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Coping With Hearing Loss and Deafness

The deaf and hard of hearing community is a thriving source of support for anyone living with hearing loss. Explore how they can help you cope with changes.
Woman doing sign language at cafe
Explore the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community in Houston, Texas
teacher with deaf students
Why Rochester, New York May Be the Best Place for a Deaf Person to Live
American School for the Deaf
Celebrating the Hearing Impaired During Deaf History Month
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Learn About the Different Retirement Housing Options for Deaf Seniors
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Explore the Deaf Community of Philadelphia
Deaf School children sign to each other in School class room
Daycare for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Woman using sign language with deaf man
Taking Care of Someone Who Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing
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Getting Tutoring Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Scales of Justice Statue
Legal Rights for Deaf or Hard of Hearing People
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Helping Deaf People With Mental and Emotional Problems
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5 U.S. and International Colleges for the Deaf
Girl using braille to read
The Story Behind Deafblind Triplet Daughters
Teacher showing pre-school girl sign language
A List of the Best Positions for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Job Seekers
Deaf Parents With Hearing Children
Deaf People Parenting Hearing Children
Father playing with son
When Deaf People Also Have Autism
Mother helping daughter do math homework in playroom
Black or African American Deaf People and Organizations
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Helping Deaf People in Developing Countries Around the World
School students with raised hands, back view
Including Deaf & Hard of Hearing Kids in the Classroom
Parent communicating with sign language
7 Reasons Parents Hesitate to Learn Sign Language
3 college-aged women having a conversation in ASL outside school
Resources for Deaf Awareness Week
Interpreter signing during business meeting.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Organizations
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Deaf Churches: Worshipping With Other Deaf People
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Literacy Resources for Teaching Deaf Children English
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Resources for Deaf Native Americans