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What we know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving. From transmission risk to potential new treatments, learn what the latest COVID-19 research and guidelines mean for you.

A Black woman wearing a face mask lifting weights.
Can You Work Out If You Have COVID? Here’s What Experts Recommend
pandemic grief v2
Why You Might Feel Numb to Pandemic News
air filtration system on ceiling of corporate office
How Much Do Ventilation Systems Help Reduce COVID Transmission?
COVID-19 vaccines
With J&J Vaccine Restrictions, Experts Say We Need More Options Beyond mRNA
woman pulling down her mask to take a pill
COVID Symptoms Unlikely to Relapse After Taking Paxlovid
thanksgiving travel
How to Safely Travel This Summer If You're Immunocompromised
Hands reaching for booster shot vial.
When Should You Get Your Second Booster Shot?
A bottle of molnupiravir on a teal background.
COVID Antivirals Fight Omicron Better Than Monoclonal Antibodies
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
FDA Approves First COVID Treatment for Young Kids
Mom helping her child do at-home COVID-19 tests.
Nearly 75% Of Kids May Have Had COVID—but That Doesn’t Mean They’re Immune
WHO Strongly Recommends Paxlovid for Patients at Risk of Severe COVID
Man looking down at face mask debating whether he should wear it.
How Well Does One-Way Masking Protect You From COVID?
Howard University students
Why Howard University Prioritizes Consistency Amid Pandemic Uncertainties
illustration of people wearing masks at a concert
Should You Wear a Mask at Outdoor Events?
antiviral pill
Biden Administration to Expand COVID-19 Antiviral Access in Pharmacies
People sitting maskless on planes, buses, and trains.
Is It Really Time to Take Off Your Mask on Public Transit?
Can Asymptomatic People Spread Omicron?
gut illo
COVID-19 Could Stay in Gut for Up to 7 Months Post Infection
at-home covid test
What Is Omicron's Incubation Period?
steven thrasher the viral underclass
Steven Thrasher: Mask Mandate Was the Last Line of Defense for 'The Viral Underclass'
COVID-19 travel illustration.
CDC Updates Criteria for International Travel COVID Risks
Illustration of two COVID vaccine vials in a bubble surrounded by COVID virus particles.
Researchers Are Developing a New COVID Vaccine for Cancer Patients
What You Need to Know About the Omicron BA.2.12.1 Subvariant
Period Symptoms Are Possible After COVID Vaccine—Even if You Don't Usually Menstruate
thanksgiving travel
Major Travel Authorities Drop Mask Mandate Following Court Ruling
early stage COVID treatment illustration
Meet the COVID Drug That's So Successful Researchers Shut Down Trials Early
Johnson & Johnson booster vial with cape
Which Booster Should You Get If You Received a Johnson & Johnson Vaccine?
vaccine vials
NIH Researchers to Study Allergic Reactions to COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine
Gritty wearing a mask
Philadelphia Reinstates Mask Mandate With Stricter Standards Than CDC
Moderna vs J&J booster illo
Experts: There's No Such Thing as 'Too Many' COVID Boosters
FDA Authorizes First COVID-19 Breathalyzer Test
Coronavirus vaccine concept, syringe of vaccine and needle planting on USA United States map on green sickness planet earth with red Coronavirus COVID-19 pathogen around
Op-Ed: U.S. COVID Policy Doesn’t Have to Leave the World Behind
COVID-19 inside the brain.
COVID and Heart Attack Patients Experienced Similar Neurological Symptoms, Study Finds
vaccine and variants
COVID Vaccines and Infection Offer Similar Protection, Study Finds
Two people social distancing.
Should the CDC Change Its Close Contact Definition?
A young female sitting on a stone wall next to a young male; both are wearing face masks. They have luggage next to them with a city scape in the background.
Planning a Vacation This Summer? Get COVID Travel Insurance
COVID cells fading from blue to red; COVID variant
What's Next For COVID-19? Experts Predict How Future Variants Will Emerge
man swabbing nose for COVID rapid test next to calendar
How Long Does An Omicron Infection Last?
Teens experiencing mental health issues.
Pandemic School Closures Impacted Teens' Mental Health. Here’s What Can Help
Xavier Becerra speaking at an event
White House: A Long COVID 'National Research Action Plan' Is Coming
COVID vacine app
Why Workplace Vaccine Mandates Are Complicated
illustration of sick person in bed in a dimly-lit room
How Long Do Omicron BA.2 Symptoms Last?
Rapid COVID-19 test.
Is There a Way to Know If You’ve Never Had COVID?
Pregnant person wearing a face mask during pandemic.
Pregnant People May Be at a Much Higher Risk for Breakthrough COVID
COVID vaccine illustration.
Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Series Be Redesigned?
Why Genomic Sequencing Is Important for the Next Stage of the Pandemic
Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
What to Know About the Omicron XE Variant
COVID-19 variants illustration.
If You Already Had Omicron, Can You Still Catch the BA.2 Variant?
Long covid clinic illustration.
How Do You Know if You Have Long COVID?
Pills spilling out of an orange bottle.
Aspirin Didn’t Improve Survival for Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients, Study Finds
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
Largest Study of Ivermectin Shows No Protection Against COVID-19 Hospitalizations
vaccine decisions logo
What Can and Can't Do For You
Kids illustration
What Will Kids' COVID Vaccination Rates Look Like by Summer?
Covid testing site in San Diego, California
How Can Uninsured Patients Search for COVID-19 Testing and Care After Funding Runs Out?
at-home covid test
Can COVID-19 Tests Detect the Omicron BA.2 Variant?
vaccine composite
Immunocompromised Individuals and People 50+ Can Now Get a Second Booster
Person getting a COVID vaccine.
No Link Between COVID-19 Vaccines and Bell’s Palsy, Research Confirms
vial of moderna booster vaccine with super hero cape
Moderna to Request COVID Vaccine Authorization for Kids Under 6
Person getting their heart checked.
New Guidelines Explain How to Manage Post-COVID Heart Problems
vaccines vs omicron variant
How Effective Were Vaccines During the Omicron Surge?

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