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What we know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving. From transmission risk to potential new treatments, learn what the latest COVID-19 research and guidelines mean for you.

omicron ba5 reinfection rapid tests
When Are You No Longer Contagious With COVID-19?
moderna covid 19 vaccine booster shots , Top view of bunch of sterile syringes with vaccine arranged on pink background. Set of syringes with medication
When Can I Get My Second Booster Shot?
paxlovid photo composite
Who Can Take Paxlovid?
New York COVID-19 testing site
What We Know About BA.2.75
chewing gum
Can Chewing Gum Reduce Omicron Transmission?
Biden putting on mask
How Common Is Paxlovid Rebound?
Illustration of a green and white pill capsule on a person's tongue on a pale green background
What Can You Do About the Gross Taste of Paxlovid?
Omicron booster COVID
Booster Protection Against Omicron Wanes After 3 Months, Study Finds
hyperbaric oxygen chamber and rapid tests for COVID
For Some COVID Long Haulers, an Oxygen Chamber Offers Long-term Relief
An illustration of a tan hand holding a white swab on a beige background.
In the Future, Skin Swabs Might Diagnose COVID
A disposable gloved hand holding a COVID rapid antigen test and swab on a pale blue background with a pattern of COVID virus particles.
Do COVID Rapid Tests Work for BA.5?
long line of people/long covid
Who's Most at Risk of Long COVID? New Study Finds Possible Key Factors
A smiling plus-sized woman on a giant flamingo pool float.
7 COVID Precautions to Take This Summer
double vaccines vaccinated
Does Getting a COVID Booster and a Flu Shot Together Make Side Effects Worse?
masked women elbow greeting
You And Your Friends Have COVID-19. Can You Hang Out?
A young Black man holding his throat
Sore Throat Is the Most Common COVID Symptom Right Now
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
You Can Now Get Paxlovid Without Seeing a Doctor
omicron ba5 reinfection rapid tests
What to Know About Omicron BA.5 Reinfections
Digital medical illustration of t-cells targeting COVID virus.
Are T-Cell Tests the Key to Monitoring COVID Immunity?
What Parents Need to Know About the Omicron Variant
What Are the Symptoms of Omicron BA.5?
Omicron booster COVID
FDA Recommends Booster Shots for Omicron Subvariants
Woman Checks Her Oxygen Saturation Level and Heart Rate
Are Home Pulse Oximeters Useful for COVID Recovery?
An illustration of two lab-coat wearing people looking at charts on a white background.
Females Are More Likely to Have Long COVID. But We Need Data to Prove It
Urine samples
Urine Tests Are the Future of COVID Antibody Testing
covid-19 vaccine for kids 5-11 illo
Where Can Young Kids Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
A young Black child in a hospital bed.
Is There a Link Between Hepatitis in Children and COVID?
Illustration of a sick person in blankets on the couch with tea and medications.
How Many Times Can I Get Reinfected With COVID-19?
bread eggs nuts
Study: Food Allergy Is Linked to Lower Risk of COVID-19 Infection
illustration of child receiving vaccine
Older Children, Adolescents May Soon Be Eligible for Moderna Vaccine
kids vaccine
FDA Authorizes COVID-19 Vaccines for Children as Young as 6 Months
passengers walk through George Bush Intercontinental Airport
CDC Drops Test Requirement for Air Travelers. Should You Still Get Tested?
COVID test
Why People With COVID Booster Shots Test Positive for Longer
variant illo
Study: People Without COVID-19 Symptoms Are Less Likely to Spread the Virus
plane on beach
What Experts Say About Making COVID 'Revenge Travel' Plans
person holding a COVID rapid test
The Darkness of Your COVID-19 Rapid Test May Indicate Your Level of Infection
headaches and migraines
What Does a COVID-19 Headache Feel Like?
What We Know About Omicron BA.4 and BA.5
genetics pandemic well-being
How Might Genetics Affect Our Well-Being During the Pandemic?
FDA Authorizes Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine
pastel background COVID virus and vaccine syringe
Study: Vaccination After COVID May Reduce Long COVID Risk
Hands reaching for the COVID booster shot vial.
Is a COVID-19 Booster Still Effective If You Waited Too Long to Get One?
study found 4 factors that may increase your risk of developing long covid
How Long Does Long COVID Last?
covid travel summer
How to Plan a COVID-Safe Summer Vacation in 2022
An illustration of a red COVID virus particle surrounded by light blue monoclonal antibodies on a navy blue background.
Rapid At-Home COVID-19 Antibody Tests May Benefit Immunocompromised People
People in face masks with shields guarding against coronavirus - stock illustration
How Long Does Immunity From Omicron Last?
man looking at nasal swab while standing in bathroom
FDA: You Can Now Test for COVID, Flu, and RSV at Home
covid-19 vaccine for kids 5-11 illo
CDC Recommends COVID Boosters for 5- to 11-Year-Olds
An illustration of a caucasian hand holding a rapid antigen COVID test on a bright yellow background.
When Should You Get Tested After a COVID-19 Exposure?
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
What Are the Side Effects of Paxlovid?
summer travel covid
How to Enjoy These 10 Summer Activities While Keeping Your COVID-19 Risk Low
A Black woman wearing a face mask lifting weights.
Can You Work Out If You Have COVID? Here’s What Experts Recommend
pandemic grief v2
Why You Might Feel Numb to Pandemic News
air filtration system on ceiling of corporate office
How Much Do Ventilation Systems Help Reduce COVID Transmission?
COVID-19 vaccines
With J&J Vaccine Restrictions, Experts Say We Need More Options Beyond mRNA
woman pulling down her mask to take a pill
COVID Symptoms Unlikely to Relapse After Taking Paxlovid
thanksgiving travel
How to Safely Travel This Summer If You're Immunocompromised
Hands reaching for booster shot vial.
When Should You Get Your Second Booster Shot?
A bottle of molnupiravir on a teal background.
COVID Antivirals Fight Omicron Better Than Monoclonal Antibodies
flat lay illustration of medications with 'drug news' text
FDA Approves First COVID Treatment for Young Kids
Mom helping her child do at-home COVID-19 tests.
Nearly 75% Of Kids May Have Had COVID—but That Doesn’t Mean They’re Immune

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