Drug Companies With Patient Assistance Programs

Without insurance, the cost of chemotherapy can be devastating. Out of pocket costs can easily fall into the thousands, breaking budgets and depleting savings. When looking for help, people are surprised to learn that pharmaceutical companies offer financial assistance with treatment costs. Applying for help is a simple as filling out an application, having your doctor verify the information, and submitting the paperwork to the drug maker. Thousands of drugs are covered under the programs and aren't exclusive to chemotherapy or cancer treatment-related medications.

Eligibility criteria vary among each program. While many programs reach out to low-income individuals, not all programs are income-based. Age can be a mitigating factor for some programs because of Medicare-related assistance for individuals 65 and over. There are many programs for those ineligible for Medicare, as well.

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Drug Companies That Help Pay for Cancer Treatments

The first step in getting help for your prescription medications is by determining what drug company makes them. Find out who the drug manufacturer is by simply asking your physician or pharmacist. Check the drug maker's website for their prescription assistance programs. Your doctor's office or cancer center may have information about available programs, so be sure to ask them, too.

Below you will find a list of the larger pharmaceutical companies that have prescription drug assistance programs. Other programs may exist, but these drug makers manufacture most of the commonly prescribed medications.

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