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Emily Brown, MPH

Writer, Editor, Health Communication Consultant


public health, health sciences


University of Washington, Chapman University


Master of Public Health degree

Health Communication Specialist

EVR Creative: Where public health meets creativity

I believe in health communications to promote health and wellbeing for all. My goal is to provide engaging, digestible, and factual health information that empowers individuals and communities. Knowledge is power, and I work to write for the greater good, physically, mentally, and socially.

— Emily Brown, MPH


Emily Brown is a health communication specialist and public health professional with a background in public health research and community health promotion, including nutrition, physical activity, cancer prevention, and COVID-19.

As a health communication consultant, she co-developed an e-manual for Social Safety Initiative to promote both worker and community health in the COVID-19 pandemic. She has written several blog posts on health topics ranging from plant-based nutrition to mental health effects of social isolation. Her work uses scientific research to outline public health issues and their evidence-based solutions, targeted for community audiences. Through a unique approach that leverages both science and creativity, Emily creates content that is accessible, digestible, and empowering. Emily is also a professional editor: She helps researchers and academics publish their work in competitive scientific journals as well as improve content in a variety of materials, from news articles to grant applications.


Emily has a Master of Public Health degree in health services from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Science degree in health sciences, with a minor in nutrition, from Chapman University.

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