How To Sign Up For a COVID-19 Vaccine In Every State

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Key Takeaways

  • Each state has its own framework and timeline for getting people vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Many state health departments are in the process of creating dedicated COVID-19 vaccine registration portals, and some have created these portals already.
  • In many states, COVID-19 vaccine registration will take place on a county level.

Since COVID-19 vaccine distribution began in the United States in December 2020, the guidance for where doses are allocated and who is eligible to receive them has been challenging to follow. From a federal level, vaccines were originally distributed based on the adult population of each state, but by mid-January, allocation become dependent on how quickly a state could vaccinate. Nationally, the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents be first in line for vaccines, but states have been able to create their own priority groups.

So how can you keep up with your place in line for a COVID-19 vaccine? The best place to look is your own state's health department. States will continue to compete for doses and make their own determinations about who is eligible for a shot and why.

Below, you can find each state's information on vaccine eligibility and registration. Some states simply provide information and phone numbers, while others have vaccine registration portals up and running. This page will be updated as more states introduce dedicated COVID-19 vaccine registration sites.

Many state websites encourage residents to visit their local county health departments for more specific information. Some counties even have their own COVID-19 vaccine registration portals.


Alabama is scheduling vaccinations through county health departments. To check your availability or make a vaccination appointment with your county health department, visit their portal, Some counties also offer drive-thru or walk-in clinics, or mass clinics. To find drive-thru or walk-in locations, use the Vaccine Clinic Dashboard to find the location nearest you.


Alaska's vaccine response page doesn't have a registration option. Instead, they urge residents to wait to register until their phase has arrived. Find your nearest location for vaccination using their provider locator map.


Vaccine phases are specific to the county in Arizona. In the Phoenix area, the Phoenix Municipal Stadium and State Farm Stadium are vaccination sites, but appointments for all of February are currently filled. To find an appointment close to you, use the map-based finder on their landing page and sign up through the location-specific registration website.


Arkansas's COVID-19 response page offers a searchable map of vaccine administration sites. Registration is through the vaccine administrator.


California has a dedicated vaccine portal to walk residents through the process of determining their eligibility based on age and occupation. After determining eligibility, the portal will find the nearest vaccine location. If the vaccine isn't available yet, residents can sign up to receive email notifications of when they can sign up.


Colorado has no central portal for vaccine registration, but information and links are available by county and service provider on their COVID-19 response page. On a county level, many service providers offer a sign-up portal and email notification of when your spot is available.


You can find an eligibility quiz on the landing page of the Connecticut Coronavirus Portal. A vaccine clinic finder based on zip code will provide a list of vaccination locations. This page will also allow residents to find providers that will schedule by phone. With the exception of a few mass vaccination clinics, scheduling is conducted through the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS). For those that need additional help, the Vaccine Appointment Assist Line is available from 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 877-918-2224.


Delaware is holding several mass vaccination events for residents. To sign up for a spot, visit Once there, click 'Get Started' to fill out the preregistration survey. You will be confirmed via email about upcoming events. For those without access to a computer, the COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center can be reached at 1-833-643-1715 and will help make initial waitlist requests. The state of Delaware site warns that using the Vaccine Request Portal doesn't secure a place in line and to get the vaccine if it is made available to you by a local provider.


Washington D.C. has a clear, straightforward portal with several options for registering for the vaccine. Residents may register with the government site, with any of the participating hospitals that they've been seen at in the past two years, or at one of the district health centers.


Although there is no central registration to sign up for the vaccine, Florida Public Health offers a clear and easy-to-navigate portal to find participating vaccine administration sites. Appointments are booked directly with the vaccine locations.


The Georgia Department of Public Health offers a vaccine finder tool on their website as well as portals to six easily accessible pharmacy sites: Kroger Health, Ingles Pharmacy, Publix Pharmacy, U Save It Pharmacy, Walmart Pharmacy, and CVS Pharmacy. Registration for appointments is through each individual location.


