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What we know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving. From transmission risk to potential new treatments, learn what the latest COVID-19 research and guidelines mean for you.

A young person wearing a mask sitting on a rolling suitcase in the middle of an empty airport terminal.
U.S. Lifting Travel Ban for Some Fully Vaccinated Travelers
nasal spray
Nasal Sprays Could Protect You From Serious COVID-19 Illness
Woman experiencing fall allergies.
Is It Fall Allergies or COVID-19?
Moderna vs J&J booster illo
FDA Panel Endorses Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Booster Shot
vial of moderna booster vaccine with super hero cape
FDA Panel Recommends Moderna Booster for Seniors and Vulnerable Groups
Someone receiving a COVID vaccine.
Here's the Difference Between COVID-19 Booster Shots and Third Doses
sick woman lying on coach holding mug and touching forehead
These 7 Symptoms Are Most Predictive of COVID-19, Study Finds
vaccine clinic in california
Doctors Say Pfizer Booster Rollout Is Met With Enthusiasm
illustration of healthcare staff showing vaccine card on phone
A Verywell Report: Stagnated Vaccination Rates Lead to Workplace Mandates
COVID flu test.
Is It COVID or the Flu? There’s an At-Home Test for That
people at restaurant
Masking Requirements Changing for Fully Vaccinated in San Fransisco
Latinx Heritage Month illustration.
Cómo COVID Ayudó a Las Latinas a Enfrentar Estándares de Belleza Tóxicos
Latinx Heritage Month illustration.
How COVID Helped Latinas Confront Body Image Issues
dog on the toilet
Is 'Restless Anal Syndrome' a Real COVID Side Effect?
summer outdoor dining in brooklyn, ny
COVID-19 Cases Are Dropping. Is the Surge Over?
Daily life in new york city
Does Herd Immunity Still Matter?
A person's gloved hands holding a syringe with a small child blurred in the background.
FDA Committee Will Discuss COVID-19 Vaccines for Kids Next Week
Woman getting a COVID vaccine.
Should You Still Get a Booster Shot After a COVID Breakthrough Case?
Someone staring out a window at floating COVID virus cells.
Ask an Expert: What Is Pandemic Flux Syndrome?
a medical worker administers J&J vaccine
Vaccine Mandate Deadlines Push Healthcare Workers to Get the Shot
capsule killing covid
Merck Says Its COVID-19 Pill Cuts Risk of Hospitalization and Death in Half
Child wearing a face mask at school.
California Is First State to Announce COVID Vaccine Mandate for All Children
An illustration of a Black therapist with glasses talking to a young patient through a laptop screen.
Here's How Therapists Could Combat Vaccine Hesitancy
vaccine side effect fears vs. covid fears
Nearly Half of Unvaccinated Americans Are Willing to Get the Shot, Study Finds
Pregnant woman washing hands in the bathroom.
Vaccinated Pregnant Women Pass COVID-19 Immunity to Their Newborns
Tired healthcare workers.
Tired Healthcare Workers Are Turning to TikTok
An older adult woman with a scarf on her head looking at a male healthcare worker's hand, which is cleaning a spot on her arm to deliver a vaccine.
Experts: All Blood Cancer Patients Should Get a COVID Booster
student raising hands
Florida Students Won't Be Required to Quarantine After Exposure to COVID
Children wearing masks at school.
CDC: Schools Without Mask Mandates More Likely to Have COVID-19 Outbreaks
A child wearing a face mask poses for a photograph at Llanishen High School on September 20, 2021 in Cardiff, Wales.
'Test-to-Stay' Measures Aim to Keep Students in Classrooms
Woman at a pharmacy wearing a face mask.
What Long COVID Awareness Means for People with Chronic Illnesses
An illustration of red and orange painted COVID virus particles on a yellow-gold background.
COVID-19, RSV, and the Flu Could Be a Triple Threat This Fall
Young black woman in a wheelchair working from home on a laptop at a desk
Pay Cuts for Remote Work Will Hurt Disabled Employees
Products used during penstruation.
Researchers Will Examine Link Between COVID-19 Vaccines and Period Changes
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky
CDC Director Overrules Panel to Include Frontline Workers in Booster Rollout
Older woman excited about getting COVID vaccine.
Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Is Good for Your Mental Health
An illustration of a Black woman standing in a window.
Do Vaccinated People Have to Quarantine If They're Exposed to COVID?
COVID-19 test.
What Should You Do if You Get a Breakthrough COVID Infection?
child wearing mask
Study Examines Which Kids Are at a Higher Risk of Severe COVID
A bunch of COVID vaccine ampules neatly lined up on a blue background.
If You Got the J&J Vaccine, Here's What You Should Know About Boosters
man spraying intranasal COVID vaccine up nose
COVID Booster Shots Administered in the Nose May Be Better Than the Arm
Pfizer vaccine fridge
FDA Authorizes Pfizer Booster for Seniors and High Risk Groups. What's Next?
IV infusion.
More People Are Turning to COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
Delta plane flying near a COVID-19 testing sign
U.S. to End 18-Month Air Travel Ban for Fully Vaccinated Visitors
elementary school children return to in-person classes
COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Coming for Younger Children Soon, Pfizer Says
Person getting a COVID vaccine.
Here’s Why Your Employer May Be Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines Soon
COVID-19 vaccine sticker.
‘We’re at a Critical Moment’: Experts Weigh In on Measures to Curb COVID-19
Newborn babies in sunflower field
No, There Wasn't a Pandemic Baby Boom. Here's Why
Two ampules of COVID-19 vaccine next to a syringe on a blue background.
Advisory Panel Says FDA Should Save COVID Boosters for the Most Vulnerable
Vaccine shot resting on a globe.
COVAX Estimates Having 25% Fewer COVID Vaccines for 2021 Global Distribution
overwhelmed emergency room in a Texas hospital
What Does Healthcare Rationing Look Like During a COVID-19 Surge?
fresh greens on a table
Can a Plant-Based Diet Really Reduce COVID-19 Risk?
Hands reaching for booster shot vial.
Who Can Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot?
rendering of world map with covid data
Why Does the U.S. Rely on Foreign COVID Data to Make Policy Decisions?
Person receiving a shot in the arm.
Moderna Is Developing a Combination COVID-19 and Flu Booster Shot
Latinx heritage month prayer cards and herbs.
Hierbas, Té Y Estampitas: Botánicas Del Vecindario Juegan Un Papel Curativo Durante COVID
Latinx heritage month prayers cards and herbs.
Herbs, Tea, and Prayer Cards: Neighborhood Botánicas Play a Healing Role During COVID
COVID illustration
American Parents Overwhelmingly Support Masks in Schools
An older blonde white woman with black glasses and a gray-olive face mask getting a band aid stuck on her arm by a healthcare worker wearing a paper face mask.
Why You Can (and Should) Get a COVID Vaccine If You Have Allergies
Teenagers walking down a high school corridor wearing face masks
ACLU Lawsuit: Banning Masks in Schools Harms Disabled Students
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