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What we know about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly evolving. From transmission risk to potential new treatments, learn what the latest COVID-19 research and guidelines mean for you.

man sleeping with CPAP machine
Should People With Sleep Apnea Be Prioritized for the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Close up of a person holding an orange; their nose and mouth is near the sliced orange as though they are smelling it. You can't see the rest of their face.
Loss of Taste, Smell in COVID-19 Might Last Up to 5 Months
experimental vaccine vials
How the FDA Is Helping Expedite Vaccine Boosters For COVID-19 Variants
A colorful illustration of a woman of color with a face mask on a blue back ground with COVID-19 virus particles around her.
Without Women, COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts in the U.S. Would Fail
partitioned cots
Are Warming Centers Safe During a Pandemic?
woman drinking wine looking at tablet
Does Alcohol Reduce COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness?
Two patients wearing face masks in the hospital.
As Insurers End COVID-19 Grace Period, Patients Can Expect Hospital Bills
Student wearing a mask looking at a book in a library.
A Learning Curve: What COVID-19 Testing Looks Like on College Campuses Today
A Black woman wearing protective face mask buying grocery at a supermarket.
Humidity From Face Masks May Lessen the Severity of COVID-19
Mike Heidenberg
COVID-19 Leaves Former English Professor at a Loss for Words
Close up of someone's hands holding a blank COVID-19 vaccination card.
You Got Your COVID-19 Vaccine. Now What?
Face masks.
The First National Standards for Face Masks Are Here
A diverse group of people standing in line outside a building, socially distancing and wearing face masks.
Many Americans Plan To Continue Practicing COVID-19 Precautions Post-Pandemic
Close up of a person's hand pouring an orange tablet into their palm from a prescription bottle.
Heart Failure Drug Might Help Cases of Chronic COVID-19
An illustration of a group of people of mixed race and age wearing face masks.
New Report Outlines 5-Point Plan for Vaccine Equity in Communities of Color
Senior woman checks her heart rate on smart watch taking a break
Should You Get Your Heart Checked If You Had COVID-19?
Moderna vials
Moderna in Conversation with FDA to Add Doses to COVID-19 Vaccine Vials
Pregnant woman receiving a vaccine.
COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations to Discuss with a Doctor During Pregnancy
A composite x-ray of a right and left breast on a mammogram.
Swollen Lymph Nodes After COVID-19 Vaccines May Cause Mammogram Confusion
A blizzard
What to Do if Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Is Canceled or Delayed
young adult male taking selfie with phone while wearing a mask
A Verywell Report: Why Young Adults Say They Won't Get a COVID-19 Vaccine
Nurse giving flu vaccine to a senior patient in the hospital.
COVID-19 Vaccines May Now Be Available at Your Local Pharmacy
elementary school girl wearing mask putting on hand sanitizer at desk
Will the New CDC Guidelines Help Schools Reopen Faster?
Woman wearing double masks.
The New CDC-Approved Face Mask Hacks Are Surprisingly Easy
Photo of Vincent Ganapini
'I Saw What the Virus Can Do': Physician Shares Experience Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
line of cars at Petco Park for covid vaccine
How Stadiums and Amusement Parks Are Converted Into COVID-19 Vaccination Sites
Woman sneezing into arm with face mask.
Recovering From a Cold Won't Protect You From COVID-19
Healthcare professional with gloves and face mask injecting a vaccine into the arm of an unseen person who is obese.
How Does Obesity Affect COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity?
Woman wearing a face mask getting a vaccine.
Here's Why Your Symptoms May Be Worse After Your Second COVID-19 Shot
vaccine hunters no logo
Vaccine Hunters Are Crossing State Lines for a COVID-19 Shot
Doctor in personal protective equipment vaccinating a patient.
CDC: Fully Vaccinated People Don't Need to Quarantine After COVID-19 Exposure
Photo of the cell shows a cluster of three human cells of the immune system (macrophages). In red- the cytoskeleton of the cell, in blue- nuclei, in green- nanoparticles that are being "caught" by the cell's "arms."
Cannabis Compounds May Help Reduce Lung Inflammation in COVID-19
An illustration of a bar chart with COVID-19 virus particles on it on a purple background.
Will the New COVID-19 Variants Increase Reinfection Rates?
Young Asian businesswoman with protective face mask to protect from viruses/air pollution, using smartphone while commuting in the city, against energetic and prosperous downtown city street with urban skyscrapers
How to Use Social Media to Secure Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment
Conceptual image of a gloved hand holding a syringe.
What Does COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Mean?
A distressed man in silhouette with his hands against a wall.
Schizophrenia Among Highest Risk Factors for COVID-19 Death
vaccine technician wearing mask and glasses and patient wearing mask and glasses
More COVID-19 Vaccines Available to Community Health Centers
Photo of Michael Crowley.
'Similar to a Flu Shot': Healthcare Worker Shares Experience Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
Intravenous Bag on Stand.
FDA Authorizes Second Eli Lilly Monoclonal Antibody to Treat COVID-19
A healthcare worker screens a patient for COVID-19 at a drive through coronavirus testing site.
COVID-19 Rates Are Declining, but Experts Keep Watchful Eye on Variants
Cropped image of man smoking electronic cigarette against blue background - stock photo
Despite COVID Risks, Teens Are Struggling to Quit JUUL
vaccination certificate
Better Business Bureau: Don't Post COVID-19 Vaccine Card on Social Media
Walmart storefront
COVID-19 Vaccines Set To Ship To Retail Pharmacies Across the Country
Conceptual image of social distancing.
Yes, Social Distancing Does Lower Your Chance of Contracting COVID-19
Doctor Putting Bandage on Little Boy stock photo.
Want to Protect Your Child From COVID-19? The Flu Shot May Help
doctor taking swab of patient's mouth
COVID Tongue: Overview and More
Google maps vaccine finder.
Google Maps Now Displaying COVID-19 Vaccination Locations in Certain States
Older woman with diabetes checking blood sugar levels.
Experts Explain How COVID-19 May Be Causing New Cases of Diabetes
woman pulling down her mask to take a pill
NSAIDs (Advil, Motrin) May Dampen the Antibody Response to COVID-19 Vaccines
Gloved hands of a medical professional holding a bag of blood plasma/white blood cells.
Case Report: COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Receiving Donated Plasma
vaccine graph
Verywell COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Tracker: Week of Feb. 1
Pedestrians in flu masks walking in city - stock illustration.
Ask an Expert: What is COVID-19 Survivor’s Guilt, and How Can I Cope with it?
Young woman takes photo with COVID-19 vaccine card.
'It's an Act of Love': Chicago Teacher Shares Experience Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
IV drop
Recent Data Suggests More People With COVID-19 Would Benefit From Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
A pregnant white woman receiving a vaccine by a Black female healthcare professional. Both are wearing face masks.
WHO: Both COVID-19 Vaccines OK If You're Pregnant
The back of a white, blonde woman's neck with gloves of a healthcare provider examining a mole.
COVID-Related Delays Could Lead to More Late-Stage Skin Cancer Diagnoses
Black older man receiving a vaccine shot.
Why Are Black Americans Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine at Lower Rates?
Woman in the winter wearing a face mask.
Study: COVID-19 May Be a Seasonal Virus
A gloved hand holding a syringe.
AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Might Help Curb Virus Spread
family watching football game
6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Attend a Super Bowl Party This Year