Digestive Health Exams and Procedures

When your doctor orders a digestive health exam like a colonoscopy, knowing what to expect can reduce any anxiety you have. Explore what you need to know.
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Best At-Home Metabolism Tests of 2022
tool for colonoscopy
How Often Should You Get a Colonoscopy?
Are you malnourished?
Malnutrition Criteria: Quiz, Tests, Symptoms, Treatment, and More
Antacid medicine being poured into a dosing cup.
GI Cocktail: Indigestion Fix or Antacid Hoax?
albumin test
What Is Albumin?
Female doctor uses tablet to show x-ray to senior man
What Is Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)?
Doctor showing intestine model to patient in office
What Is a Colorectal Surgeon (a Proctologist)?
Vitamin D Testing
What to Expect From Vitamin D Testing
Female person holds human intestines model at body
What Is Small Bowel Enteroscopy?
Illustration inside intestine
What Is a Gastric Emptying Scan?
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Fecal Transplants Are Not a DIY Project
HIDA scan
What Is a Hepatobiliary Iminodiacetic Acid (HIDA) Scan?
Pain or cramps in stomach
Common Tests Used to Diagnose Abdominal Pain
Female technologist performing ultrasound on patient
What to Expect During an Abdominal Ultrasound
PET Scan machine
How Do PET Scans Work in Staging Colorectal Cancer?
Man sitting on a toilet bowl
How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy
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Benefits and Risks of Using Enemas for Digestive Health
A slide on a lit up microscope
How a Colon Biopsy Is Performed
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Potential Risks of a Colonoscopy
Biopsy Slides
12 Types of Biopsy and Why They Are Used
What to Expect When Undergoing Sonography
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How Do You Know When Your Bowel Prep Is Complete?
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Simple Instructions on How to Use an Enema
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What to Expect if You Need a Polypectomy
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What Is Normal Stool After Ostomy Surgery?
Why a Colonoscopy Can Sometimes Miss Signs of Cancer
What Is an EGD?
Woman with abdominal pain Woman with abdominal pain at home
For Severe Intestinal Problems, a Fecal Transplant May Be the Answer
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Why Might Your Healthcare Provider Order A Stool Culture?
A doctor holding an endoscope with gloves on
Understand How an Endoscopy Can Help Treat Different Health Conditions
A virtual colonoscopy looks at the colon via CT images
What Is a Virtual Colonoscopy?
Individual having an magnetic resonance enterography.
What Is Magnetic Resonance Enterography?
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Learn How a FIT Test Can Find Blood in Stool That You Can't See
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5 Ways to Manage Pain and Fear During a Rectal Exam
How an Endoscopic Ultrasound Is Done
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Everything You Need to Know About the Bristol Stool Chart
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Is Getting a Colonic Worth the Risk?