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Dry Eye Syndrome

Are your eyes regularly itchy, dry, or red? These are common symptoms of dry eye syndrome, a condition that can easily be treated to protect your vision.
Illustration of nasal spray
Tyrvaya (Varenicline) - Nasal: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages
Illustration of eye drop
Cequa (Cyclosporine) Ophthalmic: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages
Young woman putting artificial tears in her dry eyes
Spotting Dry Eye Trouble: What to Know About Symptoms
Woman receiving acupuncture treatments.
Acupuncture for Dry Eye: Does It Work?
Close-up of a woman's eyes.
Dry Skin Under Eyes
Woman putting in eye drops
Can Dry Eyes Cause Floaters?
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What Are the Benefits of Maqui Berry for Dry Eyes?
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LASIK Dry Eyes: How to Treat Symptoms
Man sitting at a desk rubbing dry eyes
Why Are My Eyes so Dry?
Ways to Prevent Dry Eyes in the Winter - Illustration by Theresa Chiechi
Dry Eyes in Winter
Mature man with gray hair inserting eye drops into one eye.
Dry Eye After Cataract Surgery
Man sitting at a desk rubbing dry eyes
Which Foods Help With Dry Eye?
Older woman having eye drops instilled by medical professional
Dry Eyes Before Cataract Surgery
Woman relaxing with cloth over eyes
Can Warm Compresses Relieve Dry Eye?
A young Asian woman is applying medicine drops on her eyes on white background
Are Dry Eyes Connected to Dehydration?
Female ophthalmologist talking to older woman.
Getting the Most From Your Dry Eye Treatment
Mature woman with dried mud around the eye area.
Dry Eye and Menopause: Talking About this Overlooked Symptom
Flax Seeds
What to Know About Flaxseed Oil for Dry Eyes
Young woman having a slit lamp exam.
What to Expect With Dry Eye Tests
Person getting artificial tears for dry eyes
What You Need to Know Before Having Surgery for Dry Eyes
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Should You Use Coconut Oil for Dry Eyes?
Eye drop bottle and eye (Eye Drops to Avoid With Dry Eyes)
What Are the Best Eye Drops for Dry Eyes?
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Dry Eye and Coronavirus (COVID-19): Risks, Complications, Considerations
Red Eye Drops
The 7 Best Eye Drops for Red Eyes of 2022
Woman squeezing a drop from a single-use vial into her eye
Cequa: What You Need to Know for Overcoming Dry Eye From Too Few Tears
Discomfort from dry eyes
Punctal Plugs for Dry Eye
what causes dry eyes?
What Causes Dry Eyes?
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Telehealth for Dry Eye
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Symptoms of Dry Eye (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca)
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How Do I Treat My Dry Eyes?
Instilling eye drops for dry eye
Prescription Xiidra Is Used to Treat Dry Eyes
dry eye biodigital
Could Your Eye Discomfort Be Due to Dry Eye Syndrome?
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Sjogren's Syndrome May Cause People to Have Severe Dry Eyes
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How the Causes of Your Evaporative Dry Eye Can Be Treated
6 Conditions That Cause Dry Eyes
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Can Punctal Occlusion Be the Right Treatment for Your Dry Eyes?
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How to Treat Your Dry Eyes in 6 Uncommon Ways
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Why Your Pregnancy May Cause Dry Eye Syndrome
vitamin d
How to Get Relief for Your Dry Eyes With Natural Remedies
migraine headache
Is There a Link Between Dry Eye and Migraines?
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How Autologous Serum Drops Can Help Dry Eye Syndrome