Hawaii's COVID-19 Portal says that residents aged 75 and older are now eligible to register for the vaccine, as well as healthcare workers in Phase 1b. Healthcare workers must register through their employers. All others may visit the list of locations to inquire about appointments. Currently, the number of available vaccine doses is extremely low, so many locations have paused first dose vaccinations.


In addition to their COVID-19 information page, Idaho now has a When and Where to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccination page. The portal sets out a timeline for all populations' eligibility as well as locations based on health districts comprised of several counties each. Many administration sites offer hotlines or online appointment scheduling.


The Illinois Coronavirus information page offers a map with active links to vaccine administration sites around the state. Appointments may be made with the individual sites.


The Indiana Department of Health has created a "vaccine waiting room" information hub to check eligibility, find a location, and book an appointment directly with the administration site.


Iowa has established a coronavirus portal that guides residents to providers that are administering the vaccine by county. Individual administration sites have more information, including existing lists of people eligible based on age.


The Kansas Department of Health has included a handy Find My Vaccine menu on their COVID response page. The menu provides a list of vaccine administrators but doesn't provide an avenue to make appointments. Appointments must be made with individual providers.


Kentucky Public Health has established a main portal for determining eligibility for vaccination and finding an administration site by location. The eligibility survey offers the option to sign up for email notifications of when residents are able to make an appointment, based on age and occupation. Residents that currently qualify can make an appointment with the individual provider online.


The Louisiana Department of Health offers a list of vaccine administration locations on their COVID-19 response page. Appointments for those falling in the active phase may be made with individual providers. Note: some elections staff may be eligible for vaccinations ahead of March elections.


The office of the Governor of Maine's COVID-19 response site offers a survey tool to determine eligibility for the vaccine. Once eligibility is determined, a list of administration sites is available on the same page. Appointments must be booked directly with providers.


According to Maryland's COVID-19 page, vaccinations are available through hospitals, local health departments, pharmacies, and mass vaccination sites. Appointments may be found via search tool and booked directly with providers.


Massachusetts offers vaccinations through mass vaccination sites (public event spaces), general vaccination sites (healthcare providers or pharmacy/grocery stores), and local vaccination sites (specific to each town). Mass vaccination sites will release appointments on Thursdays to those in eligible categories. Appointments must be booked directly with the locations administering the vaccine.


Michigan's COVID response page organizes all appointments by local health departments only. Links to each county health department are available on their landing page, and phone number hotlines are listed where available. Once residents access their county portal, they may register to receive the vaccine and will be notified via email or phone call.


Minnesota's COVID-19 response page features a searchable map with vaccine locations. Residents who are eligible for vaccination are encouraged to speak directly with their healthcare provider. Appointments must be made with individual administration sites. For community vaccination sites in Minneapolis, Duluth, or Rochester, residents 65 and older, as well as childcare providers and educators, are being chosen at random after preregistering in the past few weeks. Preregistration is currently closed but will reopen in the next few weeks on the website.


The Mississippi Department of Health has a single portal for determining eligibility and booking appointments. Since the vaccine supply varies from week to week, appointments are variable as well. The website says that all healthcare workers and paramedics, people 65 and older, and adults under 65 with underlying medical conditions are currently eligible for the vaccine.


The Missouri Department of Health page features a map link that directs to a searchable map of potential providers, but the site warns that inclusion on the map doesn't ensure that they have current access to the vaccine or intend to publicly distribute it. More information may be available with county health departments and hospital systems.


The Montana Department of Health and Human Services has provided a searchable county map. By clicking on a county, the map connects residents to county health department websites and social media, where updates to registration and drive-through events are available.


The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services offers a clear and easy way to register interest in the vaccine. Once they are eligible, they will be contacted to set up an appointment. Vaccines are not distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, however. Vaccines are being allocated depending on the number of eligible recipients living in an area, so some places may have more availability than others.


Nevada's public health department has a website called Immunize Nevada that lists each county's vaccination eligibility and places accepting appointments. For those residing in the southern half of the state, the Southern Nevada Health Districts' page offers direct links to appointments, if available, by provider.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents that pass the eligibility survey are invited to register on the New Hampshire COVID-19 vaccine page. Once registered, they will be contacted via email when an appointment is available.

