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Dental Procedures and Treatments

From root canals to wisdom tooth extractions, knowing what to expect when you visit the dentist can help you prepare and make better treatment choices.
Dental Amalgam
Dental Amalgam: The Benefits and Risks
Pulpotomy: Uses, Side Effects, and Procedure
Dentist talking to patient in chair
The Pros and Cons of Dental Prophylaxis
Preschool aged girl having her teeth examined by a dentist
The Benefits and Safety of Flouride Varnish
dentures in a glass of water
Tips for Eating With New Dentures
xray of completed Root Canal
Getting a Dental Crown on Your Tooth
a close up of a woman's mouth being examined by a dentist
Different Types of Dental Fillings
Dentist working on patient in chair
The Purpose and Uses of a Gingival Retraction Cord
dentist explaining procedure to patient
Dental Implant Procedure: Preparation, Recovery, Long-Term Care
dental instruments and procedure
Truth Behind Root Canal Treatments
Dentist examining boys teeth
Root Canal Surgery: Overview
Dentist's chair
How to Prepare for Oral Surgery
scientist doing Stem cell research
Will Stem Cells Replace Dental Implants?
Woman brushing her teeth while holding glass of water
How to Make Saline Solution or Salt Water Mouth Rinse
Gold dental crowns
What Is a Gold Dental Crown?
Dentist viewing x-ray on computer screen
How Panorex X-Rays Are Used in Dentistry
Lab worker working on a dental impression
How a Dental Impression Is Made
Anesthetist administering gas to patient
How Safe Is Anesthesia for Oral Surgery?
Sweet Food In Glass Containers Arranged At Store For Sale
Can You Eat Candy If You Have a Crown or Bridge?
Dental impression
Digital vs. Traditional Dental Impressions
Dentist working on patient in chair
The Options for Direct and Indirect Dental Restoration
Illustration of impacted wisdom tooth
Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery: Preparation and Recovery
Beautiful girl at the dentist getting a check up on her teeth
Orthodontic Headgear: Purpose, Uses, and What to Expect
Surgeon looking a X-rays of a skull
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Preparation and Recovery
oral surgery recovery
Oral Surgery Recovery Guidelines
Dentist is treating young woman stock photo
Root Canal - What to Expect During a Root Canal
Dentist viewing x-ray on computer screen
Everything You Need to Know About Dental X-Rays
A pair of dentures
Replacing Missing Teeth With Dentures
Dentist and patient with tooth veneers
How Are Veneers Used in Dentistry?
Modern dental office
Frequently Asked Questions About Wisdom Teeth Surgery