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Eating a healthy diet is at the forefront of many homes these days. And for good reason—we know the value of it; eating healthy can help to manage and fend off diseases such as type 2 diabetes, increase energy levels, shed pounds, and contribute to looking and feeling younger. If only it were that easy! Food shopping, prepping, and preparing can be time-consuming, confusing, and expensive. Fortunately, companies have started to develop pre-portioned meal delivery systems.

Companies like Blue Apron and Sun Basket (organic ingredients) offer a wide-variety of recipes to cater to single people as well as families. These meal delivery systems market quality, fresh, farm ingredients with superb tasting recipes. The goal is to focus on home cooked meals, while eliminating some of the stresses of meal prep. Fairly new to the trending meal delivery market is the partnership (launched in July 2016) between the American Diabetes Association and Chef’d, providing easy-to-prepare recipe kits for people with diabetes inspired by the American Diabetes Association’s award winning cookbooks.

The uniqueness of this particular partnership is that each recipe has been carefully evaluated by registered dietitians to ensure that it meets the nutritional guidelines for people living with diabetes. This means that the meals are calorie and carbohydrate controlled, low in saturated fat and sodium, and rich in fiber.

In addition to partnering with the American Diabetes Association, Chef’d has partnered with Atkins, Weight Watchers, and many more. For those people with diabetes who eat very low carbohydrate diets or are following Weight Watchers, this may be an option for you. They also have an array of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes.

Another bonus is that Chef’d is led by an award-winning chef with nearly 30 years of experience in the food industry. The list of chefs who have contributed to these recipes is astounding.

How It Works

I went through the process and it is fairly simple and easy to use. First, you’ll choose whether you want your recipes to yield two meals or four meals. Next, choose how many meals you’d like per week. You can order up to seven meals per week, and each are pre-portioned with ingredients that are shipped straight to your door. You can personalize your meal plan if you have certain allergies. Pick your preferences—do you like meals with fish, chicken, beef?

After you’ve made your selections, an automated menu will pop up. You can swap out meals that don’t seem to scream at you. Also, some meals cost more to make than others depending on the ingredients, which can vary the prices. You can swap out pricier meals for less expensive ones. The more meals you choose per week, the more money the meal delivery system will cost. All meals include detailed nutrition information, including carbohydrate content. In addition, the recipes include level of difficulty, time needed, as well as what type of cooking equipment is necessary to prepare your meal. If you need to skip a week or swap meals to fit your schedule, you can.

What Is the Nutrition Content?

The meals run very low to moderate in calories and are carbohydrate controlled. Most meals seem to range from 220-540 calories, with a wide variety in between. I have also found that meals range from 5-16g fat, 11-58g carbohydrate, 4-9g fiber, 20-47g protein, and 200-570mg sodium. In addition to listing basic nutrition information, the labels also list the amount of phosphorus and potassium per meal. This is significant for those persons with diabetes who also have kidney disease and need to monitor their intake of these two minerals.

They Also Offer Some Perks

The company offers several perks too:

  • You’ll receive money if you invite friends.
  • There is no membership or subscription fee.
  • You’ll receive free shipping of meals for any order over $40.
  • You can pick your delivery date and add special notes for delivery.
  • You can purchase gift cards for loved ones with diabetes.

This Is a Great Way to Jump-Start Healthy Eating

If you or someone you know has diabetes and you’ve bought a bunch of cookbooks, but don’t know where to start, this is a great place to begin. Once you’ve decided on recipes you like, you can either continue to order them or start making them on your own. In addition, these basic recipes can help you to learn basic cooking methods which you can put into practice for yourself and the whole family. If you are worried that your family cannot eat these foods—don’t be. These recipes contain real food with real ingredients. And the best part is that the carbohydrate counting is done for you. By modifying your carbohydrate intake you can help to lower your blood sugars and lose weight.

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