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What we know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving. From transmission risk to potential new treatments, learn what the latest COVID-19 research and guidelines mean for you.

A white woman with red hair asleep in a bed
Practicing Self-Care Helped People Sleep Better Early on in the Pandemic
Black barber wearing a mask giving a man a haircut
Initiative Leverages Barbershops to Increase Vaccination Among Black Americans
Refusal of vaccination against coronavirus signs a person
Is It a HIPAA Violation to Ask Someone's COVID-19 Vaccination Status?
childcare hinders vaccine appointment access
A Verywell Report: COVID-19 Vaccine Access Remains a Challenge
Woman wearing a face mask in a bed.
Some COVID Long Haulers Are Being Diagnosed With POTS
Children wearing face masks at a child care center.
You Can Now Get Free Child Care During Your COVID Vaccine Appointment
Crowd of people wearing face masks.
This New Data Tracking Tool Takes a Closer Look at COVID-19 Disparities
Woman server wearing a mask walking past people in outdoor dining tents.
Study: Stay-at-Home COVID Orders Were a Luxury Many Couldn't Afford
Man getting his heart checked by a doctor.
COVID Raises Heart Attack Risk for People With High Cholesterol
Two researchers carrying a vaccine syringe illustration.
A Plant-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Could Soon Hit the Market
Conceptual paper illustration of human hands and coronavirus in a lab.
COVID-19 Immunity May Last Up to a Year After Infection
covid rapid test
New COVID Test Initiatives Show Why Testing Still Matters
Pregnant woman on hospital bed wearing mask with monitoring belly band
Pregnant People Hospitalized for COVID May Fare Better Than Patients Who Aren't Pregnant
Image of a surgical glove-covered hand holding a syringe, tinted green-blue, on a pink backdrop.
Are Employer COVID Vaccine Mandates Legal?
Someone cleaning their air conditioner.
How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality to Protect Against Pollutants
Two women walking in a park with face masks on.
How to Ask Someone If They’re Vaccinated Against COVID-19
Glasses fogging up
How to Keep Your Mask From Fogging up Your Glasses
Illustration of white hands holding a vial labeled "vaccine" surrounded by red COVID virus particles on a blue background.
Vaccines Are Slightly Less Effective Against B.1.617 Variants of COVID-19
Child wearing a face mask.
Lingering COVID Virus in the Gut May Lead to Mis-C in Kids
A digital illustration of a COVID virus particle in a circle with data points surrounding it.
COVID-19 Variants Are Not Causing Unexpected Infections in Vaccinated
FDA: Don't Use Antibody Tests to Check if Your COVID Vaccine Worked
COVID illustration
A Verywell Report: Have We Reached the COVID-19 Vaccine Plateau?
Illustration of scientists holding a vaccine syringe.
Pfizer Seeks FDA Full Approval for COVID Vaccine. What Does That Mean?
Woman getting tested for COVID from her car.
CDC: COVID Testing Isn't Necessary For Fully Vaccinated People
A young woman in a blue tank top (her face is not visible) holding her hands on her chest over her heart.
Is There a Link Between COVID Vaccines and Heart Inflammation in Teens?
Tinder COVID vaccine.
You Can Now Display Your COVID Vaccination Status on Dating Apps
Black man wearing a mask receiving vaccine form medical professional
Half of U.S. Adults Are Fully Vaccinated. How Do We Reach the Other Half?
Child wearing a face mask at school.
How Are Schools Going to Navigate CDC Mask Guidelines?
Mask required sign outside of a store.
How Are States Responding to CDC Mask Guidelines?
The AAPI COVID-19 Project
Meet the Researchers Boosting Asian American Representation in COVID Studies
Photos of three Filipino American nurses.
How 3 Filipino American Nurses Found Community on the COVID Frontlines
receiving vaccine
3% Of Americans Take Drugs That May Affect COVID-19 Vaccine Response
An asian woman wearing a mask in an office.
How Immunocompromised People Are Navigating New CDC Mask Guidance
Close up of an older person's hands holding a silver pen and signing a document.
Experts Call For More Advanced Care Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
CDC: Latinx Community Hit Hard by COVID Mental Health Issues
gloved hand holding vaccine
Mixing COVID Vaccine Brands Appears Safe, But More Likely to Cause Side Effects
Illustration of the globe receiving a vaccine.
Experts Say Patent Waivers Aren't Enough To Increase Global Vaccination
Man using a walker wearing a face mask.
First-of-Its-Kind Program Explores Most Common Long COVID Symptoms
Restaurant worker wearing a face mask indoors.
How Businesses Are Adjusting to New CDC Mask Guidelines
A black and white portrait of a young girl wearing a face mask; she is framed at the bottom with lots of black wall space behind her.
Where Do Mask Mandate Changes Leave Families With Kids?
medical review board members
Here’s How Doctors With Kids Are Navigating the New Mask Guidance
A Black person pouring a couple of pills into their hand.
Taking NSAIDs (Advil, Motrin) Won't Make a COVID Case Worse
Young girl receiving COVID vaccine
How to Navigate the Decision To Get Your Child Vaccinated Against COVID-19
An older adult white man wearing a face mask and glasses. He is holding his sleeve up with a bandaid on his arm where a healthcare worker with a face guard has just given him a vaccine.
Experts Warn Against Delaying Your Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose
Woman receiving a vaccine shot.
In 13 States, Declining Demand for COVID Vaccines Threatens Herd Immunity
People wearing face masks while partaking in physical therapy.
Study: Exercise Improves Long COVID Fatigue
BCAC coalition.
Black Doctors and Nurses Are Urging Black Americans to Get COVID Vaccine
A close up of a white person's hands, their fingernails are dry and brittle.
Why Experts Say You Don't Need to Worry About "COVID Nails"
A black and white illustration of a COVID virus particle in front of a graph.
Study Show Us What Works—and What Doesn't—in Curbing COVID-19
Doctor with vaccine syringe and gloves.
COVID-19 Vaccines Appear Effective Against Key Variants of Concern
Six glass vials labeled COVID-19 vaccine on a bright blue background.
Pfizer to Donate COVID-19 Vaccines for the Tokyo Olympic Games
Someone preparing for travel during COVID pandemic.
What Type of Summer Travel Poses Greatest COVID Risk?
woman in office pulling down mask
Here's Why the CDC Decided Fully-Vaccinated People Can Go Maskless Indoors
COVID illustration.
Johnson & Johnson Pause Leads to Spike in Vaccine Hesitancy
CDC: You Can Get Other Vaccines at the Same Time as COVID-19 Vaccine
blood donor
Can You Donate Blood After a COVID-19 Vaccine?
COVID vaccine vial.
CVS, Walgreens Wasted More COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Than Most States
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine can cause a clotting problem that can be treated
How Doctors Successfully Treated a Johnson & Johnson Vaccine-Related Blood Clot Joe Biden
White House Announces New Perks and Programs to Encourage COVID Vaccination
Illustration of someone getting vaccinated.
Will Incentives Encourage More People to Get COVID-19 Vaccines?
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