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The expansion of health information technology is important to the improvement of the health care industry as a whole. Health IT, which includes the electronic health record (EHR), enables health care providers to effectively manage patient care through the use and sharing of patient records.

If your medical office is seriously considering upgrading your old paper-based medical record system to the electronic health record, here are some of the most popular EHR/EMR applications.


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Bundling our practice management system, which includes the front office & billing modules, with our Electronic Health Record EHR/EMR software applications, creates a complete single EHR/PM solution that yields more efficient workflow with improved revenue capture. We understand the payer environment, processing more than 1.5M claims per month through our system, for more than 85 specialties. We are able to identify payer rule changes quickly, and continuously adjust the software to reflect those changes, achieving first-pass claim acceptance rates of 95 percent or better. Most practices are able to recoup the annual cost of AdvancedMD PM + EHR Software within three months, by reducing claim rejections to less than five percent, a significant improvement over the national average of 30 percent!


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Allscripts provides innovative solutions that empower all stakeholders across the healthcare continuum to deliver world-class outcomes. The company's clinical, financial, connectivity and information solutions for hospitals, physician practices, and post-acute organizations are the essential technologies that enable a Connected Community of Health.

Care360 (Quest Diagnostices)

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Used by more than 200,000 physicians in more than 80,000 locations nationwide, Care360® EHR delivers the full clinical encounter documentation capabilities that your physicians want with the ease of integration that you need.

Care360 EHR (electronic health record) allows physicians to complete a wide range of patient-care-centered clinical tasks right at the point of care, including:

  • Electronic lab management
  • ePrescribing
  • Clinical messaging
  • Clinical documentation tools
  • Document management
  • Multisystem interoperability


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Certified as a Complete EHR, our system is the most comprehensive and advanced available. It utilizes a single SQL-compliant database that works cohesively throughout the healthcare environment, providing timely, accurate clinical and financial information anywhere, anytime. The open system architecture and sophisticated system design guarantees flexibility while continually incorporating the latest advancements.


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eClinicalWorks’ award-winning Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is more than a way for your practice to go paperless. This next-generation technology is a means to save money, improve efficiency and enhance security. Using industry leading technology, the eClinicalWorks EMR will help your practice achieve your goal of delivering the best patient care possible.


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Physician informaticist founded and managed, e-MDs has become the standard by which other EHRs are measured. e-MDs is the easiest to learn and use integrated EHR/EMR & practice management software solution available today. Designed with the input of thousands of physicians, e-MDs has proven benefits to the quality of care and business operations. Since 2005 e-MDs has been consistently ranked as the highest-rated EHR by objective physicians surveys.



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We partner with your practice to implement an electronic health records/electronic medical records solution that will help deliver significant ROI and help you benefit from pay-for-performance initiatives and stimulus reimbursement. Adhering to "meaningful use" criteria, NextGen EHR/EMR offers:

  • Disease management
  • Reporting
  • ePrescribing
  • Interoperability

Nortec EHR

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From EMR to practice management to electronic claims, Nortec EHR empowers healthcare organizations to effectively address their financial, administrative, clinical, and regulatory needs. Nortec also offers a comprehensive set of support services such as medical billing and transcription services as part of an integrated solution under one roof. This allows physicians to do what they do the best, care for patients.


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OmniMD Version 11.0 is a comprehensive ambulatory EHR solution with integrated electronic medical record and practice management system modules and is an ONC-ATCB certified complete EHR (2011–2012). It also has a certification as a CCHIT Certified System (2011, Ambulatory EHR) with five-star usability rating. OmniMD is eligible and prepared to be your technology partner and implement an EHR system that can help you earn cash incentives.


Practice Fusion

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With Practice Fusion there is absolutely nothing to install. That means no installation disks and no hardware to buy. We're a web-based EMR so you can sign up for your account online in under five minutes.

Unlike other EMR software, we’re completely free. We’ve always been free and we always will be. There are no hidden charges whatsoever. Plus, we guarantee 99.999% uptime and, since we’re web-based when we update our EMR you get the newest version instantly and automatically.

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