New Jersey

The New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System is available for preregistration on their COVID-19 Information Hub.

New Mexico

New Mexico's Department of Health website features a convenient registration system. Residents must create a profile. After that, they may schedule appointments, enter demographic info, and more.

New York

New York's COVID-19 vaccine site offers a portal to determine eligibility at any of the New York State-run vaccine sites, which will be operating through April 16 as of this writing. Scroll all the way to the end of the page and click 'Get Started'. There are no private companies listed for other appointments at this time.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services page features click-through portals to determine eligibility and to find the vaccine administrator location closest to you. The page cautions that because of limited supply, private doctors will be unlikely to have access to the vaccine. There is no central registration to secure a spot in line at this time.

North Dakota

North Dakota's Health Department site offers three options for residents: finding a vaccination clinic, news and notification sign up, and employer registration for those that want to provide vaccine opportunities for their workforce. The vaccination clinic finder searches based on your address. Appointments, if available, may be booked with individual sites. The news and notification option will send notifications about changes in phases and availability but does not register residents for a vaccine spot.


Ohio's Department of Health doesn't offer a registration for a vaccine, but it does offer a searchable map of vaccine administrators. Appointments may be made with individual providers according to phase.


Oklahoma's Department of Health offers a clear and easy portal for registration for the vaccine. Fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire and if eligible, you'll be guided to make an appointment. If you're not eligible yet, you'll be placed on a notification list and emailed or called when your spot is available.


Oregon's Department of Health offers an eligibility tool that connects residents with a chatbot to determine eligibility. For those that know their eligibility status, vaccine information may be obtained by county, with many counties offering sign-ups through their specific health departments.


Pennsylvania's Public Health website offers tools to ascertain eligibility and then to find a vaccine provider. Appointments are made directly with vaccine administration locations. Residents of Philadelphia County have their own program separate from the state, and eligible residents can reserve a place in line on Philadelphia's COVID-19 vaccination page.

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Health offers appointment scheduling for state-run vaccination sites and pharmacies, as well as a search tool for local vaccination sites.

South Carolina

South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control site doesn't offer registration but does point residents that are part of the current phase to a vaccine provider map searchable by zip code. Appointments may be made with individual providers.

South Dakota

South Dakota's Department of Health doesn't have a sign-up but has an option to find vaccine providers by county. Registration details are available on the county level and with individual vaccination locations.


The Tennessee Department of Health is funneling all vaccine inquiries to county health centers. Once the county is chosen on a drop-down menu, residents may request an appointment if eligible and join waiting lists for open spots by date.


Texas has established vaccine hubs for mass vaccinations around the state, but the state is also using community providers. Registration for both hubs and community providers happens through the individual locations, rather than the state department of health. A list of the hub providers is available on the Texas Department of State Health Services website, as is a link to a community providers map.


All vaccine administration in Utah is being handled through county health departments and local pharmacies. A list of county health departments and local pharmacies with their phone numbers and active links are available on the Utah COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution page, where residents may also sign up for vaccine updates.


The Vermont Department of Health offers a clear way to make appointments through their "Vaccine Appointments" click-through link. Once there, residents create a profile that determines their eligibility, and once eligible will be notified and can make an appointment. The site currently says that there are adequate appointments for everyone that is eligible.


Virginia's Department of Health site guides residents to determine their eligibility for the vaccine. Once eligible, residents are instructed to contact their local county health department to make an appointment.


The Washington State Department of Health site offers a vaccine phase finder tool and a vaccine location finder map. Once eligible, appointments must be made with individual locations.

West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources offers a statewide registration system. Once registered, an appointment isn't made, but residents will be notified on vaccine availability and when they can schedule an appointment.


The Wisconsin Department of Health Services directs eligible residents to contact their local health departments or watch social media and television news for updates on where to receive the vaccine. There is no registration.


The Wyoming Department of Health directs residents to their county health departments. Each county has a link to a preregistration form. When residents are eligible to be vaccinated, an additional vaccination form may be needed in some counties. Check local health departments for specifics.

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