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Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions (ENT)

Common ENT conditions include sleep apnea, sinus infections, and hearing issues. Explore the signs and symptoms of these, as well as treatment options.
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Nasal Polyp Treatment Without Surgery
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Why Can Nasal Polyps Make You Dizzy?
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Chronic Rhinosinusitis With Nasal Polyps
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What Is a Chronic Ear Infection and How Do You Treat It?
Pain behind ear in area of mastoid process concept photo. Person holds his hand over area behind ear, where pain is suspected due to otitis media, inflammation, noise in ear, hearing loss
Here's What That Lump Behind Your Ear Could Be
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Throat and Ear Pain
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Sinus Infection vs. COVID-19: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
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Can You Die From Hiccups? No, Here’s Why
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7 Dos and Don’ts to Dislodge a Pill Stuck in Your Throat
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Why Your Ears Are Crusty and What You Can Do About It
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Outer Ear Infections: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments
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What Causes Red Ears?
What Is This Sharp Pain Behind My Ear?
What Is Causing This Pain Behind My Ear?
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Are Your Ears Burning? Here's What Could Be Causing It
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What Is a Double Ear Infection and How Is It Treated?
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What is a bulging eardrum and what causes it?
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Causes of Eustachian Tube Pain and Treatment Options
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Swollen Ears: Types, Causes, and Treatments
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Everything You Need to Know About a Fungal Ear Infection
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What Causes Dry Skin in Your Ears?
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Tongue infection and pain: What you should know and when to seek help.
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Sore Tongue or Throat? Here’s What it Could Be
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Treating an Infected Ear Piercing
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What Causes Bleeding From Your Ears and How to Treat It
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White Spots in the Mouth: What Causes Them?
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Causes and Risk Factors of Nasal Polyps
Woman with Sinus Pain Presses Nose
Signs and Symptoms of Nasal Polyps
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The Link Between Nasal Polyps, Asthma, and Allergies
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What Is the Risk of Ear Cancer?
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Bronchitis vs. Pneumonia: How to Tell the Difference
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How to Choose the Right Earplugs to Prevent Swimmer's Ear
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Which Type of Sinus Congestion Is Affecting You?
Photo of a man drinking during a barium swallowing exam.
Dysphagia and Swallowing Problems: What You Need to Know
doctor examining a patients neck looking for causes of hoarseness
Learn What Causes a Hoarse Voice
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13 Reasons for Your Rhinorrhea
Could your child be wheezing?
What Wheezing Is and Why You Should Care
Mature man hydrates with home humidifier
What Mucous Membranes Do in Your Body
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Lingering Cough After a Common Cold and How to Treat It
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The Dos and Don'ts for Removing Ear Wax Safely
Doctor examining patients throat in doctors office
How to Prevent Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders From Happening to You
Doctor examining the ear
Your Ears and Roller Coaster Sensations
Woman yawning at work.
Is Yawning Really Contagious?
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5 Reasons Why Your Throat May Be Burning
Woman experiencing throat pain
Causes of Throat Pain and Treatment Options
Castleman's Disease
Castleman Disease: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
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Learn About the Anatomy and the Function of the Tonsils
sick woman coughing up blood
When Is Coughing up Blood an Emergency?
Acute pain in a throat
The Importance of Your Parotid Gland
A male doctor examining a woman's ear
Find out the Pros and Cons of Earwax
Prevent Swimmer's Ear With These 5 Tips
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Why Is Vaping Causing My Sore Throat and What Can I Do About It?
Human ear anatomy
How Your Hearing Works
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Best Way to Get Water Out of Your Ears
a young woman getting her ears cleaned
Get Tips on What to Do If Your Ears Become Blocked With Wax
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When You Should See a Healthcare Provider About That Lump in Your Throat
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Is There a Way to Prevent Getting Fluid in Your Ear?
How Does Our Sense of Taste Work?
Illness young woman coughing in the street.
Why You Cough
Pierced ears
What You Should Know Before Having Your Ears Pierced
Doctor examining girl with tongue depressor in clinic
Here's a Closer Look at the Role of Your Tonsils