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Treatment for Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions

The treatments for ENT conditions are as varied as the disorders. Learn more about common surgeries, assistive devices, and other expert recommendations.
Examining nose before septoplasty surgery
Septoplasty: What to Expect on the Day of Surgery
Check-up after septoplasty
Septoplasty: Long-Term Care
Recovery and follow-up from septopasty
Septoplasty: Recovery
Female derma rejuvenate treatment. Doctor in gloves touch woman face. Cosmetology pretty portrait. Facial injection patient
Septoplasty Surgery: How to Prepare
Close-Up Of Woman Drinking Tea
How a Sore Throat Is Treated
Man snoring
Septoplasty: Overview
Location of the temporomandibular joint
TMJ Surgery: Preparation, Recovery, Long-Term Care
Surgeon at work in hospital
Submucosal Resection of the Nose for Deviated Septum
smiling baby with tongue out
Frenulotomy Surgery to Correct Tongue-Tie
Man using nasal spray
Nasal Decongestants Overview and Side Effects
Man using nasal spray
What You Should Know Before Taking Nasonex
blister packs of Sudafed pills
What Is Pseudoephedrine?
Surgeons working on a patient
What to Expect During Tonsillectomy
Broth being ladled from saucepan
Overview of a Clear Liquid Diet
Human Digestive System Anatomy (Stomach)
What to Expect With Esophageal Dilation
Six Food Elimination Diet: Food Substitutes
Sinusitis in a man On screen, colorized x-ray showing a maxillary sinusitis.
Maxillary Antrostomy Sinus Surgery
Nosebleed , a young woman suffering from nose bleeding and using tissue paper for stop bleeding. Healthcare and medical concept.
Causes and Treatment of Nosebleeds
Consultation of sinus infection
SinuSense Water Pulsator for Nasal Irrigation Review
What to Expect During Your Turbinate Reduction
Boy eating in a hospital
Tonsillectomy Recovery Time: What to Expect
Nasal Drip
Post-Nasal Drip Treatments Based on 4 Causes
Ear Anatomy illustration
Information for Parents About Ear Tubes
Girl holding her neck in pain
Tonsillectomy: Preparation, Recovery, Long-Term Care
Adult administering ear drops to a child
How to Use Ear Drops Correctly
A woman with ear pain getting an ear exam
Managing Ear Pain (And Conditions That Cause It)
Woman experiencing throat pain
Throat Pain: Causes, Treatment and When to See a Doctor
Stages of Liver Disease
Bleeding From Esophageal Varices: Causes and More
How Sinus Infection Is Treated
Young woman doctor checking patients oral cavity with otoscope
Do You Need a Tonsillectomy or Adenoidectomy?
Thickened liquid
How to Thicken Liquids for a Medical Diet
Doctor checking a child's ear during a checkup
Learn About Ventilation Tubes for the Ears
Rhinostat for Rebound Congestion
Rhinostat Nasal Spray Kit for Rebound Congestion
Woman holding a baby with a cleft lip
Surgical Repair of Cleft Lip and Palate
Pediatrician checking patients mouth in office
Bleeding After a Tonsillectomy
Man with a nosebleed
How to Stop and Prevent Nosebleeds
Vicks Vaporub
Using Vicks VapoRub to Treat Cough and Muscle Aches
Straightshot M4 Microdebrider handpiece
The Use of the Microdebrider in Sinus Surgery
Child getting her tonsils examined
All About the Tonsils and Tonsil Surgery
Surgeon talking to patient recovering from surgery
What Can I Eat After a Tonsillectomy?
girl blowing her nose
Taking Zyrtec for Allergies
girl being assessed for ear problems.
How Swimmer's Ear Is Treated
Doctor Examining Girl's Throat In Clinic
Common Changes After Having Your Tonsils Removed
Does Taking Honey Cure Coughing?
woman with a nosebleed tilting head back
Tilting Your Head Back or Forward to Stop a Nosebleed
Man sneezing, eyes closed
Mucinex Uses and Side Effects
Pregnant woman blowing her nose in bed
Congestion and Nasal Symptoms During Pregnancy
Woman swimming on her back
How to Treat Otitis Externa
young man with a beard holding his ear and cringing in pain
Ear Tube Placement in Adults: Preparation, Procedure, Recovery
Man using humidifier
Natural Home Remedies for Post-Nasal Drip
Man holding the bridge of his nose
What to Do for Dry Nasal and Sinuses
Doctor examining girls tonsils after surgery.
Can Your Tonsils Grow Back After a Tonsillectomy?
man with painful sinuses
Sinus Surgery: Preparation, Recovery, Long-Term Care
Portrait Of Ill Young Woman With Tissue In Nose Against Brick Wall
When a Bloody Nose Becomes an Emergency?
Man using nasal spray
An Overview of Afrin Nasal Spray (Oxymetazoline)
Woman with Earache Using Ear Drops
Antipyrine and Benzocaine Otic Solution
Woman with stuffy nose
What to Do About Your Stuffy Nose and Congestion
doctor looking in toddler's throat
Indications for a Uvulectomy Procedure
A neti pot on a table
10 Ways to Ease Sinus Pain Quickly
a man's throat
UPPP Surgery for Sleep Apnea