Paxlovid May Be Less Effective for Adults Under 65, Study Finds
Where to Find Affordable COVID Tests After the Free Kits Are Gone
woman applying cream to toes
Are 'COVID Toes' Real?
woman doing yoga
Even a 20-Minute Workout Might Help You Avoid COVID
doctor taking swab of patient's mouth
What Is 'COVID Tongue'?
COVID-19 Increases Risk of Brain Conditions for 2 Years After Infection, Study Finds
An illustration of two syringes one pink and one teal on a red background
Why Did We Need COVID Vaccines if the TB Vaccine Offers Protection?
omicron ba5 reinfection rapid tests
The FDA Wants You to Take More than One At-Home COVID Test
moderna covid 19 vaccine booster shots , Top view of bunch of sterile syringes with vaccine arranged on pink background. Set of syringes with medication
When Can I Get My Second Booster Shot?
please wear mask
What You Need to Know About CDC's Updated COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines
COVID test
Study: COVID Rebound Can Happen Even Without Paxlovid
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
WHO Rules Out 2 Drugs as COVID Treatments
Illustration of two COVID vaccine vials in a bubble surrounded by COVID virus particles.
What Is a Bivalent Vaccine?
omicron ba5 reinfection rapid tests
When Are You No Longer Contagious With COVID-19?
Woman getting a COVID vaccine.
Should You Still Get a Booster Shot After a Breakthrough COVID Case?
paxlovid photo composite
Who Can Take Paxlovid?
New York COVID-19 testing site
What We Know About BA.2.75
chewing gum
Can Chewing Gum Reduce Omicron Transmission?
Biden putting on mask
How Common Is Paxlovid Rebound?
Illustration of a green and white pill capsule on a person's tongue on a pale green background
What Can You Do About the Gross Taste of Paxlovid?
Omicron booster COVID
Booster Protection Against Omicron Wanes After 3 Months, Study Finds
hyperbaric oxygen chamber and rapid tests for COVID
For Some COVID Long Haulers, an Oxygen Chamber Offers Long-term Relief
Scale illustration.
Experts: Stop Making People Feel Bad About COVID Weight Gain
pre-existing conditions and COVID-19
The Facts About COVID-19 and Pre-Existing Conditions
Healthcare professional with gloves and face mask injecting a vaccine into the arm of an unseen person who is obese.
How Does Obesity Affect COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity?
An illustration of a tan hand holding a white swab on a beige background.
In the Future, Skin Swabs Might Diagnose COVID
A disposable gloved hand holding a COVID rapid antigen test and swab on a pale blue background with a pattern of COVID virus particles.
Do COVID Rapid Tests Work for BA.5?
long line of people/long covid
Who's Most at Risk of Long COVID? New Study Finds Possible Key Factors
More Evidence That COVID Can Infect Fat Tissue
hospital worker wearing mask at desk
Researchers Identify 6 Types of COVID-19
person receiving vaccine in arm
Where Will I Be Able to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Woman receiving a vaccine.
COVID-19 Vaccines Are Getting Emergency Use Authorizations, Not Approvals. What Does That Mean?
physicians placing bandage on patient's arm after vaccine
Expect Mild Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccines, CDC Advisory Group Says
Young girl being vaccinated by a doctor.
Will COVID-19 Vaccines Be Required in Schools?
A smiling plus-sized woman on a giant flamingo pool float.
7 COVID Precautions to Take This Summer
double vaccines vaccinated
Does Getting a COVID Booster and a Flu Shot Together Make Side Effects Worse?
masked women elbow greeting
You And Your Friends Have COVID-19. Can You Hang Out?
A young Black man holding his throat
Sore Throat Is the Most Common COVID Symptom Right Now
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
You Can Now Get Paxlovid Without Seeing a Doctor
omicron ba5 reinfection rapid tests
What to Know About Omicron BA.5 Reinfections
Digital medical illustration of t-cells targeting COVID virus.
Are T-Cell Tests the Key to Monitoring COVID Immunity?
FDA Authorizes Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine
What Parents Need to Know About the Omicron Variant
What Are the Symptoms of Omicron BA.5?
vitamin d capsules
Should You Test Your Vitamin D Levels at Home?
covid-19 at home test mail order
How to Order Your Free COVID Tests From the Government
online registration
How To Sign Up For a COVID-19 Vaccine In Every State
Omicron booster COVID
FDA Recommends Booster Shots for Omicron Subvariants
Woman Checks Her Oxygen Saturation Level and Heart Rate
Are Home Pulse Oximeters Useful for COVID Recovery?

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