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My name is Eliana Tardio, I'm the proud mom of Emir and Ayelén; both with Down syndrome. Having two biological children with Down syndrome is not a common circumstance, but a teachable experience as any other. We face challenges, but we've learned to focus on the triumphs instead. Education is the key when providing your child with Down syndrome with the best opportunities to reach his or her full potential, but support and inspiration are also a must to face the challenges with hope. It’s our commitment through this page, to bring you and your family a perfect mix of both; and we know that when you are the parent of a child with special needs the meaning of "perfection" evolves every second. Welcome to the site!


My journey began more than 10 years ago. I was 5 months pregnant when I learned that my child had Down syndrome. I didn't want to have the amniocentesis done, and instead, I decided to keep the news to myself. He was born on April 29, 2004; his diagnosis was confirmed right away. Two years later I got pregnant again, I didn't want to have any test done. I knew she was a girl, and it wasn’t until the day she was born that I learned that she had Down syndrome as well. During these 10 years, my kids have taught me the most amazing lessons. Inspired by them, I've learned to use my own abilities to its fullest, and have fulfilled my dream of becoming a bilingual writer and author. Since they were born, I've documented their lives and all that I've learned from them. These thousands of articles and videos have become the initial resource for many who are just starting the path of being the parent of a child with Down syndrome and are not only seeking of information but also support and inspiration.


I've been honored with several awards during the years, these are some of the most important:

Best Latino Health Blogger 2013, by Latism

100 Top Mom Bloggers, by Babble - Disney Co.

7 Most Inspirational Latina Moms by Café Moms - Mamás Latinas

20 Most Influential Latinas in Social Media, by Voxxi 


I'm a Public Relations Professional with an Expertise in Marketing and Sales Management, however, I didn’t go to school for becoming an expert in Down syndrome. I have made my journey as the parent of children with Down syndrome the priority of my life. In doing so, I have earned my Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in parenting two kids with Down syndrome.  

A Word From Eliana Tardio

Lots of questions and insecurities crossed my mind when I realized that I was now a mother to two kids with Down syndrome. However, I already knew the most important lesson: Everything is possible when you act with love and acceptance. Our own prejudices limit the future of our kids, and it is not until we commit to crossing those lines that we become experts in the lives of our own kids. And we find in this journey—this education—the words of empowerment and guidance to help others who are just starting on their path.

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