End of Life Concerns

Coping with the reality of the end of one's life can be difficult, but services and preparations can help with this period and all that comes with it.
Premature baby holding NICU dad finger
What Are the Leading Causes of Infant Deaths in the U.S.?
Two cars involved in a car accident
Top 10 Causes of Death for Ages 20 to 24
Elderly man in hospital bed
Recognizing Terminal Restlessness at the End of Life
older woman on oxygen at end of life
The Death Rattle Can Be Frightening for Loved Ones
doctor taking pulse of senior man in hospital bed
What Is Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide?
A fatal car accident
Are Car Accidents the #1 Preventable Death?
A cadaver on and autopsy table
Requesting an Autopsy After a Death May Be an Important Decision
Do not resuscitate order form on clipboard
End-of-Life Documents Everyone Needs
Advisor planning with clients at office
Best Burial Insurance Companies of 2021
'Morgue in hospital, low angle view'
Why Do People Want to Study Dying and Death?
A senior woman in her bed embracing her daughter with emotion
Coping With End of Life Issues
husband comforting wife
Addressing and Discussing End of Life Concerns With Breast Cancer
Sub Acute Rehabilitation
Questions and Answers About Sub Acute Rehabilitation for Inpatient Care
Nurse checking an iv bag
The Role of Skilled Nurses in Treating Patients
An older woman with her caregiver
The Best Insurance Options for Nursing Home Care
Young cerebral palsy patient
What Assisted Living Options Are Available for Disabled Young Adults?
Nurse conducting pre-admission assessment
Components of a Nursing Home Pre-Admission Assessment
An elderly couple embracing, enjoying an outdoor meal with the family in a courtyard
Best Senior Living Communities of 2022
Man using wheelchair, playing with dog as part of 'pet therapy'
How to Choose a Group Home for a Disabled Loved One
Woman preparing coffee for senior woman at dining table
Best Home Care Services of 2021
Senior woman sitting in hospital waiting room
The 6 Best Memory Care Facilities of 2022
Visiting nurse services
The 6 Best Visiting Nurse Services of 2022
Nurse pushing patient in wheelchair
What to Do About Falls From a Wheelchair in a Nursing Home
Senior adults eating dinner
What to Look for in Food Services When Choosing a Senior Care Facility
loving senior couple
Sex in Nursing Homes Is Normal and on the Rise
Senior man playing cards in nursing home
Awesome Activities for Nursing Home Residents
Nurse comforting senior woman in hospice
5 Tips for Choosing a Hospice Provider for Your Loved One
nurse with female patient at home
A Hospice Comfort Kit Can Help Patients When Emergencies Strike
Nurse talking to older man in home
How a Hospice Home Health Aide (HHA) Can Help You and Your Loved One
These Special Hospice Volunteers Ensure No One Dies Alone
Person holding patient's hand
Learn How to Be an Important Part of a Hospice by Volunteering
A personal care assistant chatting with a senior woman who is in bed
Understanding If Choosing Hospice Care Mean Giving Up Hope
flu shot
Should Hospice and Palliative Care Patients Get a Flu Shot?
African American nurse holding patient's hand
How Do For-Profit Hospices Measure Up Against Nonprofit Hospices?
Female nurse with male patient in hospital
The Important Role of Hospice Case Manager Nurses
A person in a hospital bed
How to Get a "Do-Not-Resuscitate" Order
Nurse helping man wash up at a sink
The Services Provided by Hospice Care
Hospice nurse helping male patient in bed
Medicare Covers Four Levels of Care for Terminally Ill Patients
Nurse checking the heartbeat of her patient
Discover the Many Roles of Hospice Nurses
Woman feeding elderly woman
Pros and Cons to Consider When Deciding Hospice Care for a Loved One
Senior man at palliative care unit
Do You Need Hospice or Palliative Care?
a nurse holds the hands of an elderly patient
The Best Hospice Care Services for 2022
Doctor holding patient's hand, helping hand concept and comforting her
An Overview of Hospice
man at home in bed with his wife and doctor
What Is the Best Time to Choose Hospice Care With Lung Cancer?
Old man in hospital bed holding hands with woman
How Comfort Care Benefits End-of-Life Patients
Hospital patient holding hand
Is Palliative Sedation Physician-Assisted Suicide?
Man holding elderly woman's hand
Palliative Care Overview and Examples
Man receiving radiation therapy for cancer treatment
Learn How Palliative Radiation Therapy Is Used for Cancer
Palliative care
Palliative Care Aims to Improve a Patient's Quality of Life
Senior man at palliative care unit
Why Is Palliative Sedation Used on People Who Are Suffering?
Celiac may increase your COPD risk
Caring for Someone With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Old man in hospital bed holding hands with woman
Terminal Restlessness and Delirium at the End of Life
Nurse holding the hand of someone in hospice
Is the Death Rattle a Real Thing?
female hospice patient with anxiety sits at a table
How to Recognize End-of-Life Anxiety in Dying Patients
Man in pain.
Why People Don't Have to Suffer Between Doses of Medication for BTP
Appetite loss in hospital patient
Why Do Some Seriously Ill Patients Lose Their Appetite?
Anorexia nervosa patient with a food tray in hospital ward
8 Ways to Treat a Loved One's Loss of Appetite
A cancer patient hugging her granddaughter
What You Should Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Palliative Chemotherapy
doctor talking with a patient in a hospital
How to Manage Nausea and Vomiting in Palliative Care and Hospice Patients
Senior woman using oxygen tank on the couch
Tips for Traveling With Medical Oxygen By Car, Bus, or Airplane