Deaf culture encompasses all aspects of life for the deaf community. From raising issues like audism to embracing the arts, learn how you can take part.
Back view of elementary students raising their arms on a class.
Segregation in Deaf Schools
Information: 200. Jahrestag der Gründung der ersten staatlichen Bildungseinrichtung für Gehörlose: Samuel Heinicke, Taubstummenlehrer, Begründer der Bildungseinrichtung; Leipzig um 1800
Samuel Heinicke: The Father of Oral Deaf Education
Businesswoman waiting with legs crossed in lobby
Deafness and Employment Discrimination
Cruise ship
Where to Go on Deaf Cruises and Travel Tours
Actress Marlee Matlin
Interview With Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin
Musicians Who Have Hearing Loss
TTY with telephone receiver
Robert Weitbrecht: Inventor of the Telephone Typewriter
Two young woman speak in sign language
Ways Deaf and Hearing Culture Are Different
Deanne Bray at an event with another actress
Deanne Bray-Kotsur, Deaf Actress Profile and Interview
empty theater
History of Theatre in the Deaf Community
Couple Working Together Online
Challenges of Relationships for Deaf and Hearing People
Hearing impaired man reading e-mail on phone
Deaf Culture - Deaf or Disabled?
An Evening With Nyle DiMarco
Famous Historic Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
Teaching a child sign language
Career Options for Using Sign Language
Teacher showing pre-school girl sign language
Ban on Sign Language at the Milan Conference of 1880
Helen Keller Reading Braille
Helen Keller's Life as a Deaf and Blind Woman
Deaf Caucasian friends signing at dinner table
Audism and How It Affects Deaf People
Baby with a hearing aid playing with an iphone
People and Events in Deaf History
Deaf School children sign to each other in a school class room
Pathological View vs. Cultural View of Deafness
Artwork of cochlear implant in ear
History of the Cochlear Implant
Deaf woman and daughter communicate
How to Use Lipreading or Speechreading
Deaf school children signing
8 Reasons You Might Be Glad to Be Deaf
Two friends socializing through sign language
An Introduction to American Deaf Culture
Woman and man signing the word 'Mortgage' in American Sign Language
Handling Workplace Discrimination Against Deaf and HOH
Family with hearing impairments playing football and signing play and pass in American sign language in backyard
Sports Activities and Competitions for Deaf People
Two Happy Men Making Sign Language
How to Make Deaf Friends and Build Relationships
Teenage friends walking on neighborhood street
Sex Education Resources for Deaf Students