Daniel B. Block, MD

Daniel Block


  • In private practice in West Grove, Pennsylvania 
  • Board-certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology 



After completing residency Daniel B. Block, MD, was recruited to begin and chair a new department of psychiatry at what was then Southern Chester County Medical Center (now Jennersville Regional Hospital) to begin offering services to what was at the time a highly underserved population. He was also named the medical director of the Addiction Recovery Center at the hospital. Before the hospital was sold to a for profit company, Dr. Block had a department that offered individual, group and marital therapy, the addictions program, and his own practice, which also included consultation and liaison work on the inpatient units.

Dr. Block also recruited child psychiatrists to the department and was a co-chair on the hospital's ethics committee. After the sale of the hospital effectively ended all psychiatric services there, Dr. Block moved his office locally and has continued to run his solo practice in West Grove. During his time in practice Dr. Block has been a staunch advocate for his patients, particularly in the area of insurance denials and has been equally passionate about patient education. He was awarded the Medical Service Advisor Award in 2000 for his work as the medical adviser to New Directions in Wilmington, Delaware, a chapter of the DBSA (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance). 


Dr. Block received a bachelor of arts in English from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1985. He earned his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia in 1989, then began his psychiatric residency at Temple University Hospital and finished at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia in 1993. 

A Word From Daniel B. Block, MD

I was very excited and honored when I was asked to become part of Verywell's medical review board. I have always been interested in writing and this gives me the opportunity to stay engaged with that interest while serving a very important role in helping to expand the knowledge base available to the public. Our goal here at Verywell is to enhance and expand public knowledge and awareness of the latest information and ideas in healthcare as well as general wellness and prevention.

There is a bewildering amount of health information available online and so often patients have come in asking for guidance about how to educate themselves and filter out what is not accurate, current and factual material. I always make it a point to provide very thorough education about diagnoses and treatment to each patient. The more patients know, the better likelihood there will be compliance with treatment and more positive outcomes as well as improved communications with medical professionals because knowledge helps people become more educated in their approach to their own health. I see Verywell's work as critically vital because it offers people one place where they can find the information they need in clear and understandable terms.

I am particularly interested in the impact of epigenetics in my field and in particular the relationship of the gut microbiome, the immune system and the brain. In psychiatry, the models for brain functioning are shifting rapidly but in our present times technology is finally catching up to ideas and concepts so that we are now better equipped to diagnose and treat a broader range of illnesses more effectively. Verywell is a leader in making all of this developing health and wellness information both more available to people AND easy to understand. 

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