Courtney Preusse


Courtney is an 8-year breast cancer survivor, a researcher and patient advocate, a community liaison, and a health professional working and volunteering in support of cancer awareness and advances in cancer research. Diagnosed as a young adult, she has sought out a broad array of initiatives to shape, broaden and strengthen the discussion on cancer research and improve upon the multidirectional flow of information from clinician to patient and patient to clinician. 


Behind the page, Courtney works with clinicians and researchers at one of the leading cancer centers in the United States to advance new breast cancer initiatives, pilot projects, and translational research in development.  As a patient advocate, Courtney serves on leadership boards, advisory panels, and peer review panels.  She participated in the Scientist-Survivor Program at the American Association for Cancer Research Conference and has presented posters at other national conferences.  Her involvement has led to an increased awareness around the many ways in which a survivors’ participation in research can support, influence and strengthen cancer research.  Courtney is an active member of the West Coast Affiliate of the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) and and served as a Committee Chair for the YSC’s Research Think Tank: Driving the Agenda on Breast Cancer in Young Women.  Courtney was recently featured by the YSC here

Diagnosed at age 31 with an aggressive form of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC; stage IIB, grade 3), Courtney shares a passion and drive with thousands of other scientists, patient advocates, and volunteers: 

  • to conduct groundbreaking research on cancer at its earliest and most curable stages, 
  • to transcend impenetrable boundaries, and 
  • to create synergistic collaborations and bridges between science and society.   

In December 2013, Courtney celebrated 8 years as a breast cancer survivor.  And although now cancer free, she stands as a co-survivor alongside immediate family members and close friends who live with metastatic disease.  

Courtney resides in the Seattle, Washington area with her husband and beloved four-legged children.


Courtney holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Spanish and, a Master of Arts in Public Policy from a leading university in the Washington DC area.  On a constant basis, she receives on-the-job training from the brilliant scientists with whom she works and who strive to cure cancer every day.

A Word From Courtney Preusse

"Advocates have a strong role to play in educating and empowering women, setting research agendas, and supporting others who follow..."

- Julie R. Gralow, MD

Jill Bennett Endowed Professor of  Breast Cancer, University of Washington

Director, Breast Medical Oncology, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


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